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and can wait year?

often ask Such question both parents and storming entrants. It is a lot of stumbling blocks before science granite: expensive training, not chosen specialty and after school there is a wish to have a rest, feel free. And if carries for this year under to earn a little money... We will be frank with ourselves in a year study will not fall in price - rather will only rise in price (every year study in different HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS rises in price from 10 - 15% to 50 - 70%), with specialty for children only parents can be not defined children that know for a long time what want. And about rest as a rule this rest drag on not for a year and not on two, and then it is inevitably a pity for a downtime, and you should not forget about residual knowledge after school from which in a couple of years nothing will remain. Happens, as to be some simple job after school, with more or less worthy salary (as for the yesterday`s school student). And then is and that it is better and the yesterday`s child already competes in a salary with parents, and here then that also disappears on a background and interest in study and the requirement of it would seem, and from subjects and an opportunity and which career development is far simpler to achieve having the corresponding preparation and the diploma.

So having drawn conclusions to all necessary documents bigy to come to an armful! But on whom if to draw serious conclusions let`s think globally: at choice of profession it is necessary to make a start from bents of the entrant if not bad knowledge of the higher mathematics that the spicy road to economy: though say what economists divorced, but actually divorced people from diplomas of economists, and the good young specialists knowing the business always were appreciated and were always required. Considering development of computer technologies, and broad aspect of specialties it is possible and to find itself in them: the good programmer to a navryatla will receive less demand than the good economist. But all this professions on interests and on firmness of training (the truth depending on where to get an education) not transcendental and if in choice of profession and storming education to have financial independence, how much interesting. But study has to be it will not be interesting differently from the diploma to sense if of course not to become the chief at once.

so having drawn conclusions that to run to file documents it is necessary only there where heart lies, and without wasting time we will touch one more question: how to gain year and earlier to graduate from educational institution? For this purpose there is one interesting way - enough after nine classes (on old system) to go to technical school and there at the first year give the same diploma to banish in one year what at school is razzhovut by two after the termination of the first course of technical school as well as after eleven classes. And it is possible and to remain in technical school if the storming profession coincides. Having gained radical knowledge in technical school you will get most likely on a third year of institute though however it depends on education duration, but besides it also a good opportunity to save finance, there is nobody it is no secret that training in technical school is cheaper than training at institute. And the ball through passage at receipt in technical school is lower and is not excluded that it will be possible to arrive on the budget. So good luck to entrants and tranquility to their parents!