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Book carving. Book “sculpture“ - creativity or game?

Artists are sure that it is better to make of the book peculiar, presently already recognized, a work of art, than it idle will become dusty on the library shelf. Usually masters use for the compositions outdated literature from secondhand bookshops or accept in gift from employees of libraries the written-off books.

It turns out that today not only artists, sculptors, but also fans were fond of book “art“. Once the artist Kara Barer from Texas saw the reference book which became wet after a rain, arranged sheets a semicircle and put it on a table surface, and then photographed. Work with wet paper so carried away Kara that it constantly was in searches of pocket reference books, dictionaries, old books. The artist immersed each book in water, then stacked soft pages so that to create from them drawing. And then removed on a film.

Thomas Allen from America, the photographer in the specialty, too was fond of “preparation“ of books. He creates figures of heroes after reading the book from its sheets, right there, in the book, then photographs them. His heroes, in a literal sense, come to life in the eyes. They shoot, go shooting, cook food, conduct conversations …

A here American Robert Ze , studying mathematics and philosophy, and did not think to be engaged in a book sculpture. Today among masters of a book sculpture Robert is considered one of big originals. It does of old books guns, bugs, spiders, crayfish and … mops, using for this purpose any cutting devices and glue.

Other American, the modern artist Brian Dettmer usually before the work properly “seals“ the book. Then by means of scissors and a stationery knife slowly “plunges“ into it, creating from dense sheets various works of art - faces of people, at home, the cities, the ships … Such “preparation“, as a rule, borrows the artist from 3 - 5 days to 4 - 5 weeks. The book sculpture of Brian at exhibitions uses a great interest at the audience. Still for many artists remains a riddle as Dettmer manages to create unique book sculptures almost blindly. It opens the book only after completion of work.

Each master has the direction in work. So, Georgia Russell from Scotland by means of a scalpel cuts on thin strips not only sheets from old books, but also newspapers, notes, cards, photos. From thin strips which remind hair Russell creates various panels, domes, intricate compositions. Georgia says that the idea to give to the old book a rebirth came to walk time on a flea market where many the old, semi-decayed books were on sale.

Nicholas Jones from Australia is not less inventive . He managed to create a set of book sculptures, and any of them does not repeat another. Its works remind wings of birds, sea cockleshells, streetlights, and each leaf of the book closely adjoins to the subsequent sheets. Nicholas likes to work with covers of books. So, it can turn the usual book into a fancy picture.

Englishwoman Sue Blackwell , as well as Thomas Allen before getting to work, attentively gets acquainted with book contents. Sue creates the plots directly on pages of books. It cuts out mountains, fields and the woods, at home, of fortress, the cities - everything where it is possible “to meet“ the people occupied with some business. At the artist all pictures are supplied with fine details. So, it is possible to make out on trees of birds, a teapot and cups on a little table, to see a sail by the ship, the crying or laughing person.

The artist Michael Stilki from California is unique in own way. It “makes out“ covers of books. It is necessary to tell that sometimes its compositions consist of several or even sets of books which it systematizes according to names, color and material. So, only for one exposition at it about 5 thousand books left. On covers of books Michael represents people, animals, birds. He likes to dream. It is attracted by world around which the artist transfers to “pictures“. Besides a knife, a scalpel, Michael uses usual pencils, paints for creation of the works.

Someone abuses masters of a book sculpture, someone praises. But indifferent - no. Perhaps, over time there will be new artists who will venture to be engaged … in a carving according to books.