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What women differ in from... us? A look of the man

Since men went down from trees and learned to use as “powerful“ argument in dispute with relatives a cudgel, they managed to reach much.

Uniting communities, tribes, and then and the people, men created huge empires and the states. The discoveries made by a strong half of mankind to unrecognizability changed modern life. Going to travel and conquering all new and new lands, men managed to expand ideas of the world to borders of the whole planet.

But on it aspirations of men did not end. Oceanologists investigated the deepest ocean hollows, astronauts overcame a planet attraction, archeologists glanced in the remote past, and historians restored events “the left days long ago“. And once, having looked round around, the person decided that he will be enough him. Also became it is proud to call himself by homo sapiens, i.e. homo sapiens.

But having called itself “reasonable“ and even having managed to believe in it, the man somewhere at heart began to doubt and whether this is true, still there is a riddle which cannot be solved in any way. And a name of this riddle - the woman.

That man`s logic which moves progress and of which we so are proud is helpless as soon as we try to deal with its help in the woman and to understand it. And moreover common sense become our weak and weak spot in relationship with a fine half. Probably, women will be able to call also at least one more “Achilles` heel“ of men, but... it is already other subject.

Nevertheless, despite all complexity of “women`s issue“, men managed to achieve some success. But process of knowledge of women was very difficult, it is known that not only men badly understand women, but also women often do not understand themselves.

We will begin with the fact that women always estimate merits and demerits of men more objectively, than women. Perfectly the statement of one judge of women who noticed that to each other the man is the main reason of dislike of women explains such predvzyatoyeotnosheniye. It is possible not to agree with “the contention reason“, but the fact that one girlfriend will never advise another that dress which very much would suit it, visually confirms such opinion.

When the speech comes about the relation to shortcomings of each other, the man and the woman behave absolutely differently. In all that concerns female weaknesses, some condescension and humour is peculiar to men. And here a fine half is inclined not only to judge men, but also to condemn with all severity. And it is clear, the woman is given the right to choose, and she needs extremely ability to estimate future applicant “on a hand and heart“.

Useful will be to mention also rancor. Men usually all forgive and forget. And women opposite - forgive, but never forget how someone unflatteringly spoke in their address. Therefore male “care“ in judgments of women becomes quite explainable.

It is no secret that appearance has paramount value for women. And as the reason for that serve men who as if highly appreciated personal qualities of women, at first pay attention to female beauty. Though ideas of men of ideal appearance of the woman can cardinally differ, all of us follow the unspoken rule “the healthy woman-the beautiful woman“. But when the choice is made by the woman, the criterion of “external appeal“ does not play for it such role any more. To understand as far as appearance of the man for it “is minor“, it is enough to remember the well-known fairy tale “Beauty and Monster“, and also to remember several bright examples from life of relatives, friends or acquaintances.

Why so left? Everything is rather simple. The woman is, first of all, mother, and the man - the getter. Therefore men also like beautiful women, their beauty means (though we and not always think of it) health of future children. And women like men who are capable both to protect a family and to provide it to all necessary. Thus, it turns out that beauty of the man serves for women only as pleasant addition to above to the listed qualities.

Tendency of men to stay in two extreme states, namely physical activity and full passivity is perfectly known to all women. And considering that women give preference to more equal and constant loadings, similar “behavior“ of men often meets misunderstanding from the weaker sex. But before to judge us, let`s glance in history.

Throughout the millennia of the man waged hunting and wars, and women were “keepers of the center“ and did all household chores. So from century to century our own rhythms of life were developed and there were our preferences to any occupations. Therefore men choose the professions connected with risk, unpredictability, spirit of rivalry and fight (t. e deprived of monotony). By modern researches it is even proved that men have a congenital requirement to bang, beat, hammer, shoot, that is to use “explosive“ energy. And women, possessing patience and assiduity, are capable to perform delicate and monotonous work with the set action program (i.e. rather predictable).

There is an assumption that the modern language is thought up by men. Possibly it and so, but in perfection women seized the speech just. But the communication urged to pull together people for some reason became nearly main “stumbling block“ in relationship of a strong and weak half of mankind.

If to look at this problem from the point of view of science, then she will explain all our “misunderstanding“ with distinction in functioning of a brain. It is certain that during communication at men only the small area of one of brain hemispheres is involved. While at women more extensive sites, and at the same time both hemispheres get at once into “gear“. Use of all brain gives to women huge advantage in communication with men, but at the same time brings confusion in “female minds“ when it is required to distinguish the right side from left. Therefore about a half of women are not capable to tell instantly what hand the left, and what right. So if the woman shows turn not in that party, it does not speak about her absent-mindedness at all. But we will return to our language.

For women process of communication, and is important for men - concrete result. If the man thinks silently, then the woman prefers to reflect aloud. Men like to speak about the progress, women more - about the failures. Even it is enough these several examples to understand why the average need of the woman makes 6000-8000 words a day, and men are limited to 2000-4000 words. Yes, women “are talkative“, but only if to look from the point of view of men.

And in end it would be desirable to mention “man`s“ and “female“ friendship. It is considered that only the man`s friendship happens real. As for women, the friendship between them seldom happens strong and durable. The same can be told also about so-called “friendship“ of the man and woman who exists only in words. In such relations the man is considered by the woman at best as “spare“ option.

The reasons of a similar state of affairs a set, it and mistrust of women to each other, and their continuous rivalry for attention, and their natural aspiration to be “only“. But the main reason of “indifference“ of women to friendship was noticed by La Rochefoucauld: “Women because are so indifferent to friendship that it seems to them fresh in comparison with love“.

Well, difficultly in it not to agree with it...