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The yak to become vovky? Or berserker... part 2

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Lesson 3

After You ideally you will seize the second lesson, I advise you to begin to collect books by the nature, hunting, treatment by herbs. All this will help you to understand better the nature and will facilitate your life further.

By this moment you already have to be defined in the choice of an animal who will become your the second “I“ which qualities you will gain, entering a condition of rage a berserka. It not necessarily has to be one animal, but it is better not to take too much. 1 - The 3 most acceptable number. If you develop signs of 1 being, then they will develop quicker and better, but you will not have potential of selection of the best image for different situations. But if to choose more than 3, your abilities will develop too slowly (if are in general). But all - I recommend to develop only one skill strenuously; others - only for the first degree of YaB. Actually only now the real trainings will begin. Before there was only a preparatory stage.

After you chose an animal, you have to find places where it lives. You have to leave on the nature to these places. It is desirable that nobody monitored your trainings. If the animal chosen by you is not too dangerous, try to find him. Observe his life. Try to get used gradually to its image, identify yourself with it. Try to try on on yourself actions of this animal, as if he moved, it appear in your body?

Try to find parts of fabrics of this animal - wool, feathers. Only, if you take these parts from a dead animal (it is possible to choose also birds and insects) udostovertes that the animal was killed in battle, being safely protected from attack (does not treat insects). But you should not kill. Then you will be able to hunt and eat these animals, but not during a ceremony.

Make to yourself some part of clothes of the picked-up feathers or wool. Keep thinking of this animal, present yourself to them, work the movements. Before going to bed begin to try to think only of it. It will help you to see this animal and in a dream. When you at last feel completely accrete with image of an animal - pass to the following occupation.

The lesson 4

To this occupation should be passed into a warm season and being confident in a condition of the health, both physical, and spiritual. You have to leave to those places where the animal chosen by you lives. Now any other person should not watch you. You have to manage to relax completely.

Take off from yourself all clothes. You can leave on yourself only that made of the picked-up animal particles. It can be a necklace from teeth, a cape from feathers, moccasins from a skin, bracelets, loincloths... anything in any combination. It will be good if you are able to get a good fighting knife with a wide long edge (the Finn, “commando“), but he should not prevent you to run. Make for it a sheath and you carry on a belt. It is desirable that the belt was made of the same animal. Some even managed to do belts of insects. But it is possible to carry it and on a neck, and it is constant in a palm. After that you owe to live some time (how many you can, but the more - the better) life of this animal. To eat their food (if a herbivore, berries, mushrooms, edible rhizomes), to sleep on the naked earth. Now the skills received from books on the nature device will be useful to you. The received products can be prepared on a fire, but fire should be made without matches, a lighter or a magnifying glass. Only natural methods (friction of branches, fire from a lightning, spontaneous ignition from a drought). Not to use kettles, plates and other at all. (Only sticks, leaves, to dig in in coals, etc. ).

All this time you have to think, arrive, move as the animal chosen by you. You learn to make sounds which are made by this animal. After a while you will catch yourself on what to arrive as this animal is already possible for you. There can be two things, or you will be able to hold yourself in hands and to leave quiet from this state, or will begin to drag away you completely in a condition of the changed consciousness. If you completely merge with image of an animal, then (only if y you good sincere health) after a while you find yourself lying on the earth. Up to this point there can pass minutes, and can also hours (depending on your endurance). You will not remember what occurred between these events and hardly ever remember. It means that you completely went to a state “uncontrollable rage a berserka“.

There are 3 degrees of rage a berserka:

1) controlled - you gain small abilities, completely control yourself. But at the same time you do not receive either forces, or animal dexterity. At most, that is added - endurance. The easiest to pass to it and the easiest on it to keep.

2) semi-control - you receive almost completely all set of abilities a berserka, begin to feel as an animal, feel instead of hands (in fight of the weapon) paws. You continue to control yourself, but your body forgets that it is human. You lose ability to speak articulately. Can seem to you that you completely turned into an animal. But in this state it is the most difficult to keep though always you appear in it in the beginning, and then already in 3 degrees. If y is not enough of you trainings, then you or will return to 1 degree, or will pass into the third. Most of all you are tired of this degree, but you continue to keep all the acts under control.

3) uncontrollable - can precisely tell one about this degree - in it you in soul completely become an animal. You cannot control the body. All your abilities are shown in absolute degree, you receive sharp inflow of forces. But this degree can be applied only during fight and only to death. You become very dangerous to people around. In this state for you is not present or others. You - an animal also behave respectively. You will be able to leave this state only when there comes weakness a berserka. If you already long time practice a way a berserka, then until weakness there can pass several days. Therefore I advise all experiments with this degree to carry out as it is possible further from people. After an exit from this state you will not remember clearly what were engaged. It is possible to remember if you already any time are engaged in it. But first you will not remember clearly an event (if at all you will remember something).

A lesson 5

Partly, having reached up to this point, all of you will be able to develop already. The basic consists in an opportunity to reach rage a berserka. Having reached it 1 time, you will be able to catch how to do it more consciously. The rest - only trainings in order that your abilities developed.

Having passed 3 - 4 lessons, you, I think, had to remember well the district where the animal chosen by you lives. Now, for simplification of transition to rage a berserka imagine that on the place of what surrounds you now, there is just this territory. That around the world only such type of the nature. You look at the world at the same time from eyes of an animal in that world and with own eyes on our world. Earth outlines in that world has to repeat real precisely.

For transition to rage a berserka it is possible to close eyes and to concentrate on the imagined world (to pass into a body of an animal).

First it will be very difficult for you to keep at the same time in the consciousness the imagined world, to think and to watch attentively surrounding. But actually, having trained, you will be able instantly to recreate such imagined world, and you should not keep it in consciousness constantly.

The lesson 6

Also well helps transition to YaB music. For everyone it is necessary to select special music. Correctly picked up music brings you to an excitement state; To you it will be wanted from it to battle, sing - to find any way out of the energy. Personally y me such music is “Flight of the Valkyrie“ of Wagner.

Mixing 5 - 6 lessons (+ you can dream about fight, bringing itself to the excited state and increasing emission of adrenaline in blood) you will be able to leave quite easily and quickly in rage a berserka.

Personally I for development of abilities a berserka did not use a lesson 4. For me there were enough also other trainings (but I have rudiments of abilities a berserka from the birth). I think that if you are not sure of the mentality, then you can quite bypass fate 4 At

though without it training can take more time. But you do not damage to yourself.

And from itself - be stronger and yes you will be helped by One and will accept you in Valkhalle!