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Plan Development of your Business in the Internet of

Again I open for you a subject of planning of business in the Internet. Rather difficult question, but if to paint all consecutive steps, then it is possible to make great progress in any field of activity.

Based on the experience not only in the Internet, but also in real life (as there is an experience of administrative work at the large enterprise), I can claim that many just ignore the matter. Here therefore those who plan development of the business will always be one step away to be ahead of those who do not do it.

Let`s analyse everything point by point.

The first that needs to be made, is to invest in the business money and the personal time .

The main point which you have to think over carefully as without money your business will look like the worn car. You need the fast racing car capable to be ahead of all on the way. And what is necessary for such mechanism? Money for any expenses. And here where to get them, this issue you need to resolve and plan expensive part. I for myself personally found such way of investment of the means, and it still brings to me and profit for private use, and means for maintenance of the business.

The second that needs to be made is to get high-quality tools for your business .

You have to refuse use of a free hosting at once. It is destiny of laymans. Though in due time I used it and I will tell honestly - my earnings were order of 75 dollars in a month. But I do not advise you this way to act, will waste a lot of time. The hosting has to be only paid as the confidence that nobody will remove your website appears. Besides, it has to be qualitative, I mean, on those questions which you will ask the administrator, definite answers and and quickly enough have to be received.

The third, than you need to be engaged is to find partners in business . Partners to whom you will trust as to.

I agree that the creative thinking by means of one your head is a successful decision for creation of the information goods. But here the partnership opens for you more global opportunities as creativity in collective forces you to urge on the “I“ to perfection. In general others experience sometimes has very positive effect to commission of any actions. The partnership can give you not only experience, but also still inflow of target audience on your website (an example, an exchange of articles between your partners).

The fourth, plan and create mailings on subjects of the business . The advantage and lack of mailing I described in article “What service of mailings to choose?“, therefore about I will not repeat. I want to note, only that mailing is capable to do just miracles in online business. And here its development is a destiny planning of publications in it new materials.

The fifth - automate your business, having shifted the most part of usual work to special programs and scripts .

With growth of your business you will face a problem of a lack of time sooner or later. Therefore you for yourself already initially, during business creation, have to solve as you will automate it. There is a set of the programs and scripts allowing to solve this problem. Such scripts as avtoresponder, automatic payment from your website, and also post programs, allow to achieve fine results in the matter. But it is not a limit yet, there is a set of the scripts allowing to resolve issues online of polls, to conduct statistics and many other things. So the choice remains for you what of them to you to use.

If you support planning of the business at least on these five main issues, then I with confidence can tell you that you will never face a problem of fading of your business.