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How to prepare a workplace for the school student?

August, September and October - time of active preparation for transition of the former kindergartners to the status of pupils of elementary schools. This time when parents prepare a workplace for the school student in house conditions. Right now you can think over everything to trifles and make necessary decisions.

For the pupil it is necessary to approach the organization of a workplace with all gravity. It has to be the most comfortable, well lit, multipurpose (both for creativity, and for performance of lessons), convenient in the most literal sense of this word. That books did not pour on the head from above, there was enough light and it was not necessary to bend close to a notebook that legs of the child felt a support, but did not dangle in air that for each subject there was the place - carefully picked up tables and chairs are necessary.

With what we will begin? If your kid did not grow to adult tables 760 mm high and standard chairs 450 mm high yet, there can be problems with sliding and, as a result, problems with a bearing will appear. Furniture firms offer tables with regulation of height both school desks, and chairs. You can also choose “static“ fonts, but with a condition of observance of the following rules:

1. Height of two main objects making working space is regulated on growth of the pupil.

No./Growth of the pupil/Height of a table/Height of a chair:

1. To 130 cm - 520 mm - 300 mm.

2. From 130 to 145 cm - 580 mm - 340 mm.

3. From 145 to 165 cm - 640 mm - 480 mm.

4. From 160 to 175 cm - 700 mm - 420 mm.

5. Over 175 cm - 760 mm - 460 mm.

2. a table Cover not less than 600ơ600 mm as even at such sizes during performance of lessons, it will be necessary to look for the place for books, pencils and handles, notebooks and an album.

3. Boxes in curbstones, for storage of a stationery of the pupil should not be deep. Otherwise in search of any trifles it is necessary to shake out box contents.

It is necessary to resolve an issue with the personal computer: to get it now or later? If later, then it is possible to transform a desk. Buy the keyboard shelf and the cart under the system unit (it is mobile and takes not enough place under a table). If you have a personal computer for the child and you do not wish that he distracted from performance of lessons, then the new working zone is necessary.

If your pupil already grew up and you look for replacement of a desk to arrange and the computer, in this case will serve as suitable option table model with a cover the sizes of 1200ơ700 mm, with an easy superstructure (from couple of open shelves) and a case of office option. In a case from below to the level of a table drawers, and from above the regiments opened or closed are placed.

Light settles down at the left (or on the right if the kid the lefthander). The working space of the pupil has to be well lit. It is necessary to get a desk lamp or a sconce as an autonomous light source.

And the last: the color scale of working space has to be pleasant for the child. It can be one-color or two-color option, a harmonious combination of two chipboards colors (MDF or a tree) or the chipboards different colors and an edge of PVC. If you want to support color scale of the furniture which is already present at the room, add several bright elements of a decor, pleasant color and contents.

Main thing, convenience and functionality. Behind a desktop the pupil spends from 20 to 30% of time for fixing of school material and performance of homeworks. Getting new pieces of furniture, it is desirable to seat in shop at the table of the kid precisely to make sure of correctness of the choice. In the same place track opening of all boxes and doors of a desk that they did not touch the child sitting at it. Check whether future pupil reaches shelves and boxes.

Following these recommendations, you will be able correctly to equip a workplace of the pupil.