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Whether the truth that modern children is criminals, or than “feeds“ us television?

B of one of social networks discussion concerning the younger generation took place once. The awful roller with violence scenes from third-rate cartoon serials which were followed by some terrible song from repertoire of newly made “rockers“ was hung out. And under a roller the question was asked: but whether it seems to you that modern children have here such values?

Opinions were shared. The majority stood up for what really modern children of all is universal it is necessary to put to a wall that all of them are criminals, there is in them nothing the Saint, and they read books. The smaller part of commenting tried to prove that everything is not so terrible that there are also normal children, values at them not such, and they study as the five, and argue at the state level, and they are pleasant in communication. The majority, naturally, agreed to differ.

Here it is interesting why? I just decided to understand. I will tell at once - I in minority. And it is just the analysis. The analysis of what is actually and that we see. Or, will be to tell more honestly, we want to see.

Yes, now on streets there are a lot of teenagers with beer in hands and cigarettes in teeth. They talk a mat, send adults to the known address, and are afraid to make them the remark because they can, without hesitating of anybody, a misfortune and brutally to beat. So was in April of this year in the Republic of Tuva. The veteran of war in response to the innocent remark was beaten and robbed. Also there is in Russia, probably, no newspaper which would not write about it.

But, here an ill luck for some reason there passed journalists by the fact that two months later in the Orenburg region 12 - the summer girl pulled out from water of the sinking boy, and still besides made to him an artificial respiration. And in the same time the Moscow school students go for excursion in the Museum of animation and do animated films. Such action undertaken by the Museum this year too for some reason is not lit in all details with either the press, or television. Unlike the Tuva teenagers.

And last year both in newspapers, and on television history with the hackneyed boy whom teenagers attacked and filmed beating was savoured. Yes, it was savoured because nobody noticed that in the same summer in Sochi four children from Irkutsk received “Kinotavrik“ in the nomination “The Best Short Film“. By the way, and we on the TV heard about “Kinotavrik“? It is a competition among children`s film studios. And to it the second decade went. And about the World Eyes of Children festival we hear incessantly? It is a festival for children`s television stations. All this receives several words casually moreover in such format that similar news pass unnoticed. Because nearby current - show where will show how children beat the teacher.

By the way, about the teacher. How school students repeatedly beat by the games-master`s legs, did not write and did not tell, probably, only lazy. And in a network there is this record, and various transfers incessantly it show. Yes, all this is awful, and such subjects need to be lifted, it is necessary to speak about it. But why at us everything is lit so one-sidedly? Why as opposed to these monsters not to tell about how at the beginning of this year the 1812 in memory national festival where works of artists of 9 years to age of graduates of art higher education institutions are accepted started. And what many children from every quarter of the country already sent the works there? Or that every year in Moscow a competition of young talents “My happy childhood“ is held?

I by the nature of professional activity often should communicate with teenagers from 12 to 17 years. These children do not smoke in gates. Boys in the bulk play sports, many draw and play musical instruments. Girls - it is unclear how there is enough time - by 17 years manage to study several types of applied art. It is pleasant to communicate with them, they know much, they very competently speak, and watch at you as on God for that simple reason that you are more senior than them, you know more and, respectively, can teach what you know. These children not just strive for knowledge, they greedy absorb them. As if are afraid that will not be enough. I in a notebook of their names have already more than one hundred.

In my opinion, scales in plus.

Why we do not see these light faces on the TV? Why show us their constantly complete antithesis? In mass media that majority scoops information that at the younger generation such terrible values as beatings, pain, blood... And nothing to them, teenagers, is necessary, except money. And nothing they, except money and themselves see.

Here probably, in money everything put. The girl embroidering in the evenings a big picture is not sensation from the point of view of modern journalism. And we need sensations. Because the sensation is a rating, the rating is an advertizing, advertizing is money. And money urges to find new sensation because are in the habit to come to an end, and it is necessary to earn even more. The circle becomes isolated. And for some reason even does not come to that majority to mind that in this vicious circle not children - criminals spin at all, and those who make about them passes, and this not younger generation.

Perhaps I too sharply speak about it. Perhaps I in something am not right. But those that beat the peers, veterans and teachers - overwhelming minority and I sacredly trust in it. Just show us them more often, and we do not want to see something else, light and kind in any way. Perhaps it is simple, having paid attention on the street to the company of guys and little girls with beer and a seven-story mat, not to complain about what the country was brought to, and to look at the other side of the street. There the boy of years 15 goes by sports bicycle, the girl of years 13 plays at hide-and-seek with the younger brother, and one more runs, holding a violin case in hand.

And with these that beer is drunk, it is quite good to talk too. As with equal. Perhaps not so all and is bad, and it is just a mask? And to look “Good night in the evening, kids“ with the lovely and kind Luntik.