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“Geographical“ salads tried? Russia

At the review of salad recipes in which name regions and districts appear it would be unfair to ignore domestic kitchen which, besides, differs in a wide variety. And therefore we will start, - here ten more “geographical“ salads.


Small we crumble green onions (100 g), we add 2 tablespoons of fennel and parsley, we pound them with salt and we mix with the cucumbers (300 g) cut on cubes. We put aside away and we are accepted to other ingredients: we chop 3 boiled eggs and 100 g of boiled meat. Having connected products, we dress with mayonnaise (3 tablespoons).

It is classics of the recipe, but to what there is a wish to add couple of boiled potatoes cut with such cubes as cucumbers there!


we Slice a fresh white cabbage (500 g), slightly - slightly prisalivay and we stack in a salad bowl. Over it we place the salty milk mushrooms or saffron milk caps cut with long straws and then - 300 g of a cranberry. We water with vegetable oil - to taste. What is called, it is simple also with taste. Only having looked at a ready dish, you understand that such salad and that it is not necessary to decorate-. Karelian

we Take

150 g of salty fish caviar - not red and not black, and it is simpler, treskovy, for example - and we cut, we warm up a liver (100 g) a fork. It is possible also milts of salty fish, in particular, of herring, to cut small - here how many they will be, in grams it is difficult to measure. Small we crumble onions half-heads, then we mix all products, we fill with vegetable oil (2 - 3 tablespoons) and we strew with green onions (2 - 3 plumelets).

By other option if there is fresh fish, then it is possible to boil thoroughly a liver and milts 5 - 10 minutes, for the rest - the same. Leningrad

of Half a kilo of boiled beef we cut

small cubes, we also arrive with four average salty cucumbers. Marinated mushrooms (300 g), one bulb and greens to taste are small cut. We connect all products, we fill with vegetable oil, properly we mix and we give to a table.


Though salad prepares very quickly, he demands which - what preliminary preparation. To boil 1 tablespoon of small haricot, time is necessary, and besides she should be killed at several o`clock. But, anyway, if from the previous meal there was a necessary quantity of a product, then further efforts it is not enough.

Only it is also necessary: to cut with cubes 1 pickle, a small lukovichka and boiled egg, to small chop several branches of parsley; all products to mix, salt, pepper and fill 200 g of sour cream to which the mustard spoon is added 1 h. Volga

we Cut

straws of 200 g of boiled meat and as much ham, 1 apple exempted from a core, 2 boiled potatoes, 200 g of disposed marinated fruit, 2 pickles, 1 egg. We put greens to taste. We salt, we pepper, we dress with mayonnaise, we decorate with green peas.


Via the meat grinder or in the blender we crush on 200 g of bacon, cheese firm and Adygei (which can be replaced with the soaked sheep cheese), a fennel bunch, 1 slice of bread. Having added davleny garlic (4 - 5 cloves) to mix, we salt, we fill with sour cream (200 g), properly we mix. We spread in a salad bowl and we make out a dish greens, strips of red or orange sweet pepper or circles of boiled carrots. Bashkir

Couple of boiled potatoes, 1 - 2 pickle, 200 g of boiled fish we cut

cubes, we dress with mayonnaise and we mix. From two eggs and 1,5 - 2 St. spoons of milk we bake an omelet. Having cooled, we put an omelet on a dish, on it we place salad and we turn an envelope which when giving we water with mayonnaise and we strew with a medley from greens.


as the main ingredient are suitable

For this salad chicken or a rabbit (100 g) which are previously boiled or fried. Having cut meat with small cubes, we will add to it the chopped additions: marinated mushrooms (2 tablespoons), 1 - 2 fresh or pickles (I put one such and one - another), 1 boiled egg and 1 large or to steam of small boiled potatoes, steam of plumelets of green onions.

We salt and we fill with mayonnaise mix (1 - 2 tablespoons), sour creams (0,5 - 1 tablespoons) and tomato paste (1 h a spoon). We decorate with greens and segments of tomatoes. As we see, the recipe allows to vary a lot of things, depending on contents of the refrigerator and desire of the culinary specialist.

the Buryat hill

This puff salad should be stacked so that the hill as a result turned out. The sequence is such. At the very bottom - the wheat croutons fried on butter (100 g). We stack 300 - 400 of the ham fried with onions half rings (2 small heads) on them. Over meat the layer follows from 5 - 7 eggs, grated on a large grater. The top level is made by fresh cucumbers (500 g) cut with cubes.

Prisalivay and plentifully we water the created “hill“ with mayonnaise (200 g) as if “zasnezhivy“, and then we strew with grated firm cheese (300 g). Funny: for the first time I tasted such salad not in the Uhlan - Ude, and in Abakan, i.e. in Khakassia.

* * *

Of course, ten recipes - are not enough, but - on different taste!

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