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“Geographical“ salads tried? America

After recipes of salads with the European and Asian place names we will address transatlantic distances. There is only a wish to pay attention that names are taken as a basis of their selection, and inventors of culinary creations can be in other regions of the world.

So, for example, if “Guatemala“ belongs to national cuisine of this country, then “Hawaiian“ it is actually invented in Italy. Well, and now - get acquainted: ten “geographical“ salads of the Western hemisphere. the American

we Cook

300 g of fillet of a turkey, we cool and we slice. Boiled potatoes in number of three tubers, 3 boiled eggs, 3 apples and 60 g of a garden radish we cut in cubes. We cut grapes berries (100 g) in half and we take out stones. We scissor sheet salad (50 g) on strips.

Having connected and having salted the prepared products, we dress with mayonnaise (1 - 2 glass), we strew with sesame sunflower seeds (3 h a spoon) and chopped greens of parsley.


Is boiled by

with spices of 200 - 300 of various seafood: shrimps, squids, octopuses, mussels or what from them is available and we cook sauce. It is simple: it is necessary to mix only properly 200 g of sunflower oil, 2 h a spoon of mustard, juice of a half of a lemon, salt and sugar to taste. Besides, we cut straws sweet pepper (1 red and 1 yellow), and 1 fruit of avocado - cubes.

We cover a flat dish lettuce leaves on which we spread pepper, over it - avocado and seafood. We sauce a design, we decorate with olives without stones and … all! Philadelphia

Tinned peaches (1 bank) we dry

and swept it is cut, we also arrive with three green apples at which, certainly, previously we delete a core and a fruit stem. “We cut“ ham (300 g) straws. Kochanchik of Iceberg salad we cut on strips about 1 cm wide. Having connected products, we dress with mayonnaise (200 g). Hawaiian

the Bunch of lettuce leaves we tear

hands and we display on a dish. From above we put the ham (250 g) cut with small squares in its “row-spacing“ - straws from a half of sweet paprika. Further there is a turn of 5 rings of tinned pineapple cut on slices.

It was necessary to fill salad. For this purpose we mix olive oil with ½ juice; lemon, 1 - 2 h spoons of balsam vinegar, seasonings (oregano, basilicas, chaber), 1 grated garlic glove, half of a bulb, grated on a small grater, salt. Slightly we shake up mix a fork for giving of uniformity and we water salad, then we strew with grated firm cheese (100 g) and we admire culinary creation. If to prepare seasonings the reluctance, it is possible to take ready - “Herbs of Italian cuisine“.

of Haiti

we Boil couple of chicken breasts and rice (in finished form it 1 glass will be required). While there is a process, cook sauce: we mix 100 g of mayonnaise, 2 tablespoons of sour cream and 1 tablespoon of pineapple syrup (from banks of the pineapples preserved by slices). Let`s chop small parsley greens.

While getting around to business, you look, meat is ready. Having cooled it, small - it is small cut, and then we cover with this medley a bottom of a wide salad bowl and we water with a half of the made sauce. From above we stack the rice mixed with parsley, and on it, the pineapple slices mixed from the sauce remains. Almost everything. It was necessary to decorate salad with orange segments.


we boil a small vegetable marrow (100 g) So far, we do not linger. We cut one big bulb or couple thin half rings more small, we add pounded garlic (1 - 2 clove), semi-slices 1 - 2 pomidorok cleared of a thin skin, pieces of tinned sardines (100 g), 0,5 - 1 tablespoon of the crushed hot pepper and 2 tablespoons of the olives cut in half without stones. We cut ready vegetable marrows on cubes and we send to other products.

We fill salad with mix of olive oil (50 g), juice of a chetvertushka of a lemon, 1 h a spoon of vinegar; we salt and pepper to taste. Accurately we mix and we stack in a salad bowl, decorating with segments of boiled eggs.


Generally for this salad need to use a game - 300 g of boiled meat. And still apples and oranges (on 1 - 2 piece) cleared and without seeds. We slice all products thin (and we will want - and cubes) and we mix. For gas station we take 50 g of mayonnaise, juice of 1 lemon and a little hot sauce - to taste.


Structure of products for a basis of salad is very simple

: kilogram of boiled medium-sized potatoes, 4 boiled eggs and a bunch of lettuce leaves which are cut by cubes and mix up.

And here the gas station demands bigger amount of ingredients: 250 - 300 g of sheep cheese, 4 peeled small hot peppers several times scalded by boiled water and small - small chopped, on a half-glass of milk and vegetable oil, and also 50 - 100 g of a cracker without sugar. Well, and salt, of course. All components are required to be mixed very carefully before filling in salad with sauce.

of Rio - - Zhaneyro

Champignons (100 g) we will extinguish

in butter and we will cut small pieces. We will chop paprika (150 g) in straws and we will add to mushrooms, having right there mixed with segments of tangerines of the same weight. Let`s add cheese cubes (200 g) and slices of apples (100 g). Sauce for this salad represents mix from 100 g of yogurt, 10 g of honey, ½ h spoon of mustard, dried peel of 1 orange, 1 h spoon of lemon juice.


Very simple and, meanwhile, the tasty salad consisting of ham straws (150 - 200), two chopped boiled eggs, 2 - 3 marinated cucumbers cut with strips as well as sweet pepper in number of 1 piece, and also 100 g of grated cheese. Having mixed components, we dress with mayonnaise (3 tablespoons), and salad is ready.

* * *

Here such recipes. I think what here is what to choose also for a table on our side of the ocean.

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