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Ways of Earnings - What to Choose?

At the organization of the business in a network the beginning Internet - the businessman has to resolve for himself an issue - what ways of earnings suit it. There are two ways which have the features and shortcomings.

The first way - you can sell own products and services . The second way is participation in partner programs . Before you there can be a question what of these ways of earnings to accept as it would not be desirable to waste the time for the unsuccessful enterprises.

First of all it is necessary to define the purposes. That you want: to have a little additional money to the salary or you look for career, new to yourself? The answer to this question will also define, than you will be engaged.

At once I will tell and I will dispel the myth about fast earnings on the Internet. Technically it depends on with what speed your enterprise and what amount of efforts should be made for it will develop. Da Vam it is necessary to work, there is no freebie any here, and as it is known at well goals and certain efforts, certain positive results turn out.

But let`s talk about what features at these two ways of earnings are.

If you want to earn from $100-1500 a month and on it there are a day no more than 1 - 3 hours, then can choose business and join the partner program, the program of resales of others products or even the organization of network marketing.

On the other hand, you madly want to begin the business, to say goodbye to the chief, having told it that your earnings exceed the size of a salary which he pays. And you can make it in very short time if there is a desire, persistence and diligence, and also ability to continuous self-education.

But for this purpose you have to specify for yourself in what area you will carry out the attempt. How many money is capable to invest in the business.

Partner programs (program of resales) .

One of fast ways to begin to make money, consists in advance of services or products of any websites. In it you have to concentrate only on advertizing and advance of those products which you will represent.

Such programs on the Internet exist everywhere. Range of products and services is very huge, and you can earn decent money.

Advantage of sales of others services and products:

1. This smaller number of work in day.

2. There is no need to create own product.

3. Vam it is not necessary to create own website and all to it automation. Your task is to advertize.

4. Fast earnings, in certain cases several days or even hours.


1. You will make small money as commission charges in these programs are low also in a market niche the big competition. In certain cases in partner programs there are so many branches that it is difficult to stand out from all this crowd.

2. There is no confidence in how this partner program will long exist. You very strongly depend on the owner of those goods which you extend.

Own business .

The second way is to develop own products or services. This business is capable not only to increase really welfare and to bring in Vam the decent income (somewhere from $2000 and above), but also to be an independent person, to solve problems only of the business, not to be dependent on anybody.

But how to solve what product or service to sell? Where to take them? What seed capital to invest and where to take this money?

The best product at the moment is information product. It can be both virtual, and material goods.

But there is one problem which you have to remember, and from - for this problem the majority the Internet - businessmen suffer a defeat. Never it is impossible to create information product or service at the beginning and then to try to find out to whom to sell them! It is the step leading to waste of time and money.

Instead you have to be focused on what people want to buy that interests them and only then to create a product which will fill information niche at these consumers.

As you already found out that in your product there is a requirement, this product literally itself will sell. Why to spend a huge number of time, trying to convince people, to buy goods unnecessary them when with ease it is possible to create such product or service in which people have a requirement.

And for this purpose it is necessary to investigate constantly the market on the Internet, to conduct surveys and interviews with subscribers of the mailing, or to carry out communication at forums and chats it is the. constant most to be trained as you have to know the latest news, skills, ways, and technical solutions of many problems.

To be trained in the newest ways of promotion, advertizing, that is to be trained the Internet - to marketing, only this way by efforts and big work on itself and on development of the business it is possible to achieve big results.