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How to see Andromeda?

One of the most ancient myths tell us a story about Perseus and Andromeda.

Many centuries back on the seashore prospered a kingdom of happy people. They lived cheerfully and joyfully, but there was one serious trouble - annually from the sea abyss Gorgon`s Jellyfish came and demanded from inhabitants of a kingdom in the victim of the best brides.

Gorgona dragged off the most worthy girls to the sea abyss, and any of them did not come back. Their destiny and remained the unknown.

Once the choice of the Jellyfish of Gorgona fell on the imperial daughter Andromeda, the most beautiful bride in all kingdom. In horror the girl`s parents - the queen Kassiopeya and her husband is tsar Atlas - refused to a monster, but later under the pressure of the groaning people were forced to agree, Gorgon`s jellyfish threatened to destroy all kingdom.

Crying and lamenting, people dressed up the beauty Andromeda in the most elegant clothes, brought her on the seashore and chained to the rock.

At this time over the place of events prompt Mercury in the winged sandals flew by. This bulletin of gods was on friendly terms with the person by the name of Perseus. Friends often had together a good time, drank wine, played dice and had among themselves no secrets. Mercury right there told about all what was seen to Perseus, and that was captured by desire to rescue the beauty. Mercury warned what put this extremely difficult that everyone, looked in Gorgona`s eyes, turned into a stone statue. The whole army of the heroes trying to rescue the darlings and remained to stand stone idols after a duel on the battlefield.

Perseus took the board given a mirror-like polish, a sharp sword and asked as a loan for Mercury his magic sandals. He went to Andromeda to revenue and saw it chained alone ashore. At this moment Gorgon`s jellyfish crept out of the abyss to take away the victim. Perseus rushed to fight, looking not at Gorgona, and at its reflection on a board. He flew up to it and a sword beheaded it. The rushed Gorgona`s blood mixed up with sea foam, from it there was a winged horse Pegasus who became the inspirer of the poets singing of love. Beheaded Gorgona Perseus tied to the left leg as a trophy.

Perseus and Andromeda rescued by him were magnificent couple and lived together long and happily. In honor of this heroic event gods placed all its participants in heaven in the form of constellations which can admire nights.

The most interesting stars in these compositions is Alferats, diamond in Andromeda`s diadem, and a demonic star Algol representing hypnotic eyes of Gorgona.

Algol is interesting that it peremenno - a zatmenny star each two days changing force of the gloss because it consists of two stars - components - the central, very bright star and black, rotating around it. The black star eclipses bright for ten hours. Rotations of these objects, much more big, than our Sun, happen to unknown cosmic speed.

Fans of astronomy and all people, not indifferent to this history, can even observe with the naked eye these beauty of the Universe in evening and night time of day.