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What is love magic?

At the choice of the partner are the most important to include intuition, a so-called voice of heart.

If something goes not so, it is necessary to have courage to glance in itself, to find the reason, to be ready to reconcile to something, to change something in itself, and having achieved true love, to fight for it up to the end.

At such approach there is no need to resort to a love charodeystvo, and the relations between the loving parties develop harmoniously and are sated with special sense. But often it happens so that there is a psychopower failure, and people are lost in uncertainty or meekness of feelings. Many at the same time are ready to take extreme measures and resort to services of an occultism.

The mankind is accompanied at all times by magic and sorcery. Artifacts of all people and times confirm it: from rock paintings of ancient people to figures from clay and wax of further history. Most ancient Egyptians and Afro-American magicians of the voodoo succeeded in this regard.

In the Middle Ages there are a lot of men and women suffered from inquisition prosecutions. Being guided by instructions of the book “Hammer of Witches“, churchmen practically saw the sorcerers connected with evil spirit in each woman. More than 9 million women were burned and died from tortures in those gloomy times.

Since then there passed many years, the civilization matured, the modern law does not pursue people for sorcery, apart from its crime. And what as a result? To vorozheyam and to prophets the increasing and bigger number of the people who are eager to achieve object of desire in any ways addresses.

Most often resort to love spells and tops. What is represented by these rituals?

The love spell is an attraction of a love arrangement of the chosen object. One do it for the sake of achievement of material benefit, others - for the sake of possession fallen in love as object of property. Sometimes people do it of a momentary whim, without realizing at all what consequences because when using this procedure the destiny and mentality of object of sorcery is broken can arise. And at times also irreparable harm is done to health when the person is hocused or pour magic potions in food.

The most negative moment is that love sorcery works half a year, and procedure should be repeated periodically when charms come to an end. There is a set of ways of a love spell. According to the most conservative estimates, their more than 200. Information easily can be obtained in any occult literature, even in the most mean esoteric rag. At the time of the USSR similar literature had no distribution, but now she captivated all space and became available to everyone. It led to the fact that even almost each schoolgirl knows that it is necessary to make that the pleasant boy who did not pay attention to her suddenly began with her not to take eyes and run a tail.

Still big danger is represented by procedure of a top. As a rule, it is connected with love rivalry. Usually men at emergence of the rival enter direct fight, using mind and force. Women apply cunning and insidiousness to competitors, without stopping before anything, using any means to keep the beloved. Here elimination ritual takes place that sometimes leads to terrible results. Sometimes resort to rituals of a top to get rid of importunate attention of the person who is not pleasant. At the same time people forget that in similar cases the simplest - honest conversation without elements of insults.

A specific place is held by removal of “a celibacy wreath“. Very often happens so that as soon as the young beautiful girl approaches any man, that at once runs. Many and suffer from loneliness for many years. To solve this problem, in suitable lunar day the girl roll out chicken home-made egg. So damage is removed. Then the girl is washed in magic herbs and flowers decoction.

But in the modern world of residents of the megalopolis most of people want to receive everything and at once, practically without putting anything. At the same time they neglect the basic law what really to love - it means to give everything, without expecting to receive something in exchange.

People look for love and at the same time are afraid of it. Everyone fears to be as a result stopped and feeling disappointment and pain of sufferings. All this leads to the fact that lines to sorcerers and witches from whom 80% are ordinary charlatans and swindlers whose main objective - it is beautiful to promise anything grow and to get the sum more largely, without caring for results.

Almost each magazine and the advertizing newspaper dazzle with the announcements promising just to resolve easily and any complexity a problem: from fund raising before return to the lost love. This calculation is made on the simple person who got into difficulties and having though the small sum of means. Gawks as behind the vast majority of similar offers there are persons uneducated and ignorant ready for money to break life to anyone come across this rod most often.

All know that the happy unions are written down in heaven. But is so lucky not everyone and therefore before making the decision to be engaged in a love charodeystvo, it is necessary to reflect seriously and whether it is worth becoming dependent on passions and to stake the destiny and happiness of surrounding people?