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Holidays with benefit or how to bypass the economical husband? Whether

New year it, on February 23, wedding day or its birthday, not important.

Conversation neither on holidays and even nor about preparation for a holiday of souvenirs or pastries which can bring you benefit, no! Here it is told about small cunning to which it is necessary to resort only in exceptional cases. Cases of “hyper profitability“ of your second half, with reprehensible views of this half not only of small purchases, but also of the most necessary for you.

Of course not cheerfully is to those who are forced to save, but it is even worse than subjects who saves on the trifles, being spent for other trifles. For example: your spouse is spent for the trifles (the machine, the laptop, fishing tackles, the fowling piece, marching ammunition, the rubber boat etc.) at the same time with reproach looks at your expenses. Not absolutely perhaps and your trifles, but acquired by you. These are washing, cleaners for the house. These are the objects creating a cosiness: curtains, plaids, carpets, flowers, vases, wine glasses. These are trifles for you: cosmetics, perfumery, clothes elements. And there is a lot more - many trifles which need to be got.

All right still would be silent, so is not present, also reproaches. With similar injustice it is difficult to be measured. Therefore not to go on long silent strike, or on the contrary offensive sword-plays with the husband, we try to explain everything in the beginning. We apply the following expressions: “It was necessary for the house“, “It for comfort“, “Without it would become useless that …“, “Well, and it is expensive to you. Near you I have to be beautiful!“ did not help

. It is not necessary to mourn, similar in the world happens continually. It is necessary to fight, we will call in groups of assistants in fight against avarice holidays. Holidays can help you to bypass the economical husband.

1. Thanks to gifts. Cunning the first, you give to the husband gifts, use of which without you is impossible. For example: set of pillows, bed set, plaid, double warm blanket, set of towels, radio, TV, computer, home theater. The list can be continued indefinitely. The main thing to acquire the principle and to use it. Cunning the second: if in your house any trifle from - for lack of the tool is not made, it is possible to present this tool. Here only his delight can be less desirable: itself is guilty.

2. Due to laying and preparation of a table. Long ago it is known that expenditure for holidays are far higher than daily expenses. If the festive budget in your hands, and you so want to change something in a ware set, I think it the most suitable reason for updating. And here we lay a holiday table new ware if it turns out on a new cloth, and it is absolutely good if it is possible to buy “silver on good“, that is table sets.

3. One more reliable assistant in small cunnings - a surprise! If you davny - dreamed to visit long ago where - nibud (solve, where) and you have an opportunity, present to “half“ the permit for two. To it surprise, to you pleasure.

Working by these rules, every holiday to you will be on a holiday! all expenditure are caused by accurate need, all purchases by guarantors of peace and harmony in a family. And let his dreams are executed together with yours!