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“Silent hunting“. What it is necessary to know about mushrooms?

of Fans of “silent hunting“ at the end of summer, September and October are always a lot of. Especially as russulas and champignons grow even in landings and parks. But also to the skilled mushroom picker before going to the wood, will not prevent to arm not only a knife and a bast basket. Well, on a path to refresh useful information in memory.

Mushrooms - only naturprodukt, capable to replace meat, fruit, oil and even drugs. Not for nothing fans of mushrooms have the good resilience of an organism. It is connected with the fact that the lecithin interfering adjournment of harmful cholesterol on walls of blood vessels and protecting from atherosclerosis is a part of tasty gifts of the wood. Besides, mushrooms - a source of cellulose and vitamins for fans of meat, and protein for vegetarians. They contain all necessary amino acids, and on protein are close to meat.

Besides, they contain many minerals - iron, potassium, phosphorus, iodine, zinc, manganese and copper. RR vitamin in them - almost like in yeast and a liver, and by amount of vitamin B they do not concede to grain products. - it is not less vitamin C (ascorbic acid) in cepes and chanterelles, than in a citrus.

However mushrooms - hardly digested product. Their protein belongs generally to almost insoluble substances as it is put into a chitinous cover - substance from which the nature creates armors of bugs and crayfish. Digestive juice cannot split it. Therefore before preparation mushrooms need to be cut and cooked small to softness - only this way they will better be acquired by an organism.

At problems with zheludochno - an intestinal path and kidneys, at allergic diseases mushrooms need be not to eaten, and to try. Even quite healthy people are not recommended to use more than 200 grams of fresh, 100 g of salty or 20 g of dried mushrooms of any kind. Consider: the plate of fried aspen mushrooms is equivalent to a piece of fat pork, and in 100 g of cepes of protein it is more, than in a piece of beef of the same weight.

Mushrooms - consumers, in them are not present a chlorophyll, they make nothing but only consume: as a sponge, intensively absorb in themselves toxins, alkaloids, compounds of heavy metals. And therefore fans of “silent hunting“ should not neglect safety rules which will be annually published by physicians.

It is possible to be protected from poisoning if not to gather doubtful mushrooms. Let`s tell, unknown versions with a cylindrical leg, with a thickening in a root, the “tuber“ surrounded with a cover. As poisonous gifts of the wood quite often mask under lamellar, it is better not to take them at all, as well as any other mushrooms growing near thoroughfares, on waste grounds near the industrial enterprises, on the place which were and the operating dumps, in dangerous radiation and chemical zones. Also old and mouldy mushrooms are potentially dangerous. It is better to store forest “production“ in a basket or a container where enough air gets.

Concerning cookery: in this case for mushrooms there are separate cautions. Any mushrooms, experts claim, it is necessary to subject to culinary processing right after collected. If not to make it, in them poison will concentrate. First of all, once again it is necessary to touch forest trophies. To throw out everything that raises the slightest doubts (even false chanterelle, false champignon, a false honey agaric about which people know from books can get to a basket of the skilled mushroom picker, but another matter - to distinguish the enemy in practice). The lower part of a leg with the earth is cut off. Remove a slippery film from hats of slippery jacks, aspen mushrooms, birch mushrooms. It is impossible to taste the raw raw materials. At first mushrooms should be boiled vdvukh waters in the enameled ware. Broth is poured out, and mushrooms then fry, cook, extinguish.

Incorrectly processed gifts of the wood are hazardous to health too. Let`s tell, the honey agarics preserved with violations of technology can become the botulism reason. You should not rely on national methods of determination of toxicity also (the bulb turned blue or the silver spoon placed in a pan with mushrooms darkened) - they are doubtful. To use the prepared dish only in day of preparation.

On toxin of a pale toadstool and still there is no antidote. It is destroyed by neither high temperature, nor what other type of processing. Moreover and the first serious symptoms are shown only in two days. In ninety five cases physicians do not manage to save from hundred fans of forest delicacies which tried this mushroom.

Also the one who tried so-called conditionally edible fungi - with caustic juice inside can be hospitalized. Before salting, they at first surely are killed or boiled. So do that food was not bitter of - for the juice in fruits similar to milk. It contains the substances irritating a mucous membrane of a stomach. Usually so prepare milk mushrooms.

At poisoning with mushrooms the liver, kidneys, an epithelium, intestines, TsNS are surprised. The first symptoms of poisoning can appear both in 30 minutes, and for 2 - 3 days, depending on what mushrooms were used by the person. Therefore often injured also do not suspect that mushrooms became the reason of trouble. However, it is possible to get poisoned even with edible fungi on which can settle disputes of fatally poisonous mushroom - a pale toadstool which are carried in a radius of several meters.

The first manifestations - belly-ache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, excessive perspiration, lowering of arterial pressure. Chances of life depend on the speed of providing the professional help! In case of the first symptoms of poisoning it is necessary to wash out immediately a stomach - to drink a lot of water, it is better with absorbent carbon. If there is no diarrhea, accept a depletive. Make an enema. And the most important - as fast as possible to bring the victim in a medical institution .

Especially to the mushroom food is contraindicated to children : it is easy to replace nutrients which contain in forest gifts, and here a chitinous cover is not able to digest a children`s organism. And one more caution : the shot glass “under mushrooms“ does not protect from toxins. Let`s tell, bruise and a greenfinch predetermine a serious poisoning in combination with alcohol. It dissolves mushroom poison which without influence of hot drink probably and would not do much harm.

Well and if you not the fan of silent hunting or at you on it simply are not present time, mushrooms can be bought. In supermarkets always is what to choose: dried, frozen or marinated - different types. It is better to avoid spontaneous dealers. Fresh champignons and oyster mushrooms from which it is possible to cook any foods are considered as the safest.

It is necessary only to wish successful “silent hunting“ and a good feast without unpleasant consequences!