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Who on duty? Manual training in a family for children and adults of

- Mother, I want to drink.

- And?!

- Well, let`s drink.

- I will not give. Itself take.

- Well, I do not get so highly!

- Flax, well, think, I ask - why I refuse to you. Perhaps you forgot to make something?

- Oh, pancake … - the Six-year-old daughter takes a watering can with the water prepared in advance and runs to the shelf with flowers. - How I forgot about our florets?! They cannot. - Feels a finger soil, waters the flowers which are eager for moisture.

It is its duty in the house. And she copes with her, understanding responsibility - except it nobody will not begin to do it.

Earlier my girlfriends reproached me that I “force“ children to work. Now, when to the senior 29, and younger on six, they already call and ask “ questions A as you taught it?“ in order that with grandsons to conduct “manual training“.

And what here to invent - that? It is necessary to use correctly “weak“ places of children only. Children like to order, like to show independence, love when they are praised and award, adore pottering in water, and still they want to be useful and noticeable. Well, here also I suggest to visit at least couple of “manual training“ in my family.

At once I will make a reservation that you any tyrant did not imagine me. At us and mountains of dirty ware sometimes happen, both the same mountains of neglazhenny linen, and a bed with flowers sometimes grows, and we eyes take aside not to see. Just while order is kept in the big house by one and all, the main principle - “do not do what there is no wish now for“ - it is observed under my sensitive management. Here it is important to make so that a wish arose. It is not necessary to Wuma much, is necessary the imagination and good mood .

At an entrance door the chief assistant to an order in the house - a blackboard hangs on a wall. We got used to plan everything daily. Here and the important event is written down, and each other we can make products which need to be bought, and some remark, and, above all - in the top line is written down who today the person on duty on the house. All participate, both children and adults. All tide up, everyone for themselves, but the person on duty looks after, “orders parade“, puts on airs in the house. Naturally, all obey, put exactly shoes to a wall, wash a cup for themselves, look for the panel from a TV set, to dogs and a cat pour water in a bowl, collect toys.


- Mother, help to put cubes!

- is easy, Pashka! And you to me will help with a locker to spread out linen?

- Of course, mamusik! Sacrifice

you Present to

a picture: guests come into the house, and on a stool at a sink the five-year-old son or the daughter wash the dishes or kitchen lockers, well, or even a floor? Happens “more purely“ - wash in a basin on a porch the shorts and socks.

For some reason first questions: “Oh, and suddenly will break, will be cut, will slip on a floor, will corrode hands powder?“ But then - admiration (what is also necessary for us!) : “Oh, what good fellows! Mother`s assistants! How you learned it?!“

Well, it is necessary to go on the victims sometimes: wall-paper can zalyapat, to litter a sink... But here approach special is necessary too: previously to clean all fragile, at first to teach to wring out a rag better, to replace powder with a laundry soap. Of course, the dishes will be washed poor for a long time and a floor, and washing so far washing only conditionally is called. But time from time children do better and more conscientious, and I imperceptibly behind them wash up, I wash, admiring how with all the heart they helped me. With what pleasure they pull then clean socks, take pure ware, remove footwear, going into the sparkling floor!

The daughter in 12 years itself is able to cook borsch, will make any salad. The son - the eighth-grader is able to peel potatoes, likes to mow a grass, to himself will iron shirt. At the same time, by the way, they at school - excellent students and tusovy teenagers.

And already believe in my old morals how it will be easy for them if it is necessary to live without mother, for example, in other city, in the student`s hostel. “You represent, - I said to them, - you will wake up in a hostel in the morning on Saturday and will not run in shop behind boiled sausage or in eatery behind thin soup, and weld tasty Russian cabbage soup, you will bake a chicken on all company! Your friends will respect you as!“

I can leave on some urgency Now for the whole day, without having made a lunch. I do not worry - I know, will not remain hungry, and all day will not eat fried eggs, but also will leave to me tasty.

Pancakes on Saturdays. I lift kids in the morning: “The pasha, Lena, pancakes went to bake!“ The son directs, lists ingredients, with a rag goes around, the scattered Lenkoy on a floor wipes up sugar or the poured milk. And what to do? Costs of production. Lena shakes up eggs, kneads dough, I stand behind a back, I help is sensitive. Well, then I bake for safety, correcting dough imperceptibly.

But baked - that they! And feed as all - with pleasure and a proud look!

to Carry out the duties in a family - work for children heavy. Almost excessive

need to sleep in the Younger afternoon, for example. And they, naturally, do not love it. Means, it is necessary to think up incentive, to inspire for a dream. Here an ingenuity - the good assistant.

- Children, the one who will frankly and well have a sleep, but not just will count flies on a ceiling, will be a rescuer today. Now the pool will heat up, all we will bathe, and the rescuer will order and keep order.

Children will sleep, precisely. Also will not look for the reason hundred times to leave on some need the room.

Best “slept“ will be hit then in hands, for example, a stop watch and will begin to allocate bathing time to everyone. The stop watch can be and toy. It is possible to think up a loud-hailer from a leaf of a Whatman paper, it is possible to allow to give life jackets or number of “athlete“. Yes you never know that...

And that it was not offensive for the second and third, allow also them to practise business of the rescue drowning for five minutes that next time tried to fall asleep at least for hour or so.

To rise in the morning without problems not to be late in a garden, - too a task still that!

Again we invent: “Children, the one who will put on and will wash earlier you descend, please, in the car, open doors to air salon, and that such heat on the street. All right?“

Still - in ten minutes both will be and are dressed, and washed, and will even brush the hair well - such task cool - most to open the car, to whistle the alarm system, to sit driving five minutes!

With seniors is already simpler

They acquired long ago that it is necessary to come back not later 21 in the evening. 30, differently the whole week it is impossible to invite to the house of friends, and most it is already necessary to come back at two o`clock earlier. Going to a meeting to the friend, it is just categorically obligatory on a board at an entrance door to leave phone numbers of friends - girlfriends and approximately to mark territories “walks - meetings“.

Why 21. 30, but not 22. 00, for example? Yes because to bathe before going to bed the younger brother and the sister - duties of seniors. And nobody (even “ruthless“ mummy) will begin to control this business - children will go to bed with dirty heels. Duties were stipulated, the parties agreed - carry out, please. Mother has another matters which for her too nobody will make. (Heels I will wipe, of course, to the sleeping children that nobody noticed).


With seniors is more difficult

That is is slightly more expensive. Though … How to look at it.

- Little girls, are at you some desire, dream? - I ask the daughter and the niece, eighth-graders who are sticking out in the afternoon in “VKontakte“.

- Well … - razulybatsya, thinking out something such, both.

- Not, well not it global! - I manage to warn.

- Well, at cinema … - slightly fall apart.

- And is more serious?

- Mothers, well we would like in a good pizzeria. And so that to sit, not to hurry anywhere. Together. - The daughter pensively raises eyes to a ceiling.

Girls redid such work for which at me week would leave, at least!

Here so, step by step, where humour where cunning and where also other improvised imaginations - ideas, we conduct manual training qualitatively and with enthusiasm - any check from RONO would put “perfectly“!

And you do not share experience?