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How to pull out the person from sect?

Good afternoon, evening, well or that at you there now behind your window, dear readers. I will try to tell

In this article to you about those methods and ways with what it is possible to pull out the person (close to you) from under influence of “a group of persons of nonconventional psychological and philosophical orientation“ of :)

But for a start that then on the course of discussion of a question there were no incidents, I would like to clear concept of the word “sect“ and what it is eaten with.

According to the explanatory dictionary of Dahl: SECT. the fr. brotherhood which accepted the, separate doctrine about belief; consent, sense, split or heresy.

According to Ojegov: - SECT: a group of persons, become isolated in the small, narrow interests.

Proceeding from it it is possible to draw a conclusion that the sect can be called any philosophical or religious direction. Or even modeling avia circle. :)

However about circles I think it is not necessary to speak, there more and more or less clearly. The subject about religion and philosophy will be much more actual.

So, we will begin - page. As the first action I advise you it it is necessary to define for itself - and to you? Precisely?! Are sure?! And good intentions you know that?! Well you know time, are sure and you realize that you want to make and in that what it will have consequences - we will pass to a step to the second.

I recommend to determine by the second step a sect orientation. Yes, yes. Orientation, but not its geographical arrangement. :) The orientation can be or creative or destructive. In relation to people around and in relation to the adherents. How to make it? A good question, it is possible to defend the dissertation and likely not one even here. I will try in brief, so to speak.

First - dismiss stereotypes it seems: “Do not smoke, do not drink - means good and in general athletes“. “Founders“ understood this subject long ago and actively cover with it even the most destructive sects - “And we good, we do not drink and we do not smoke! And orgies, well so same it is normal, unless is not present?“ (c) :)

Secondly - the most certain way to define destructive sect through behavior of the follower is to talk to it about it and to observe behavior of other participants of sect. At talk “about in what they there are engaged“ at the follower eyes begin “to burn“. Almost like at madly in love at the sight of the beloved. He just cannot wait to convince you that this way only true and correct. And that their Guru (prior, mentor etc.) nearly “possessor of the world“.

And still destructive sects carry actively out recruitment, everywhere, where they can. And often it is even very aggressive, from the point of view of psychology and suggestions. It is the second distinctive sign “destructions “ - they always need “a fresh krovushka“. Creative sects do not build a cult of personality of the mentor and do not drag out to “happiness“ of everyone.

If you did not find in “patient“ above the listed signs - most likely anything awful there and is not present. And therefore I can advise you to glance once again in myself - can, you cannot just accept what the person chose the way and found for itself sense? However it only “the express - the test“ and it unambiguously has an error.

And now we will move further, to a step to the third it seems as.

Actually about a reality - than cling the person? As a rule, there are only several things which are not so difficult for listing. Attention to his person, the promise of the power, health, wealth, force, desire to be “not it as all“, the promise of rest and a pacification in soul, desire to be in group of supporters, secret.

And now consider - all this you can to it also to provide, so? Well, or almost everything. … And what that stirs? Here actually it is also necessary to begin with it. Only I want to warn - in one day you will make nothing. And in a month, most likely too. And nothing can in general you will be able to make if you begin to offer a forgery. To present something, you have to these possess something, so?

So, you have to at first at least a little bring closer yourself to that indicator to which to aspire our “patient“. Books clever to esteem, to understand itself at least a little. And then to treat, well that is to give. :) And with a forgery do not even climb - it will be worse unambiguously. Followers, as a rule, not only are raked over the coals, but also learn to see others forgeries what would mean from them not ubeg. :)

Well and the fourth. Purely practical advice, without philosophy, so to say. do not break

, draw gradually. Find something, not strongly other than of what “patient“ was fond. But nevertheless with a bias in the party necessary to you. And further - it is more.

To start “resuggestion“ go where better - nibud for few weeks together with “patient“. On other party of “rope“ most likely too not silly people and the main thing not to allow too strong pressure in the first days.

To psychologists of a message I do not advise - first the psychologist will help only if the person goes voluntarily that in our case is very improbable. And secondly - the effect will be temporary or it will not be at all, and the little man will become isolated also to you will cease to trust.

To any grandmas and shamans too. In most cases everything is based on psychology and suggestion. And if there, on the mystic and the power engineering specialist - the grandma expels you on which to her problems that? They still want to live.

Parents! The described method will hardly help you. Why? Because you should fall to the level of the children, to throw out your life experience on horse-radish and to open the reason new and excellent from settled to the points of view. What unfortunately is given to units.

If nothing helps - well options a heap here. Or you it is incorrect where that made, or there not all on psychology, or it is just destiny for the person and he is fated to pass through it. That`s the way it is.

And a little personal - I consider that at the moment the most dangerous of sects are Jehovah`s Witnesses. To pull out at them the person is ooh....

List of useful literature, i.e. that which really displaces mentality in the party at 90% which read.

Mirzakarim Norbekov. Read everything, there you will understand. V. Megre`s

of “Anastasius“. A strong book, be accurate.

Castaneda (I recommend just like that, for personal development.) Books at it heavy as medicine are no good. Osho`s

. On the fan.

Mad Frankie. Audio rollers, a poguglita - you will find.

Nick Perumov. Diamond sword, Wooden sword. Well and continuation, very long. You do not watch that the fantasy - well tightens and much morally - ethical problems considers.

There now it seems all in kratets - to ambulances also I hope fruitful meetings, friends!