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Hot hairstyle of

If you faced a problem of the splitting hair, you can be helped by such procedure as a thermohairstyle. Today this way of a hairstyle gains the increasing popularity, but not many tried it in practice. Let`s try to understand what advantages and shortcomings it has and also what stereotypes stop us when about this procedure the speech comes?

So, whether truth that …

1. The thermohairstyle will reanimate the injured splitting hair for 100%

On the one hand, it should be noted the improvements happening to hair after a hot hairstyle. But, at the same time, there will be not enough one procedure, it should be repeated from two to five times. Removal of the damaged tips is carried out by means of their oplavleniye by a hot edge of scissors. Thereby their section is prevented, the hair “is as if soldered“, and useful substances are distributed only on healthy part of a hair, doing it stronger, thick and, of course, healthy.

2. For success of procedure it is not obligatory to be cut shortly by

the Hairdresser uses special technology for receiving access to split ends of hair at the different levels. To process the most large number of hair, the master twists all processed locks in plaits from which tips of hair are beaten out by the master, equal, convenient for processing, by “fir-tree“.

3. As a result of a thermohairstyle the volume of hair increases by 2 - 3 times

Clear business that even the best hairdresser will not increase the number of hair after one hairstyle. But this procedure is good the fact that it allows to increase hair thickness due to its improvement, so and thickness of all volume of hair.

4. The heated edge is dangerous to hair

In spite of the fact that the hot hairstyle causes associations with thermolaying, these procedures have nothing in common. Irons, the hair dryer, tweezers for a wave influence a hair stalk, drying up it. Hot scissors process only tips of hair. These scissors in itself it is not more dangerous usual, their edges are covered with special protective material. Therefore the possibility of a burn is minimum. And anyway, it is much safer, than, say, processing of locks an edge of the razor or roasting of hair.

5. This way is good only for treatment, a good model hairstyle it cannot give Termostrizhk`s

means not only straightening of tips as many consider. Actually possibilities of the master are limited to everything, anything, only not hot scissors.

6. The thermohairstyle is harmful to pregnant

It is the widespread stereotype which arose by “inertia“. It is known that coloring of hair because together with paint and through evaporations in head skin toxins, harmful to the child, are absorbed is harmful to future mothers. At a hot hairstyle nothing similar occurs unless the light smell of ashes can negatively affect health of the pregnant woman. At the same time, it is necessary to remember that during this period of life the woman more than ever wants to look attractively, and most of all it is promoted by a good hairstyle and personal care (without use of harmful substances, certainly).

7. A hot hairstyle - pleasure for wives of oligarchs

to calculate the approximate cost of procedure, add from 500 to 150 000 rubles depending on length of hair. Besides, you remember that for achievement of the necessary effect of one procedure it is not enough. It is necessary to repeat several procedures every two weeks - month, and then to regularly visit salon of times in two months for preservation and maintenance of the received results.

Only at first sight a thermohairstyle - the modern invention which still should accustom in the market of hairdresser`s services. Actually, to it already more than two thousand years, and there was a similar idea at the time of the Egyptian queen Cleopatra, judging by images on frescos and which popularity the method yields desirable result if, of course, the head of the famous seductress was not covered by a sheep wig.