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And whether the genetics is guilty?

I on this article was pushed by “Article of day“ of August 14 of this year “The adopted child. And whether it is necessary to fall in love with it as native?“. To be exact, one of comments of the young woman, it is unclear why disappointed in people, society whole and lives in general. It at me developed impression. In brief, article is written by mother who is bringing up both native, and adopted children. Mother stands up for adoption, and her words are very convincing. Despite words rational, it is possible to guess that all - more heart works for mother of this. But the person just loves children. It is talent where you will get to. But the speech not about it.

The lady who acted in discussion very rigidly and, I will not be afraid of this word, roughly, put forward the theory (the theory!) that adopted children - the evil. And the evil it results from those people who gave to these children life. Therefore before to give to the child what he deserves - a family, it is necessary to find out whether he has not an addict mother and whether he has not a maniac the father. And if these suspicions came true, from such child it is necessary to hold hundreds of kilometers because a snake he will be ungrateful, even in the presence of pocket money at relative poverty.

It is an introduction, misters, the fairy tale ahead. If you want to know in more detail - you descend on the page of discussion of the above-stated article and read. And I want to tell you a story personal, heavy, and it will be unclear what end at it.

Us was three. I and two of my cousin nieces (their mother - my cousin). So it turned out that we with nieces of a weather - they are twins. My grandmother had 8 children, four of them are given birth even before war. Genetics at us identical. And here something absolutely unclear turned out.

Lyrical digression. About genes.

The grandmother (to them the great-grandmother) - the daughter of the merchant of the first guild degraded, then dispossessed, banished for ten years without the right of correspondence of the enemy of the people. Mother - the heroine.

The grandfather (the great-grandfather respectively) - the peasant dispossessed, condemned. The volunteer left on the front camp, the Hero`s Award deserved, but did not receive as it at the offered choice between the Award and removal of a criminal record chose, by itself, the second. Passed shtrafbat, field army, East front, returned in October, 1945, worked in collective farm, died in 1975 because of the wandering splinter.

The uncle (respectively, the grandfather) - worked as the builder, died at work at accident. His wife, I consider it as the aunt (respectively, the grandmother) at the Soviet power it was awarded ranks of the Honourable milkmaid, after disintegration of the Union worked at milk plant, took part in public work in the field of the help to pensioners of this plant, from there retired. It is awarded by the medal “Veteran of Work“.

The sister (respectively, mother) - graduated from technical school, grew from the cashier to the chief accountant, after approach in the country of any nonsense did not change a profession though it was necessary to wander in places of work, but now manages furniture store. Once married the student, now he is doctor of science. Well, respectively, to girls he is a father.

And about my parents. My mother visited all Union in a pursuit of Great buildings where she always stood well. After married the father and gave birth to me, settled as the tutor in the hostel, then grew to the manager, from there retired. It is awarded by the medal “Veteran of Work“. The father - the son of simple peasants who plowed all life in collective farm too by training - the fitter, long ago the pensioner, but do not want to release it from work because he is an expert extra - a class.

End of lyrical digression. I would not tell that genes bad. Extensively.

I continue. As long as I could remember, I am familiar with them. I was four years old, to girls - let there will be Tanya and Ania - on three (a difference - seven months). In one year we went to school. Bought them on the bicycle, bought me the book. I was accepted in Octobrists in the fall, parents led me in cafe for one portion of ice cream. Girls were accepted in Octobrists in the spring, bought them on hours.

No, it is not envy - it is on that subject that I will refuse to myself, and I will give to the child.

Yes, after the third class I went to the Black Sea, and girls did not go. But began to give out to them money for a pocket that I never saw.

Then as Strugatsky told, in the country any hrenation began to occur. A bit later to us in bulk tumbled down beautiful belongings. And my parents did not have enough money, and they could not please me with it. Here then the first envy appeared. Here then I had a desire to cry out: “I want!“, but I did not shout, I suffered silently, examining sviterochka, short skirts, shoes. I had one suit for all academic year which I removed, having come from school, and erased every Friday. And girls went every day in new.

And this with the fact that their father wore a suit in which he married, and mother remade the old things and old things of the mother. It I that all best - to children.

Fall of 1994. To us for 14 years. This some tragic combination of circumstances, we still think what so does not happen, but it occurred. Gena, the father of girls, had an accident when passed through the road, and received serious cherepno - a brain trauma and damages of abdominal organs. Three weeks later my mother stood on a stop, on the road faced “Muscovite“ and in an insole the drunk motorcyclist. The cradle fell off the motorcycle and got to mother. With several open changes it got on the operating table.

The sister remained with two very much and very whimsical girls who even did not know that the father though is not enough, but carried in a family, and now he a little got sick, and not absolutely a lot of help from it will wait. And in the next shop such jacket - to die without it. Now I will directly lay down and I will die, mother, go buy, you will regret not that.

I remained with the father who, what a sin to conceal, was person of no character. Biennial hard drinking began at it.

The sister had to get the second job, she did not sleep for days, and money paid not always. At girls parties with beer and cigarettes began.

I went to school, then to mother in hospital, then cleaned kitchen from father`s feasts, then sat down at lessons.

1995. Both Gena, and my mother began to be restored to normal life slowly. Genya was registered a bed rest, my mother - on crutches. The sister prepares every day a dietary table. I come from school, I clean the apartment, I remove steak from a mother`s leg, I wash out this leg, I bind steak back. Girls smoke hemp, spend the night at boys, at school appear when parents of all boys expel them.

1996. I begin wild headaches and begin to be treated at the neuropathologist. Girls bliss out near Khanka.

1997. We graduate from school, I enter the institute. Ania comes across with a heap of Khanka. Tanya meets the young man who holds her locked up. Perekumarivayet slowly. Collecting bags in a pre-trial detention center happens in our apartment at the moment when I come from institute hungry. Sausages, fat herrings, cheese, kefir, candies. And again I spill out envy because sausage I did not see years one and a half.

1998. I study on the second year. Ania already serves sentence 2 years under sentence of court. Tanya runs from the young man, and too comes across with a heap of Khanka. Collecting happens in our apartment because we live near bus station - not to trudge to the bus there going to this state house. I settle the freelancer in one of newspapers.

1999. Both sit. I study and I work.

2000. Ania goes out of prison. I study and I work.

2001. Tanya goes out of prison. Ania goes to prison under the same article. I study and I work, already in three newspapers.

2002. Both sit. I gain the diploma. In one of newspapers I am taken in the state.

You notice, somehow the tendency does not change in five years? Life identical at all three, monotonous, only I go five years to the diploma, and they go five years on receivers, prisons, zones. And genes for some reason identical. At the moment at one three trips, at another four. And every morning campaigns from the house to the meeting place after which becomes... No, it is not good any more, they already entered that stage when from drug not well, and it is just normal. Not to die. I have a quite famous name in scales of ours, well very small, but all - the cities. I do not brag. I establish the fact.

So, genes at us identical - normal genes, not genes great, but also strongly negative it is not visible too. And what turned out different! So purely from personal experience I can tell that not genes are guilty of appearance of such people. Well, I in relation to the relatives will not use impartial words. The outlook of parents and education is guilty. Very much their mother wanted that all admired them, and she did not understand that people not only admire a bright cover, but also contents. And the father just rejoiced that he has them. Yes, they were long-awaited, as well as I. They were unexpected at the same time. As well as I. But I received, having come from school dry, but at the same time such warm: “How are you doing?“, and they: “On you on a chewing gum“. In the morning I received: “Good morning!“, and they: “Put on that short skirt to be, let envy“... You feel a difference? Here also it turns out that pushed contents into me, not absolutely sometimes by normal methods, but all - pushed, and in them - could not. Because when Gena tried though somehow to correct a situation, was already late.

Present what to it was to see at himself in students the cousin of the wife, but not the most beautiful native daughters? And now it is sick to look at both of them. There is such genetics.

And at me from - for undertreated in quinsy childhood sore heart. And I awarded the child with it... Let`s kill me, perhaps, for this genetics.