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You want to become the former fat man?

In recent times when very few people were engaged in weight loss, nobody counted the eaten calories, and dietitians propagandized only medical weight loss that excess weight did not threaten human life, there was such principle of weight loss:

“Surplus of carbohydrates in an organism turn into fats“. I explain

For ignorant: carbohydrates contain in products - flour, krupyany, confectionery, sweet fruit etc. of

One of chief “assistants“ to adjournment of fat in cages of a human body is B1 vitamin which contains in large numbers in yeast. And, as we know, there is a lot of yeast in beer and yeast dough.

are Well postponed and increase weight - natural animal fats: beef, pork, mutton, chicken etc. Our darlings, traditional first courses: soups, borsches are usually cooked on rich, meat broths which contain natural fats.

should not forget that vegetable oil of which now all are fond is 100% fat.

not to gain excess weight, it is necessary to adhere to the following principle:

- first course - without thick,

- second course - without a garnish,

- the third - without sugar.

And, it is necessary to eat the lunch not in one step, and separately, the break between these dishes has to be not less than 2 - x hours.

It is known that women are divided into two types:

1 type - recovering, the figure of the woman becomes “pear-shaped“.

2 type - weight on “man`s“ type, i.e. “yablokoobrazno“ is gained.

Dietitians claim that at a “pear-shaped“ figure not to gain excess weight, it is not necessary to be fond of carbohydrate food.

A at “yablokoobrazny“, to increase in weight are promoted by belkovosoderzhashchy products (meat and so forth) which increase body weight.

They say that there are no “former addicts“, “the former alcoholics“, “the former smokers“. I can add that “the former fat men“ are not too.

the Human body, having gained excess weight once, will always seek to gain the weight lost at weight loss, again to fill empty fatty “depots“ in human body cages. Therefore you remember

, it is easy to gain excess weight and simply, and to here dump it very hard, for this purpose you will need huge will power.

A is even more difficult to keep the necessary weight.

having made Once the decision to lose excess weight, having reached the desirable, you should adhere to dietary food practically until the end of life, without giving an easy time to yourself, to eat something tasty. Knowing

that “the former fat men“ are not, do not gain excess weight in the childhood, youth, youth, do not overfeed children.

do not “hurt“ the stomach to the huge sizes. The big stomach will demand a large number of food.

The modern fashion imposes to women “excessive symmetry“.

But to you it is not necessary to be blindly to the fashion. Not always the thin woman looks beautifully, often leanness has a pathetic appearance.

Each woman can choose and adhere to the individual, optimum weight in which it looks especially attractively.

the Big role in a metabolism in an organism - a metabolism - is played by a thyroid gland. Violation of functions of a thyroid gland leads to increase in weight, but sometimes to its loss.

the Woman who without the reason is quickly gaining or losing weight has to see behind consultation a doctor - the endocrinologist.

Modern nutritionists claim:

to grow thin, it is impossible to starve. And it is correct.

is the “Scared“, yearned organism begins to lay actively fat in store. After starvation you will increase the weight much quicker and twice more.

From starvation and violation of functions of a thyroid gland can have hair, break nails etc.

Quantity of the eaten food at one time has to be located in a glass, i.e. in food it is necessary to limit itself.

Eat “fractional“, small portions with breaks between food not less than 2 - x hours. It is desirable, more high-calorie food to eat in the first half of day, gradually, during the day, reducing its dose and caloric content.

Water is more important for the healthy person, than food. Sometimes, “to bring down“ appetite, it is possible to drink a glass of water. And, above all you remember

. Is it is necessary simple products, remember how our ancestors ate, many of them endured centenary age. do not do to

of food a cult.

Is it is necessary only to live and be healthy.