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Ideal hair of

About 20 years ago in Europe such popular service as an elyuminirovaniye appeared. Its basis was formed by the development of the Japanese technologists on care of hair which is based on knowledge of laws of physics. The technology of ionic dyes which we got used to call bio - lamination became one of the last achievements in this area.

If to consider this question in more detail from the technical point of view, then at bio - lamination of hair becomes covered by the thinnest protective film from natural cellulose. This process happens on ionic technology - the positively charged hair attracts to itself negatively charged composition of substance at the expense of what natural roughnesses and roughnesses of a surface are smoothed and hair become brilliant and smooth, receive the proteins giving to hair a healthy look. Biolamination happens two types - transparent, for those who just want to give to the hair a natural and healthy look, and color, for persons interested not only to replace the shape, but also to keep the new ultra shining hair color for a long time.

What results will receive those who decided to undergo procedure of lamination of hair?

In - the first, hair will take a healthy and well-groomed form. At the expense of a covering the thinnest film you will get rid of roughnesses, roughnesses, split ends. Hair will gain amazing pearl gloss.

In - the second, the volume of hair will increase since the hair soldered thus “utolshchitsya“ in volume at least for 10%. Thus, procedure is especially recommended to owners of a fine and rare hair.

In - the third, hair become obedient, not pushatsya, and also long keep laying in any, even rainy weather. When heating hair, dressed in a film, becomes elastic and it is capable to remember any given form.

In - the fourth, the cover does not allow to be washed away to dyes from a hair surface, it as if keeps color inside. It is no secret that many paints in particular sparing are very short-lived, and so they will begin to be washed away only after a smytiya bio - a laminate.

The structure used for biolamination procedure - the biolaminate is the light gel received only from natural substances, such as natural cellulose, proteins of pearls and other components of a phytogenesis. It has no diamine basis and, therefore, has no smell and is hypoallergenic. Breathing there are also hair and head skin. Hair become healthier and stronger, they are steadier against influence of aggressive environment - differences of temperatures, could also other, their destructive influence considerably decreases.