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Cancer can come to any of us

Good evening everything,

the Reason of my writing to help people who need the help which found out that they or their relatives have a cancer. I faced on a straight line this problem in 2006, thanks to the fact that we at that time were in Spain and all treatment took place at the best doctors exactly there, thanks to all this we cured this serious illness of which at bad treatment people die for few days.

In 2006 the guy of my good friend dies in the summer. Died in 26 years from cancer bones. Pozno noticed, earlier did not betray value hurts and everything hurts thought little things in life to a wedding will pass. Pain was more and more yet not could suffer only then addressed to hospital. When conducted examination 4 degrees found cancer, metastasises were everywhere. Doctors told that there are practically no options a little, undertook all possible. The guy long did not live, died.

I saw as everything passed, but never thought that it can happen to me. And two months later cancer comes to us to a family. It was not to tell how many tears, sleepless nights and huge expenditure of money for any trifles. You understand all this only later time. At that moment I was ready for everything not to lose the dearest darling. It was the horror, GOD FORBID to ENDURE IT to WHOM.

We were helped by God, we at that moment got acquainted incidentally with the person who all life worked in hospital and 4 years ago it had a liver cancer. Exactly thanks to it we got to the best doctors and everything was very quickly. If not it I am afraid to think what could be.

Quickly performed on us operation, after chemistry. After continuous inspections at the doctor. It is impossible to relax not for a minute, there has to be a constant control and the most important that the doctor was a professional WILL not TRUST in DELETANTAM I to CHARLATANS AT ALL LIFE is AT STAKE and the patient pays for mistakes of the doctor.

Many say that medical treatment abroad costs huge money. To Poverta all this not the truth. I learned how many treatment in Moscow in the USA the cheapest way costed cured in Spain. If we were treated in Moscow or in any other province of Russia we would lose everything, namely it is LIFE and money.

God forbid this illness came to your house do not waste time look for the best doctors. You remember a proverb of 7 times measure and only once choose in whom will trust. My council do not lose courage and lose minutes, accurately consider everything consult on all who was in such situations.

It is ready to help all to whom any help is necessary.

You call:

of Ph. in Spain: + 34 671 - 909 - 847

of Ph. in Moscow: 8 - 495 - 669 - 51 - 14

of Ph. in Volgograd: 8 - 906 - 405 - 39 - 07

you Call on all phones I can be on any of these numbers.

Write: advokatkonsul@gmail. com

God grant to all of you strong - a good health.