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Step to the sky … How to jump with a parachute?

All people dream to fly. Someone secretly, and someone obviously dreams of the wings capable to lift over clouds, to saddle wind, to touch a blue edge, to see absolutely close wadded clouds, to overcome own fear of height and to receive unforgettable - unearthly feelings.

One of ways to step in heaven - to decide to jump with a parachute. Such freedom and pleasure is available practically to each of us. Any sane person will be able to operate “wings“.

The desire will bring the beginner into “dropzona“. Small training of the skilled instructor, and you are already “pervoraznik“.

What is felt by the person on the plane? Expectation, confusion, fear, indecision, doubt, and then shout of letting out: “Give!“. The unique step - and wild, uncontrollable delight, pleasure height, a smell of the air filled with aromas of flowers and herbs, the smiling decline and feeling of a unification with this the boundless, mysterious and attracting sky … The white dome develops a parachute and slows down landing speed. It is possible to pull slings and to feel the pilot. The earth will meet by strong confidence. And at night flight over the horizon will surely dream.

Once you once test it, and the melancholy about the sky will forever lodge in your heart, and your eyes will be directed in clouds. The sky tightens with a terrible force. When leaving from airfield the easy grief with smack of the sun engenders the one and only thought: “I will return! I will surely return!“ Everyone weeds

- it is the special history.

After performance of three parachute jumps the third sports grade in parachuting is appropriated and the certificate is issued. Having passed eight levels, you will already become “the diplomaed skaydayver“. And it does not mean at all that there will be a stop. Time of parachutists is measured not for years, and quantity of jumps.

Unfortunately, parachuting is not absolutely safe. As well as in any sport connected with risk in parachute there are the rules allowing to reduce this risk to a minimum and to make it safe more, than for 90%. The reason of the majority of mistakes - a human factor. It is very important to do everything strictly according to the instruction , then the probability of a trauma is extremely low. Before a jump all necessary documents are filled in and medical examination is taken place. Everything is thought in advance over, the parachute is packed, each step is counted and painted on seconds.

Training of the beginner consists of the following:

• Instructing in loading in the aircraft, rules of conduct in it, movement inside.

• Instructing in separation of the parachutist from the aircraft.

• Instructing in opening of the main and spare parachutes.

• Instructing in management of a parachute.

• Instructing in actions of the parachutist in special cases.

• Instructing in a landing.

• Prearranged signals of the instructor.

• Strengthening of an ankle joint.

• Training camp.

It is important to pick up to itself convenient footwear on a thick sole which will close an ankle. The elastic bandage can be useful to secure an ankle from an unsuccessful landing and negative emotions. Before a jump a rigid motorcycle helmet is given.

Usually jumps are carried out in airfield from height of 800 m. But it is not limit.

Parachuting is popular among men and women. It is not obligatory to be the romantic once to decide to transfer itself to strong embraces of heaven. Heaven in reply will endow you with confidence and force. And in the eyes directed in a blue distance, patches of light of the sun will play illusion of freedom.