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Whether surely the man has to work?

the Subject of the woman and her work is more or less opened in domestic popular literature (and in western with “their“ emancipation - and even less so). And here you did not think of a question: and whether the man surely has to work?

At first sight, the answer is obvious. Of course, the man - the getter, the head of the family, her basis and a source of material welfare. How to reach it, without working?

But let`s refuse templates and stereotypes - outside the twenty first century, and frankly, not each man is a getter, and as “a basis and a source“ in general most of men can be rejected by most of women!

And these, the last, learned not only to earn on hairpins, but already outdid in earning money to many men. And if the tendency remains, then nothing, except nothing not supported “archaic show off“, will be at men as proof of the status “the getter, a basis and a source“.

Therefore I offer this motive in favor of an affirmative answer on the question which is taken out in article heading not to consider, and to look more deeply.

For a start we will decide on the term “work“. In this article we will understand everyday individual or collective work as work in the socially useful sphere for the money received on a regular basis. Of course, just designed definition does not shine with either novelty, or concreteness, but though it designated some essential signs of work. We will also make a start from it.

So why to the man to work?

we Will begin

with universal motives, peculiar to many people regardless of a floor: self-realization, achievement, glory, contribution to significant business … But tell, unless it is obligatory to work to reach all this?

Here for example, writing of article for “Shkolyzhizni. ru“ not by all it will be estimated as “socially - useful“, and especially “for money“ (I will hold back a kazhdodnevnost). Nevertheless, it can help self-realization, brings a certain popularity, amuses (for certain) someone`s vanity …

needs to be remembered specific “man`s“ motives Now . You remember, in “Moscow does not trust tears“? “And I will always decide all itself on that simple basis that I am a man!“ “In a family the man has to be higher according to the status. If at the wife the position or more salary is higher is not a family any more“. The real man, how he was considered (and consider?) many women. Support, protection, force, character. But even in the movie he burns about the principles when he meets the woman and above it on a position, and is certain with higher income.

I think, in present life of such examples there was much more. How the man in such situation feels? I think, differently. And not the last role in it is played by his woman on whose relation to the matter depends, including, and the man`s self-assessment.

If high earnings - a way to ego-trip, prove the superiority over the whole world, including over the man, then to the ambitious man in such situation it is difficult for the woman.

If earnings (both the man, and the woman) - only a contribution to formation of family financial wellbeing, but not an indicator of the status in a family or a usefulness criterion, then, I think, problems on this soil should not arise. I will repeat - only on this soil …

So why to work to the man if not for self-affirmation, confirmation of a role in a family or banal material security? I think, you me will understand that in such conditions work in that its value in what it is mentioned in this article, becomes not so obligatory. But it only in the theory.

How to begin not to work?

Here, for example, apologists of downshifting sing the praises of withdrawal from “rat race“ of the corporate world and peaceful existence with a rod at a pond, to travel with the camera and without, to cultivation of plants and asceticism. But all this theory. Literally in few months (weeks, days, minutes - emphasize necessary) you are persons, got used to a mad rhythm, enormous communication, constant feeling of necessity and participation to great - you will howl from silence.

Silences not so much around you, and it is rather inside. To you will be not only there is nobody and there is nothing to talk - you will have nothing to think!

To cease to work like a squirrel in a cage (noise of everyday activity muffling voices of doubt in the soul) and at the same time to feel comfortable, not to lose the identity, the huge preparatory work is necessary, and here hardly to do without psychologist.

He will help you to understand your true motives and desires, will help to paint a picture of your life in psychological comfort that you understood what you aspire to actually. And then it will help you to overcome gradually all internal stereotypes and restrictions preventing you to reach this condition of psychological comfort. Including will help to leave illusion that money defines the status of the person and his place in the history.

Only after this psychological preparation the question “Whether the Man Surely Has to Work?“ for you will lose relevance. Because it is decided.

Everyone wants to be engaged in the activity bringing benefit to others and pleasure to you (but should not). Both man, and woman. And for this purpose it is not necessary with anybody (and especially with darling) to be measured by the income, mind, the status and length … a hair. All this is insignificantly. The most important - that you in life made useful to others and whether you at the same time were happy.