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It is ready. The bishop and saboteurs, or What can manage to be rescued?

Mister R. Geydrikh. … The careerist from elite of CC … Responsible for supervision over Wehrmacht after the termination of military operations … is typical for time, followed a century of education, it is free from so-called inevitable illusions as that: faith in god and so forth. … it should be noted the emotionality disintegration inherent in pathological schizophrenia.

(F. Dick. “Person in a high castle“).

In this book of the famous American fantast conferred the awards “Hugo“ and “Nebyyula“ quite living Reynkhart Geydrikh acts. It is good when the novel genre - alternative history is specified. The clever book, but horror tears from some surnames.

Mister R. Geydrikh (writing of a name and surname differs now, I will call in the old manner) - one of the most considerable and odizny figures of the Third Reich. Obergruppenfyurer CC, general of police, Imperial protector of Bohemia and Moravia, ideologist of “final decision“ of a Jewish problem. The practician too good and did not come true to be realized at full scale.

And Stierlitz in “Seventeen moments of spring“ remembers him, and books scientific the huge number is let out, and movies are shot - World War II practically does not know such successful attempts at the top officials of the Third Reich.

Here everything is clear: Geydrikh - the embodiment of the evil. Evils not operetta, real, universal. “Work releases“ - interestingly who thought up this slogan on gate of the “model“ concentration camp Tereziyenshtadt created at the initiative of Geydrikh? Whether not an obergruppenfyurer? Or team of his creative producers?

Here - write less about those who are contrast to the evil. But nevertheless remember.

In a small small village Vrbka, lying at the bottom of the White Carpathians Is rough (and known since 1360), in a country family the next boy - Matya Pavlik was born (on May 26, 1879). At first it went to elementary Catholic school, then - in Protestant. And it is canonized in the likepravoslavny new martyr by the Serbian and Czechoslovak churches.

Between operation of the British intelligence agencies “Anthropoid“ on Geydrikh`s elimination and death of the hieromartyr - direct link.

In 1900 the Catholic priest visited Kiev (Kiyevo - Pechersky monastery). Having returned, Matya Pavlik joins the Czech circle of so-called “Catholic modernists“, or reformers of Catholicism, at the same time studies psychology and psychiatry. It is seriously ill, practically loses sight. In 1922 officially passes with Matya Pavlik into Orthodoxy, the bishop under the name it becomes ready.

the Prelate Gorazd in Moravia already was - Gorazd of Ohrid (memory on July 27). So called the first archbishop - the Slav, the pupil and the successor Mefodiy. Matya Pavlik became the prelate Gorazd Vtory. Gorazd separated Vtory from the first more millennium.

Within several years he constructed 11 orthodox churches in Czechoslovakia, translated ecclesiastical writing into Czech. During a trip to the USA opened 7 new orthodox parishes among emigrants. Issued magazines, and also “the Gorazdovy collection“ of prayers according to which orthodox Czechs still pray. He tried to settle and the numerous conflicts which were imminent in “religious half“ of Czechoslovakia of that time. And there it was difficult and hard: confusion, intrigues. But in this case there is no need to understand these processes and not an essence important. Another is important.

Gorazd of Prague opposed the Munich arrangement and invasion of Hitlerite troops into Czechoslovakia. But not only the word, but also business, more precisely, life, he proved that his belief - not scholastic, but real, live and active.

On May 27 Geydrikh gathered on the car to Berlin. On the way of it the Czech parachutists dumped from the British plane - saboteurs already waited. Attempt happened not absolutely as it was planned, however at night in hospital “Czech butcher“ dies.

And further - it is not absolutely clear. Half a year eaten already as were in Czechoslovakia, lived on secret apartments, kept in contact with the Czech Resistance, however they took refuge in an Orthodox church, namely - in a crypt of the Prague cathedral temple of Saints Kirill and Mefodiy. There they were granted a shelter.

Did not pass also month as one of the British agents - Czechs, not taking part in attempt, gave the place where participants of Resistance disappeared. The temple was surrounded by 800 SS-men, fight which lasted not one hour was started. The English parachutists and other participants of the Czech Resistance were killed or committed suicide. Priests were arrested and sent to Gestapo.

Gorazd was in Berlin at this time, but immediately returned, reported that he is ready to be punished together with the others. All of them were prosecuted “for concealment of murderers of an obergruppenfyurer of Geydrikh“ and shot on a military shooting range in Prague on September 4, 1942.

Many streets of the Czech cities are called by his name. In the temple - the museum, on the place of execution - a memorial complex. In the village where Gorazd (Pavlik) was born, the small orthodox man`s monastery works. All priests of the small temple who died later Geydrikh`s murders were awarded by a cross of “In memoriam“ in 1945. And in 1997 the new president of already new Czech Republic awarded the bishop Gorazd with the highest award of the new state - Tomasz Garrick Masarik`s award 1 - y degrees for outstanding merits “ in development of democracy and observance of human rights “. Well, not for the first time Christian martyrs of the 20th century receive high state awards.

A usual question which occupies historians: why for the English government and “the Czech government in exile“ so powerful action which consequences they did not need to foresee even was necessary, it included in the plans and calculations. Operation of punishment did not keep itself waiting, mass terror followed, in Prague more than one thousand people are shot, the village of Lidice is completely destroyed. The answer is given by historians: it was necessary to provoke punitive actions of Hitlerites to cause a bigger resistance of Czechs and Slovaks. As occurred, and such price is ready to be paid. On the other hand, “the Czech butcher“, or “the Czech executioner“, R. Geydrikh was dead, and the whole world learned that leaders of the Third Reich - are not immortal.

A question which occupies me: why direct participants of attempt, other parachutists and tens of participants of the Czech Resistance found a shelter in the tiny Orthodox Prague church on Reslov Street? Yes, agreed to cover them there. And in other places? I cannot find the answer anywhere.

But this tiny temple and its clergymen showed uncommon bravery and courage. The same qualities were shown also by the bishop Gorazd who voluntarily declared in Gestapo that he undertakes full responsibility for an event.

What or whom he wanted to rescue the self-destructive act? Those who were arrested not to rescue any more. Write that wanted to save the Czech orthodox church - but it forbade at once. Most likely, Gorazd of Prague wanted to rescue belief of people, just usual belief in human nobility, mutual aid and self-sacrifice. At the price of the life, of course.

Day of memory of Gorazd (Pavlik) - on September 4 (on August 22 on old style).