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What waits for us in the innovative future?

Over the last ten years human life changed to unrecognizability. And it - only the beginning, race of innovations in the environment of the leading world companies only begins. How the world and how all this will be reflected in simple people will change further?

Innovations which reach the ordinary person are nevertheless a weak echo of the most powerful innovative processes which rage on the planet. Discoveries occur every day, are constantly improved not only technologies, mechanisms, but also forms of organizational activity, methods of management of people, ways of the organization, development of business and many other things. Already now introduction of innovations - the major tool in competitive fight without which development of modern firm sometimes is impossible. Innovations which the ordinary consumer managed to feel on himself are generally connected with means of communication, the sphere of construction and repair, household appliances. Some of them lead to radical changes in this or that sphere of human life.

Not so long ago in business there was such concept as blasting innovations, or innovations - murderers - those with which arrival the whole industries and spheres of production die out. For example, such fate comprehended producers of audio - and videotapes with arrival of electronic media of information. The same happened also to typewriters after distribution of personal computers. Similar processes happen constantly.

For example, mass distribution of technology 4G can lead to the fact that ordinary modems, the Internet - the networks, phones supporting other standards of communication, and even habitual television will disappear. It will be possible to replace with one device phone, the computer and the TV, and it will be more convenient, more reliable and cheaper. But at the same time producers of the existing devices of communication and broadcasting will disappear. And it, is possible - a stop of plants and thousands of the unemployed.

That is why the useful invention not always is the benefit even if it is several times cheaper and much more convenient than the predecessor. Ruin of the companies and the whole branches leaves without work thousands of people, and budgets of the states - without stable tax payments. Therefore introduction of innovations often is artificially slowed down recently at the highest levels. Society simply is not ready to apprehend all consequences of innovative processes so far.

Innovations in the industry are capable to increase many times labor productivity and even to give the chance to refuse completely participation of the person in production. Full replacement of manual skills with mechanical - business of time. What will people be engaged in? Whether there will be simple working specialties? Yes, carpenters, mechanics, plumbers - all of them will be demanded for a long time. But as the new equipment will have the increasing service life, and materials will become almost eternal, and will need services of these experts less.

If human work is replaced by cars what it will be necessary to do to the person? All other, not subject to artificial intelligence - to create, create, operate. In new conditions of the greatest success the people able to be reconstructed quickly depending on a situation, possessing enterprise skills will try to obtain. Demand for creative and talented organizers and performers will increase.

Professional managers will be more and more necessary, in vanguard of the most demanded professions there will be scientists and programmers, and also professional teachers and psychologists, someone will need to learn and retrain people, to estimate their professional qualities, to advise concerning self-realization and creation of career and, eventually, to treat for stresses.

The education system will come that the level of the expert will be defined not by quantity of “crusts“, but psychological qualities, talents and abilities. Already now more and more employers understand that experience, the motivation and personal skills of employees are much more important, than certificates and diplomas. Therefore at employment the main attention will be paid to interview and psychological testing of candidates. And candidates will approach more responsibly education, putting obtaining skills, but not positive estimates on the first place as it is accepted now. The huge niche in an education system will be occupied by the Internet - distance learning becomes more and more popular.

The world web will become the strongest base for development and introduction of innovations. On the Internet it will be possible not only to be trained, but also to carry out any other communications - to buy goods, to order services, including state - to change the passport, to write down the child in kindergarten, to pay any bill and many other things. Such system will replace the most part of officials and will allow to forget forever about turns and small bureaucracy. Each person will have an electronic passport which will store all information on him. By means of it the person will be able to receive any state services. In turn, it will lead to strengthening of control which, perhaps, will become universal.

Besides science, production and business, the industry of art - cinema, music will prosper. Nothing will replace to the person of high feelings and natural emotions. Together with them sport, the sphere of health, beauty, tourism and rest will develop.

Now it is enough prerequisites for changes. World crisis aggravated a situation when of unclaimed and low-qualified personnel - is more than enough, and labor exchanges burst with visitors. At the same time qualified professionals, first of all, professional managers and competent highly specialized specialists - deficiency.

All - innovations - it is good or bad? On the one hand, they do unnecessary many types of human work, put the whole branches out of action, loosening the existing education system, change culture of society. With another - create more perfect technologies and release the most valuable resource - time, thereby helping to realize the creative potential and to become more independent to millions of people.