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The yak to become vovky? Or berserker... part 1

not my Article, I will make a reservation at once. It was downloaded to year in 2001 from the website which is absent any more. Copies of this article are on the Internet, but in rather small number of places.

In practice about 70% from described in article were checked. As I already wrote in the comment to this article results were quite good. My acquaintance could scatter three children in a friendly sparring in spite of the fact that children were massivny it. And it was not trained in martial arts anywhere, did not shake at that time. For me 4 - x the monthly course by this technique turned back that I in a rage attack, blow of a fist considerably promyal 4 mm an iron leaf (a guard at an entrance), and pursued then the acquaintance. As he told then me - he decided that I want to kill him. :) And I ceased to be engaged. I am attracted more by intellectual and power sparrings. So article:

Way berserka, part 1.

Evgeny Zaytsev

the Preface

Before you work which as I hope, will help you to develop abilities a berserka. It is not a joke and has no relation to mysticism.

Unfortunately, it is only small part of that knowledge that existed once. Though the main talents a berserka by means of these trainings can be developed. You should develop part. But it will be not so difficult if you well pass trainings.

Personally I did not use some trainings as it was not confident in the mentality. But for development of abilities a berserka it is possible to alter partially some occupations, it is possible to miss the Lesson 4. If you are not sure in mental health - I do not advise you to use this knowledge.

The author does not bear responsibility for possible damages of mentality and the health caused by trainings, also the author does not bear responsibility for acts of the people who developed abilities a berserka. You apply all trainings given here at own risk.

Chapter 1

For some reason recently many people (including, unfortunately, and scientists) add berserok to mythical characters, refusing to them the right for existence in real life. Actually the word “berserk“ was used in relation to soldiers who possessed uncommon abilities to conducting fight. But in practice berserka were almost y of all terrestrial tribes. Just all called them on a miscellaneous.

In fight of a berserka began to behave like animals, and actually forces them became similar to forces of animals. One their appearance and wild growl brought the opponent to a horror state, depriving of an opportunity it is correct to be protected. Berserka considered that they actually turn into animals during fight. It seemed to them that they beat not with swords, and paws. Berserki could disconnect feeling of pain. Part of berserok even in the cogitative plan became animals. This loss of control of consciousness over actions of a body often frightened those who battled together with berserka on one party. Such soldier could be developed and attack the. But nevertheless such among soldiers there was a minority. The big part of the people who showed abilities were trained by masters in the correct possession of these abilities. But practically any soldier could be trained.

Art a berserka is the best of all it was developed y of Vikings, Arabs and part of the African tribes. Africans often did not train the berserok in control over abilities.

Now officially schools of berserok do not exist. It is possible to find the master only at huge luck.

Chapter 2

Before using the following trainings, I advise you to check: whether it suits you.

Health: strong nervous system, but with the good imagination, healthy heart. (Muscles, physical health of a role does not play.)

Social: think and what purposes y you. If you apply abilities, understanding that you are not right, then everything can come to an end is very deplorable. All essence is that consciousness of own correctness and correctness of use of abilities a berserka allow you to control themselves, not to allow serious damages to the opponent. If you understand that you are not right, then it will only anger stronger you, and will stop it will be more difficult. You have to be able to control the emotions and to be able to stop in time.

Chapter 3

of Ability a berserka can be congenital or acquired. Born berserka are easier trained (actually they become them without trainings), but y them is certain problems. There is a concept - “a damnation a berserka“. Often they are born weak, often are ill. Only to years to 12 - 17 they at last begin to gain strength and health. But, when they begin to develop, everything occurs very quickly. Most strongly from other people they are distinguished by huge endurance (though forces can still not be enough), from time to time such people can go completely to the dreams, at the same time their bodies continue to perform work on “autopilot“.

Also y of born berserok is stronger reaction “than weakness a berserka“ - after long use of abilities the berserka at an exit from this state comes strong weakness. But the entrance to a state “rage a berserka“ occurs much easier.

Berserok, priobrevshy abilities during training, have less problems (health, “weakness a berserka“) but is less also than opportunities (endurance, control, speed of an entrance to a condition of the changed consciousness).

Terms in the text:

the Weakness Berserka (WB) - the powerlessness caused by waste of forces in a usage time of abilities a berserka. the Proklyatye Berserka (PB)

- born berserka often are born painful, and only at a growing become strong.

the Rage Berserka (RB) - a condition of the changed consciousness when using abilities a berserka.

Chapter 4

Use of abilities a berserka in life:

1. The work connected with heavy physical activity.

2. Campaigns on long distance.

3. A fight (very much I hope that you will use rage a berserka only for self-defense and only keeping itself under control).

4. A survival (got lost in the wood, got into some other situation).

5. Hunting.

A lesson 1

you have to get used to patience. All training can occupy y you years. In training the main thing - to get used that some things will occur very slowly. You have to get used to suffer not only the long periods of expectation, it is necessary to be able not to be irritated at any situation. The patience should study before to all the rest. Then will be late. Now you do not come to YaB automatically yet and will not be able to do big harm. Earlier the master set up the pupil in various situations, checking at the same time his endurance and abilities to fight. Often after these checks the pupil began to hate the master and tried to attack him. Subsequently hatred and desire to win pushed the pupil to initial steps. Sledushchiye behind it skirmishes accustomed the pupil to reconcile externally, learned to hide waiting for a right moment and at the same time did it devoted to the master. Later some time the pupil at last began to understand that the master his friend, but not the enemy.

Only after that the real trainings began. As you will study patience - I do not know. Such lessons, I think, it is possible to find in a set of books on psychology.

It is in passing necessary to develop muscles. Especially I advise to develop muscles of legs and a back. These are just zones of which the greatest loading is the share (usually) during YaB.

A lesson 2

So, we should lower the first step of training. It included fighting trainings (You have to work them to automatism), schooling to patience and endurance. The second step - connection with the nature. You have to learn to live in the world with the nature and to take y it force. The first that you have to make - to leave on the nature, to look around, to find fine in surrounding, to understand that all around you live, fine. You have to just sit and enjoy world around. Try to estimate the world from the point of view of each of the life forms surrounding you. Merge with the nature, feel only a small part of the nature.

Continue these trainings, you will not be able freely to set up yourself to the place of any life form yet, whether it be a blade or a tree, a mouse or an elk. Everything in the nature has to give you pleasure, you have to receive force, energy by nature. I think, the following experience can help with it: first of all you need to leave in the wood and to find a glade on which you will not be disturbed. Also there should not be foreign sounds (only nature sounds). It is the best of all if it is in the summer and you will be able to take off completely all clothes (though it is not an indispensable condition). Spend there for a start a couple of hours, enjoy rest, exempt the thoughts from foreign alarms. If you want, you can doze on the earth.

After that pass on glade perimeter, look what in it is wrong (garbage, the broken branches of trees). Clear away a glade from garbage (natural things do not belong to garbage), accurately remove the broken branches, cover the turned-out wounds on trees with the thief or something similar to protect a tree. Look after this glade. It will help you easier to find a common language with the nature.

Be continued... in this article!