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How to avoid intestinal infections? Nine checked councils of

Summer, and especially such roast, as present, a traditional time of splash in number zheludochno - the intestinal diseases caused by invasion into an organism of various streptococci, stafilokokk, salmonellas and viruses. Spiteful microorganisms actively breed in the attracting reservoirs, on a surface of tasty fruit, in any foodstuff, and wait - will not wait for an occasion to attack the person. To be protected from an infection quite on forces to everyone, listen to simple councils .

Dirty, muddy water city small rivers and ponds, as well as any suspicious or not checked reservoirs - not the place for bathing . And violation of sanitary bans, if is known of them the bathing, other word, except as nonsense and to call difficult.

Getting out to picnic, many take with themselves a brazier. That meat for a shish kebab was kept waiting sufficiently, in usual conditions several hours are enough. But that then was not “excruciatingly painful“ and unpleasantly, in hot weather it is worth increasing time of pickling to days and even more. Having started preparation of the final product, you do not hurry, carefully fry thoroughly a shish kebab . It is better burned pieces of coal, than intestinal infection.

Swear at market dealers in vegetables and fruit for each peach, an apricot or a cluster of grapes. Do not buy green products with the slightest signs of decay and even “slightly trampled down“. You avoid the washed fruit and vegetables. The probability is high that water for pre-sale preparation is taken from an unchecked source. Be not enough the first early water-melons and melons. Wait until they captivate all city. At the same time also you will save.

From where vegetables “came“, always carefully wash fruit or berries to your table, them before the use or before a bookmark in the refrigerator. An obligatory closing stage of the washing process - rinsing in boiled water.

Ice cream - rescue from a heat, according to many. Only dense frozen ice cream can be safe. Do not buy the melted briquettes , as well as slightly trampled down, with signs of a repeated freezing.

do not eat and do not buy ready food on the street, in small outlets, booths, disorders and from casual sellers. Refuse street fast food - shawarmas, sushi, belyashes and pies, especially with meat or mushrooms.

Houses cook food on one reception and eat at once, “with a heat about a heat“. While the food cools down, in it reproduction of microbes is well under way. “Borsch from the refrigerator“ if remained, not just warm, and you boil repeatedly.

For drink use svezhekipyacheny water or water and drinks of factory packing. Before opening of a bottle do not forget it to wash up.

Establish at windows mosquito grids . Each fly - the vehicle for thousands of microorganisms.

If, despite precautions, was not lucky you , you do not hesitate with the request for medical care. Intestinal infections are shown suddenly. Among them is of symptoms - weakness, a headache, nausea and vomiting, belly-aches and diarrhea, a fever and the increased body temperature.

When to the doctor far, will be helped by prime pre-medical measures - washing of a stomach soda solution (2%) or potassium permanganate (0,1%), artificially caused vomiting (two fingers in a mouth), laxative or an enema, reception of absorbent carbon (to 10 tablets).

That did not occur of dehydration of an organism , after washing of a stomach and vomiting plentiful drink - the warm sweetened tea is required if is - solution of a regidron (a powder bag on water liter).

Be attentive and be not ill!