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Russian salad bothered? I offer alternative - beautifully, tasty, festively!

the Family parted who where - to have a rest. Does not getting hungry at all. Unless salatik some would eat … I Cost

, stupidly I look in a refrigerator interior: on the shelf in a big bowl - the cluster of black sweet grapes and a pack of mayonnaise from last week lies. In the freezer - chicken fillet.

Included a TV set, I hold with one hand a cigarette, other pistachio salty starving I gnaw. Necessity is the mother of invention, I will make - I am salad from what I have!

I defreeze fillet in the microwave oven, I cut small straws and I fry on vegetable oil. I clean and cut with a knife for “more small“ pistachios from the bag bought in a booth, I cut the grapes which remained whole on a berry in half, all I dress with mayonnaise. Fifteen minutes - it is also ready looney tasty and just invented salatik!

This salad long ago in our family call of “Nolivye“ , that is, “New Russian salad». Any big holiday does not do without it. Guests who tried occasionally call back next day that to ask the recipe.

Very much I recommend also to you to try:

1) pistachios - 150-200 g;

2) chicken fillet - to fry straws - 300-400 g;

3) grapes - a brush of the average size;

4) mayonnaise - 1 bag.

Several years later, digging in kitchens of the different countries, I to the surprise found similar salad in culinary recipes of the Mexican cook. I will think that he at me snatched it!

Somehow we, parents, allowed the senior children “to turn out“ us in New year - went to friends to the company to celebrate. I for youth prepared hot dishes, and all guests were promised to bring salads. Everyone - the. As a result long laughed - the New Year`s table was decorated by eight Russian salad salads from different producers - parents!

How to make Russian salad, knows everyone … Russian. And how to make the real Russian salad? About! It is better not to touch this subject even that did not crush totally, - only mister Olivier could tell what caviar it is better to add how small to cut hazel grouses etc. of

That though slightly to diversify our traditional so-called potato, cucumbers, sausage Russian salad salad boiled, green peas, I here, for example, replace a sausage boiled, cut with small straws and fried to a crust myasky. Much more tasty than sausage.

No, I understand that, to whatever rich there was a table in New year or other big family holiday, all the same men under vodka demand some Russian salad (“Where at daybreak to fall face down?!“), but in my family there is to it an excellent alternative now: above-mentioned “Nolivye“ and here one more, beauty unearthly Summer Ball salad . Well, I so called it for beauty, beauty and freshness.

Generally it at us in a family is called “Kazakh“ because its aunt from Kazakhstan “brought“. They do such salad on special holidays.


1) pomegranate;

2) carrots boiled;

3) the onions browned;

4) cabbage;

5) walnut;

6) beet;

7) cucumber;

8) potato;

9) the boiled beef which is small cut by straws, fried to a crust.

Release the center of a table, put a beautiful round big white dish. On perimeter, around (at the edges), doing contrast on color, stack accurate the identical size of a hill:

1) grains of ripe pomegranate (1 big or 2 averages) of bright red color;

2) the onions browned golden color, fried on butter (two big heads);

3) a cucumber (two large cucumbers) fresh green straws with a peel;

4) two large boiled carrots by small straws or on a grater;

5) the walnut crushed (approximately a glass);

6) the beet boiled, cut with small straws (one big);

7) the potato boiled, cut with straws (three large);

8) cabbage fresh, slightly trampled down, as for salad (a big handful);

9) meat boiled, cut by small straws and fried.

All hills of products have to be the identical size. It is possible to arrange them contrastly, and it is possible to lay out also a range - almost all necessary colors for “Each Hunter Zhelayet Znat Gde Sidit Fazan“ are! The main thing - that was beautiful, and what will be tasty, do not doubt even!

The center of a dish is filled in with two packs of mayonnaise . It is possible to decorate this “lake“ with swans from eggs, pigs, rosettes, etc. to Prepare for

two big spoons, but salad not to mix before arrival of guests. This salad is very beautiful, let it will be considered properly, you will be tried, will praise, will admire.

And only then take spoons and mix salad.

Well and the last, but not the so worst - Syalyanski salad (Rural).

Never from anybody heard such simple recipe, odnadzha only offered me it in one of cafe with the Belarusian ethnic cuisine. Since then in my family he is respected and adored!

In equal quantities you mix, having cut rather large straws:

1) carrots boiled;

2) potato boiled;

3) fresh cucumber;

4) the frozen salty fat.

You add generously greens to taste (parsley, fennel), you add some salt to taste and you fill with sunflower oil.

Before giving on a table you cool salad. You believe that it is very pleasant in the summer cold salatik? Correctly you do!

Appetite pleasant to all!