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Life is the Gipsy: what it? Part 1

Once on one of the websites of a female social network I mentioned that I live with the childhood literally among Roma - in their our settlement Much, a half of neighbors down the street - Roma. And them I understand language, etc. And began to ask me a set of questions that they for people as live... Well, I also promised to make “live“ interview with someone from them, slightly doubting whether will agree.

And here the promised interview with the Gipsy is ready, and I with pleasure represent it on your court, but in the beginning - here pieces of that information which I scooped on the way to the Gipsy house on the Internet:

- In Russia Roma are the most oppressed national minority!

- All on Earth of their 8 - 10 million

- Practise usually religion of those people among which they live.

- In the different countries call from differently: Egyptians, bohemians, Czechs, faraonovo tribe, black and, at last, rum.

And dear Century. Distance differently, than “The deceiver, the cheat, the profiteer, the dealer“ does not speak about the Gipsy in the explanatory dictionary.

And such words occur almost to each of us at the mention of these people, dark-haired, noisy, cheerful, unclear to us. Attitude, very strange at us, towards Roma: we songs Gipsy listen to that and we cry sensually with such vocal concerning soul, we abuse their evil, having hardly caught sight in station crowd colorful skirts and dirty attractive faces of small tsyganit.

Which of us, women, did not envy passionate love of Budulaya to the ordinary rural woman? And who did not fade with a penetrating voice of the Gipsy singer Valentina Ponomarenko when she sang: “And finally I will tell …“?

From where in us these opposite emotions to them, Roma? From where such interest? And they quite recently at us lodged, only in 18 - m a century the first official mention (1733) of them appeared . We just do not know them still. And though the most part of the Russian history lived not bad, recently suddenly became derelicts. Yes, yes, according to European Commissioners on fight against racism and intolerance, in Russia the most oppressed national minority are Roma.

I as them is only not called, these it is unclear as the got lost natives of India! Also there live these ten million people on our planet as aliens, under the laws, laws of a survival. (In Belarus, by the way, them only seventeen thousand!) .

I know Roma firsthand, I lived and I live with them in the neighbourhood. I, perhaps, do not know such people who would not speak of them most often with neglect and even hatred.

But it appeared, all of them are: “Everything is interesting to me, especially, history of the people. Somewhere read that Roma are natives of India. Whether truth it? And still, I have such question, maybe, naive, but it - on ignorance. How to be to the woman when all the time you wander with a camp? Some elementary conditions purely hygienic are necessary. And whether it is possible to trust the Gipsy guessing? I would like to learn more about them. I belong yours faithfully and sympathy. These people should suffer many undeserved offenses. And about the Gipsy barons is the truth? And it is possible I still questions I will think up? There is a strong wish to communicate.“ When people on the websites began to write with

to me questions for interview with Roma, I even became puzzled. Well, how it is possible to ask IT the person, even some abstract person, without signs of the nation and a nationality?

I will give some questions asked by users of two websites here. But I will at once make a reservation that I could say not everything. I closed a leaf with the questions copied from the Internet a palm when we sat and talked at a table in the Gipsy house. Nicknames of users, clear, I clean, many it is simple - I ignore indecent questions.

- How often you wash? such I could not ask the Question to

because from Zhanna - the housewife smells of that toilet water which only the woman, well, at least, with taste is able to afford. And in a bathroom at them the order which is not so often met in apartments of non Roma ….

I paraphrased this question so: “Zhanna and when Roma were nomadic how they maintained hygiene how washed, etc.“?

- Old Gipsies also still know, and to us, to young people, tell about herbs and different medicines. On a fire the big tub in which the tincture replacing shampoo and something like soap or antiseptics prepared was put. I any more practically know nothing and I am not able - there is no need. If you mean louses, then about fifty years ago this infection was familiar not only to Roma, but also all others. Everyone fought in own way. Of course, nomadic people had no such conditions, as at settled. But one britska was always filled with any utensils. On the parking of a camp in tents Roma tried to organize any comfort for themselves. Went to public baths in big settlements and villages, paid for it well because to let - that nobody wanted.

- Whether consider necessary to educate the children? In our town there is a school for Roma, are trained according to the alphabet as it is cheerful and difficult, them to train. I have a direct bearing on it.

- Of course! Our Sasha wants to arrive on faculty of law, but we agitate to receive some technical, purely man`s profession. Perhaps builder … And educated ours very much all respect the Gipsy children and appreciate. Are proud of such. In Vitebsk at us, I know, there is the Gipsy school. But we do not know the writing. You did not see how, interestingly, the alphabet Gipsy looks?

- Not - and. I will look on the Internet, most it is interesting. I will show then, Jean.

- How there passes their old age? Whether their children care for them?

- the Old age passes as you put it. Care of parents, of their wellbeing - the first business. And, there is no division into the one who is dearer - parents of the wife or the husband -. Now it is the general parents. Children even on the second plan. But then we will be at our children on the first. I do not know such case that the Gipsy did not obey or left parents - old men. It is necessary to it badly from elders, from council. Will expel, will punish.

- And what is the Council of Elders? It exists also now?

- Of course. These are dear elderly people known for all. Fair, honest. As judges. If there is any controversial issue among Roma, go to someone from them, we invite to judge. They come to us to the house, cause on council of debaters, pass the decision. It is impossible to disobey. To shout, prove - too. Just each party and witnesses all tell, and elders solve. If the question purely female (it happens), is caused the women`s Council of Elders. Men are not allowed.

- At what age she was married and how it occurred? Who in her family “head“?

- I was married in eighteen years. For the Gipsy. On love. Young was same. At a wedding there were 150 people. Dispersed because did not want to work, did not care for the child. On council Gipsy parted, then and in the REGISTRY OFFICE. On the alimony did not give, just left also all. No problems and a gossip existed for me, for the ex-husband it is bad, he spoiled reputation. Still did not marry. Now the son graduates from school already. The second husband Mischa became it a father. With the brother and the sister at it the excellent relations, naturally. He should care for them then.

- And what is given on a wedding?

- Well who that can and wants. Gold in a 3-liter jar is not collected as at cinema show. Close at least put $500, distant - at least $200. The family, as well as at all, can give both the apartment and the car. Depends on welfare.

- How she thinks for what reason in society negative moods in relation to Roma are so strong? Why they so do not like to work?

- Well, of course, on what! Steal, deceive … So already historically it developed: if the Gipsy, then something is already dirty, it is impossible to trust. When Roma wandered how they could study, work? Where still was to take money to support children. They also stole exactly so much...

I thought that at most an hour will be enough for me for interview with Zhanna. But Roma are Roma - we constantly were interrupted and all drank and drank tea.

Here and now we have a tea pause... But we by all means will continue!