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How the tsar two buckets extinguished the fires?

- the Fire! Fire! - in chambers imperial through protection streletsky, breaking all customs court, the boyar on situations a swagger - major rushed.

- What burns? - the tsar asked it, with displeasure coming off a solitaire sveysky which time of not developing.

- The country burns, your Imperial Greatness.

- All? - the tsar was surprised.

- Almost. In total in a smoke not to see yet how many remained. Perhaps something will also escape. But at us kondishen overseas is included, - the boyar right there calmed the tsar. - In the palace imperial this smog domestic will definitely not be.

- And long ago my kingdom - the state burns? - the tsar asked, playing new solitaire.

- Month as blazes.

- And why you, the paskudnik such, did not report on it earlier? Who at me, edrit yours anhydrite, - mazhor is responsible for a swagger. As?

- Do not order to execute, order to pardon, - the boyar in legs imperial failed. - Fires these not simple, but natural. Means, here any the swagger - to a major is not present. And I am responsible only for it. You signed the decree that natural we will extinguish only with the God`s help now. I think, someone navorozhit here. Perhaps enemies what unknown want your Majesty to throw off from a throne?

The tsar - the sovereign as if a teapot overseas boiled here. Enemies - that at it and really was not to consider. Also the tsar himself solved state to struggle with trouble. If boyars yes lackeys can make nothing. Threw pasyansny in the hearts of the card and ordered to give a flying carpet and two buckets of water of life, sorcerers imperial loaded.

The tsar-father sat down on means the aeronautic and flew over the country, the fires by these most natural struck. And below chimneys and the women howling. As if Mother again across the country passed.

But saw narodishko the tsar-father and rejoiced.

- To us, to us fly, - shout and hands pull.

- At once you will not capture all, - the tsar - a nadezha answers them. - There is a lot of you, and I have only two buckets.

Also the tsar solved a miracle marvelous to the people to create. It poured out two buckets on the earth burned, ashes I pokrytoit. And right there on this place the grass turned green and flowers blossomed. And the man blind on whom got too began to see clearly.

And imperial at once reported all newspapers about this miracle. And the man who suddenly began to see clearly in them told the impressions. Like, the first that saw, there was a tsar soaring over the Homeland. And supposedly at once all sorrows previous disappeared by itself. The power Supreme in the chambers imperial does not sit out. Waters narodishko from above as far as possible.

And the tsar departed further meanwhile. And over each village which burned down a trifle scattered. And local threatened the administration with a finger.

Also the people which lost were glad that remember it and care. That in one other kingdom - the state there is no such wise and kind governor. And when the tsar from above promised all fire victims a mansion new it is better to construct former and boyars careless, in the fires guilty, on an executioner`s block to take away, there now here - that everything at once and began to exult.

Stopped extinguishing the fires. Also let`s throw overseas to start in air of a cap and a petard on pleasures.

And the tsar - the sovereign to the palace came back meanwhile. And there the boyar on a swagger - a major with flowers and with the medal “For Courage on the Fire“ meets.

The tsar fastened a medal on a breast imperial and again for a solitaire of villages.

“Something they at me lately do not develop, - he thought, again reshuffling cards. - Perhaps overseas to play poker to learn? Yes here trouble. I am not able to bluff. In poker, as well as in policy, without bluff it is impossible“.

And the smoke from the burned-down villages filled imperial rooms meanwhile, and any kondishen overseas already could not cope with it.