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Abnormal heat. How to keep the health this summer?

The fact that this summer from all directions surrounded us abnormally - an abnormal heat, are known firsthand by almost each resident of our country. Air temperature establishes every day new historical records, and on thermometers there is not enough top scale any more to show air temperature right in the sun.

In spite of the fact that almost daily from screens of TVs and newspaper pages we are warned about negative consequences of impact of hot weather on an organism, many of us continue to ignore them, without wishing to understand what can lead stay on the sun in hours of its maximum activity to. And it is the shortest way, at best, to solar or to a heatstroke, and in the worst - to a heart attack, a stroke or cancer of an integument.

To avoid consequences of a heat and as much as possible to keep the health, it is necessary to observe carefully recommendations of physicians, rescuers of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, health officers and nutritionists. Not so already and there is a lot of them, these recommendations, but in abnormally hot days they are a peculiar stick - a lifesaver for most of our readers. So...

1. Without special need try not to go outside during the maximum solar activity with 11 to 17 o`clock in the afternoon . If all - the exit to the street is inevitable, then put on spacious light clothes from natural fabrics, do not forget an easy headdress and, surely, a small bottle with not carbonated mineral water. On the street try to keep in the background and periodically you come into shops or rooms with conditioners.

2. Try to exclude completely any physical activities and to minimize the activity. In peak of a heat it is the best of all to relax and to do nothing. For example, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine recommends to heads of the enterprises of all forms of ownership to increase during especially hot weather a lunch break with 13. 00 to 16. 00.

3. to our fine half - women - physicians advise as little as possible to use decorative cosmetics , especially various foundations which can lead to a face skin overheat.

4. pay Special attention to food. Is it is necessary for easy food : vegetables, fruit, boiled fish and chicken, cold soups and okroshkas. It is desirable to exclude completely from the diet fat, fried and sweet dishes. It is necessary to drink many , not less than 1,5 - 3 liters of liquid in day. The recommended drinks: water with lemon juice, warm green tea without sugar, compotes and fruit drinks. Try not to take alcohol including beer, and also various sweet carbonated drinks which not only do not satisfy thirst but also slow down exchange processes in an organism. It is necessary to eat in hot weather less, but is more often, without leaving freshly cooked food for later. Pay special attention to perishable goods. Recently cases of poisoning with dairy products and bread became frequent! From - for abnormal temperatures in bakery products the potato stick very quickly breeds.

5. indoors with the conditioner avoid overcooling of an organism and do not reduce air temperature below +22+23 degrees Celsius. In the summer almost all catarrhal diseases are connected with misuse of conditioners and abuse of cold drinks and ice cream. If in the apartment or the working room the conditioner is absent, then air can be cooled, using the container with water which is put in front of the fan. Very effective way! Water under the influence of a pressure of warm air intensively evaporates, cooling, thus, the placement by 2 - 3 degrees.

6. the Main source of penetration of hot air into the room are of a window . In the afternoon they are recommended to be held the closed and curtained curtains of light shades that direct sunshine and heated air did not get to the room. It is the best of all to open windows for the night when air temperature decreases.

7. pay Special attention during a heat to to children . The children`s organism is much more sensitive to the increased ambient temperature, than the adult. Symptoms of an overheat of the child - reddening of skin, the increased body temperature, slackness, causeless whims, nausea, frequent breath with short wind, spasms or even a faint. At the first manifestations of these symptoms from the child it is necessary to take off clothes, to lay him in horizontal position, to wipe all body with wet towel wipes or the fabric moistened in water and it is obligatory to give to drink each 5 - 10 minutes. Cool not carbonated drinks will approach: water, the divorced tea, slightly sourish compote, use of isotonic solution - slightly added some salt water is possible. In hard cases at loss of consciousness call the ambulance at once and take all measures for reanimation of the kid.

8. the Adult needs also to know symptoms thermal and a sunstroke . These are first of all such signs as weakness, slackness, dizziness, strong sweating, thirst, a headache, nausea and vomiting. In especially hard cases loss of consciousness is possible. If the person overheated, and he observes above-mentioned symptoms, immediately call the doctor and you hold the events for cooling of an organism identical to that, as for children. The victim needs to be laid in the cool place, on the head to put a cold compress or a damp towel. If the victim in consciousness, give it plentiful drink if is not present, then you bring him round by means of liquid ammonia and wait for arrival of an ambulance crew.

9. to get rid of slackness and apathy which are characteristic of hot weather recommend to you to drink in the morning a glass of water with twenty drops of tincture of an eleuterokokk and to take a contrast shower - the vigorous mood and good health is guaranteed for the whole day. And the most important, do not think of a heat and try not to pay attention to temporary inconveniences, we, as well as to the African weather, during this time already almost got used to them.

From all aforesaid it is visible that requirements to rules of conduct in the period of an abnormal heat not such and difficult. Observing them, we will be able to lead a normal life and as much as possible to keep the health and health of the children.

And the most important that what roast would be no this summer - it is a long-awaited time of year, a time of rest and traditional holidays during which we need to have a rest and gain strength fully. Good luck to you and good weather!