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Feat of “the real woman“. What is it?

As you think about whom it is sung in the song: “Our service both is dangerous, and is difficult, and at first sight as though it is not visible“?

No, not only about militia. It also about us, dear women. Yes, quite so, I will also try to explain why.

How often you heard or said that women very much suffer from misunderstanding? I think, often. And as far as these complaints are justified? Do we have the right to make a claim to men that they supposedly such - rastaky, do not appreciate us, do not understand, well etc., in the same mode?

There is a wish to talk about what should do or be not to done to receive the worthy attitude towards itself.

We often excessively feel sorry for ourselves though this emotion does not do life of more joyful. All of us wait and even we demand from men - offer us care, understand us! But how to understand? What it in general means? And what ourselves do that they understood us? I will not be surprised if it turns out that only big eyes.

I paraphrase the known truth: “Be real, and to you will stretch“. Whether presents we? Here honestly we admit to ourselves whether we can call ourselves the real women, worthy respect, a worship, love and other enthusiastic compliments? And for a start we will specify who such “real woman“ and for what merits it is possible to call her so.

Glossy magazines often throw the phrase “women are not born, become women“. Slightly - I about to will agree. In my opinion, women all is are born, and here become the presents. Not all. This feat is heavy, and not to each female shoulders within its powers.

It would seem - what simpler? Live, dress up, turn the heads to men. We supposedly for this purpose were also born. Whether in it meaning of life of the woman? For someone - only in it …

A someone will tell that a feat of the real woman - to give birth to the child. I will object. To give rise not to a feat, a feat - to bring up from it the person. It is often possible to see that children for parents - a hindrance. They are shpynyat, isolated at the TV, just do not want to potter with them. To feel the child, to descend on his level, to become for a while an engine or chanterelle is the whole feat! It is difficult, uninteresting and banal once. As there is not enough place to this feat in life of the modern working mummies!

The woman - the head, the leading expert, the prominent scientist - here he, a feat of the real woman, will tell others. And I will object again. Whether not the bigger feat to be a housewife? When neither laurels, nor recognition of the public. Same means to remain for the rest of life with stove “eternal flame“ which, probably, seems to some almost infernal flame! Here the woman will not make a meteoric career (though some and cutlets manage to improve indefinitely!) but it will warm all the family at this fire. And whether so career when so warmly near the most favourite is important?

Happens that the woman has no family. And whom then to heat if there is nobody nearby? On this case I will give saying of the famous philosopher Ivan Ilyin. He wrote that one of natural entities of the woman is an essence of a flower. And if it is not realized, then the woman will never be able to be completely a woman as it was conceived by God. It is easy to understand essence of a flower, having looked at it. It blossoms and smells sweet, without demanding anything in exchange. The flower cannot in a different way. His life is a gift by another. Gift of beauty, aroma, harmony. And it is not important, look at it at present or it grows in the desert.

It seems to me, our female feat in helping itself to make out those hidden meanings which were enclosed in us by God, and to realize them. To increase talents, to learn to endow, love, to blossom virtues and to smell sweet as harmony. Already all conscious life - it is self-sacrificing, without feeling sorry for itself favourite.

Let our small not all will notice feats from the first and from the second look. The day filled with commonplaces can seem to someone boring. But give with honor to bear the service, recovering any, smallest and boring business by spirit of love!

We are able to do it! And then we will become those real women, and around us everything will be rather good.