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From where Ideas of

* This article Undertake I devote to the beginning businessmen, all that who does not know with what to begin the business on the Internet, and especially that who has no not one new idea of business *

Will begin with the fact that in life of any person there are no accidents. The person reaches what he is worthy actually. If it is lazy, is not educated, has no definite purpose, and only has desire to have a lot of money, without representing how to earn them, then nothing at it will leave.

Such people are doomed to a total failure in any kind of activity.

But there is other category of people who it is by trial and error simple, slowly and truly, but go towards the aim. In their heads constantly it develops new ideas and they realize them in practice. They, of course, do not know much yet, but try to study, and study not only on the mistakes, but also on mistakes of other people. Such contingent of people has more chances of achievement of success.

So with what business in a network begins?

I undertake to claim only from one, from idea. Our brain is very mysterious and is not studied completely by our medicine yet, but presents us sometimes it that we simply do not expect.

You never thought of why it occurs?

Probably because we feed it with different information, sometimes it is even perfect to us not necessary, and sometimes just necessary for a survival in this difficult information world. The judgment of this or that obtained information is result of our actions, and only then it (our brain) gives new idea.

What we do then?

We begin to analyze it and those ideas which are pleasant to us or are close to us on spirit in which we see positive result, begin to develop. All remained we simply eliminate or simply we forget.

But how to draw a distinction between idea and formation of business? What connects them?

Only one - new ideas force the person to make, create, do an act towards improvement of the intellectual, financial, spiritual state, thereby brings to the person full satisfaction from what he thought up. And business is a tool by means of which all conceived ideas are carried out. Ideas are your thoughts, and business is a work as a result of which your thoughts can come true.

As all - to find the new idea? Let`s say you want to organize the business in a network. But what orientation to choose it?

The first that you need to make so, it to understand itself. What can you offer such to visitors of your future website? If you the great fashion designer also have an extensive experience in creation of the unsurpassed goods, so begin with the fact that share this experience. In process of communication with visitors of your website you will understand that it is necessary for them actually. Make the action plan, create goods and you give it to visitors of your website.

Of course, for this purpose you need to create the website, you have not enough for this experience. Be not upset at once. In any searcher you can create inquiry and find the company or group of people which will help you with it. But seed capital is for this purpose necessary.

Be not surprised, it so!

Only cheese in a mousetrap is free. For creation of any business not only in a network, but also behind its side-altars, money is necessary. You ask where to take them? I can answer only one, they can be earned in the everyday life, or to take on credit.

I, for example, for creation of own business went in the way which for myself I called “complete control of the expenses“. Within a year I saved and controlled the income and expenses therefore received the initial capital.

Within the same year I stocked up with information not only how to organize the business, but also read a set of books on positive thinking. Of course, I do not consider myself as the person who knows in this area much, but I develop, every day and me all that I do as I to it went long enough in the life is pleasant.

Of course, it took a lot of time me, you can find other way how to get money for the organization of the business.

But, probably, the most important that you have to make first of all, it to aim and to plan everything carefully. Without it it is difficult to foretell where your idea as in process of its passing it at first very violently develops can bring you, and in process of a growing dies away.

Only aim for the sake of what all of you will do it, will help you to support it somehow long. The detailed plan of actions will help you to keep it in a constant control.

Here only when you implement all clauses of your plan, you realize that your idea already exists and has the right for life. And if you find adherents, then the idea will gain mass character. Not the truth, fine, and remember from what everything began - with simple thought in your head. You genius. You found happiness formula, you share it with a large number of people, thereby help them, imparting the thoughts, experience.

I am sure that any achievement of the purpose by the person lifts it on a new round of development. It it becomes perfect another, his views of the relation between people, of life in this fine let and the cruel world under the name mother Earth change.