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Begin the Business in the Network with the Assessment of the Opportunities, Knowledge and Features of

the Subject of creation of business in a network is very difficult and deep, and it is simply impossible to describe it in one article, but I will try to open before you this curtain. And everything began with the question received from the subscriber of my mailing who literally surprised me as the answer to this question can be found in a network, so to say at people who are engaged the Internet much longer - commerce and information business.

And question such: “What it is necessary to make to organize the business and by means of it to earn money“.

And I to you, my dear subscriber, will answer a question with a question: “And what you are able to do best of all? And for the sake of what you need money which you want to earn?“.

In this sacramental question everything is put what any business is based on. If you think that the Internet is a bottomless barrel of money in which it is possible to lower a hand and to be enriched, then it is the truth, but partial. Yes, it is possible to get sufficient profit on the business and in very short time, but for this purpose it is necessary to work. Freebies it will not be obvious.

But what for this purpose you have to make?

In - the first, to define the market niche , i.e. to define the abilities and level of knowledge in that sphere of activity which you can share with the future clients and subscribers.

Estimate what you understand better than others? Do you have a hobby which will be interesting to visitors of future website? Maybe you had an idea in that field of knowledge in which you are an expert?

In - the second, conduct market research in a network for the purpose of definition of your market niche, and also identification of possible competitors in business.

For what it is necessary? You can be keen on anything and your ideas are ingenious, but it is possible to get from these ideas profit only if they are necessary to someone.

Remember, goods (idea, hobby, experience etc.) and it what you will sell further, then it will be demanded when it is unique and to someone it is necessary.

Here for this purpose it is necessary to define initially before its creation and what your real chances and opportunities in a network. What level of the competition on this type of goods as it is quite possible that your idea or goods are not new any more. But it does not mean that it is not necessary to anybody.

Only uniqueness of your goods, namely its property, feature, in a word authorship, grants to it the right for life.

In - the third, create the representation in a network . Create goods and advance it.

So to say, is one of the easiest points which you can make in the shortest possible time.

to Create the representation in networks, namely the website or a trademark, it is possible rather easily. For this purpose it is necessary or to address experts, thereby, having given them for work the put sum of money, or to create this website most.

In a network there is a set of the training materials on creation of the website or the goods (P. S: maybe shortly I will open before you and this subject in one of the articles), but I would recommend to buy you nevertheless the book, in any shop, available to you, concerning a saytostroyeniye, the HTML and SSS language. As without these materials you just will not be able to create the website correctly.

Also conduct researches on promotion of your website and goods in a network. I can tell one, there is a lot of material, even very much. You should most carry out its analysis and to study on the experience. But there are points obligatory in order that your website existed.

I mean registration in search engines and catalogs. These clauses need strictly to be implemented.

Of course, I did not describe such questions as it is correct to conduct mailing how to issue the website how to write the presentation for your goods, but you understand that this subject not of one article.

But I with confidence can only answer you one, at implementation of the first three points, you will face these and many other questions concerning creation, advance, design, both your website, and goods or service.

Therefore you will be forced to undertake the training materials, you will have the opinion on these questions which will be fundamental in further development of your business.