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How to secure water and flora of intestines.

How to secure itself during a heat? The question is not so idle. Write us about the fires, fire, a smoke, but for some reason hold back a condition of water. Let`s think - we will just logically reflect.

The smoke precipitates on water, in water fish perishes, in water the died animals fall, in water cooks from temperature and the grass and seaweed decays. The rivers shallow, turning into infection nurseries. As result on treatment facilities the work involving all hands and tons of bleaching powder pour in water and in our stomachs. Accident of ecology around us turns into accident of ecology in us.

Certainly it is possible to use numerous products of our industry, but. And here you begin to remember recent publications the next miracle sponsored whether some party whether in general the government in results of work of which water fleas died quicker than in water from under the crane. Yes. And what to do? To buy water? And fakes? How to define where pouring this mineral water, in mountains or in the neighboring cellar. Unfortunately it is impossible to define it so far the stomach will not declare itself seriously.

However we are not defenseless at all. No, I am not going to offer the next panacea wing cost from the Boeing. Absolutely not. Our project collects and publishes the ancient, reliable, checked recipes suitable for application under our conditions.

Here for example who remembers now that to restore water and even mountain ash leaves can purify it? And all that it is necessary to put a handful of leaves of a mountain ash in water for a couple of hours and you will drink good water from which your flora will not suffer. Of course mountain ash leaves should be brought from giving, but not to tear at the passable road.

Recipe, simpler for the citizen. Collect an egg shell. To clear and even to mineralize calcium three liters of water it is necessary to take a shell of three eggs, a film previously to clean off, squeeze out one small lemon and to add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (if water raises big doubts that two). After two, three hours of endurance you receive remarkable clear mineral water with a lemon which is a pleasure for drinking during a heat. Besides it is a calcium source that at a plentiful potovydeleniye is very important. We salts allocate too much necessary to us with then during a heat. At this way water not only is purified, but also alkalized that promotes digestion of calcium.

Simpler, but also less tasty recipe suitable for stay outdoors. Only one teaspoon of 3% peroxide of hydrogen does water liter absolutely sterile independently where this liter is taken. Even if from a pool or the river. After that water it is possible to boil and cook on it food.

One more option originates in memories of smiths and a hearth. It appears, the heated iron when lowering it in water does it bakteritsidno pure. So if you have no peroxide, and there are a spring and a fire, then you will be able to purify to yourself water in the way of our grandfathers. Such water, it is necessary to tell, very well to wash, for improvement of a condition of skin. It well influences skin, doing it elastic. This good means for prevention of furuncles and gnoynichok. And certainly, such water normalizes work of a stomach and intestines.