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Family accounts department? I do not represent any more how it is possible to do without it

about ten Years ago there was to me such need - to write down all expenses - the income family daily and to trifles. Literally, gave to the son on pocket expenses in school - and right there in a notebook wrote down. And a notebook - - carried the book of accounts constantly in hands as the mobile phone.

Need such was connected with the fact that there came “black“ days in my business. Failure on failure by failure of a sobriquet all three different directions of my activity. The reasons were not in me at all, but it was necessary to be answerable and find a way out alone. And here still the house was under construction, children, paid training, treatment, road accident, are long … It never rains but it pours, to put it briefly.

And here slowly - slowly, writing down each step, thinking before cash desk in shop whether to buy edible or wearable something or to satisfy a debt, I from this hole began to be removed. Yes and became a habit: the page of every day is divided into arrival and an expense , and at the end of the month a conclusion: plus, minus in my life. And at the end of every day I write “plus so much“, “minus is so much“. If today minus, from tomorrow I try to liquidate it somehow …

the Most interesting was in the end of the year when I decided to count balance . From this day and the husband who skeptically looked at my accounts department got the daily log for the same purpose.

Having analysed all the life in a year, we came to some conclusions , well and, naturally, to actions:

Decided that the clothes and footwear of the senior children do not need to be given or thrown out, and it is worth keeping few years for, younger.

Urgently sold the husband`s car - on repair pumped the sum, just astronomical in a year! Bought other model, cheaper in service. And, by the way, diesel that also to save on gasoline. At least temporary, it is heavy so far.

Lunches - dinners in cafe - restaurants too strongly on a bottom pulled us. Became more rare to indulge itself, only when there is an occasion.

Instead of different harmful drinks now always we buy a lemon, a dogrose, dried fruits, we cook compotes and fruit drinks. Did not think even, as this nonsense in kopek leaves. Now we always have in the refrigerator a pan with soup, and in the cellar there is a reserve of grain and potato.

Birthdays. About! It is in general terrible figure! And we invite not a usual camp now, our circle became much already, but gifts decided to give more seriously. To increase pleasure to.

the Swagger - mazhor in a year it was gathered too. Both sad, and cheerful. Here we increased the item of expenditure not to get into an emergency situation.

I analysed the current work of the agent and too drew a conclusion, strange for all, - to work only with country real estate. All transactions with houses are paid more therefore apartments I just left alone. It is necessary to work a hundred times more, but also it is possible to earn not bad.

Pleasure actions by the senior cut off - eat concerts so many that I and itself for this sum I will accustom to drinking not worse.

And still checks for large purchases which by itself were lost earlier somewhere became now every evening in a box from - under footwear to remove. And few times strongly were useful, by the way, at the solution of controversial issues.

this year instead of a trip on the South remained to play tricks across Belarus on days off. All it is excited: also were bought, and in a campaign tent descended, both delicacies naprobovatsya, and the cities beautiful excursions probed.

Well, and so on and so on … Such family accounts department sometimes of strongly helped out

absolutely in unexpected situations.

The most striking example - directly - detective. One person worked at us the helper on construction at home. The normal, good man, but with a shadowy past - the former thief - the recidivist. And everything at us was fine. Left friends. He returned to the city.

And suddenly the investigator calls me and reports that this our builder is detained on suspicion of some theft or a robbery. Also “shines“ it strongly much - it from those, former. Calls number and time when this theft was made. There are, allegedly, proofs. I answered immediately that it is difficult to remember, and he prompts to me: “Heard about some your notebook, there glance, suddenly remember something...“

I what you think?! Exactly this day my accounts department writes: “It is given out to it - syaky such - that the sum for unloading of the car with sand. And still - advance payment on a trip to his hometown for the weekend, and also the train ticket on such - that the sum“. Date costs, the signature of the suspect, the check for sand delivery, on it - exact time, absolutely uncomfortable to the investigator is enclosed.

Here so our former worker did not get to prison on slander and unreasonable suspicion. And now it as it should be.

Whether it is easy to us to remember, for example, we were ill last winter and how many money spent for medicine whether the supplies made in the fall and as far as helped helped us it is possible to spot birthdays of acquaintances (gifts bought) whether it is more favorable to go to Anapa on the car (the expenses made on the way are very eloquent) or it is better to have a sleep in the car days under knock of wheels...

Having listened to desire of the next client to get the house, I can quite competently now , having supported with figures and calculations, to advise to it to buy a site and to construct on it housing on the own project. The economy will turn out percent in fifty at least - the price of building materials fell time in two.

Generally, my friends, I hope that I convinced you - tomorrow buy the daily log and begin to put the life in order, you will not regret! Only you do not say that now crisis and to write down kopeks - not ridiculously. Nonsense all this. You only begin! Remember, at last, a saying “Money loves the account“! someone, maybe, and will share similar experience

A with me?

P. S. Only I beg - do not think that we became misers and sad the adjusted cheapskates. On the contrary - it became easier for us to live and also predskazuyemy is somehow more organized. We, at last, can dream reasonably of the next day and the following holiday.

What and to you we wish!