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Rest in Russian. And it as?

Fall, fall - a time of weddings. But now the summer, means a time of holidays. Where to go, where to move when from options the brain melts, and from understanding of real opportunities it becomes a little sad?

But all - summer it is also not necessary to long at all. So, the action plan is as follows: money will be found, the figure will grow thin, fellow travelers will be and here it is long-awaited: “Mo - about - re, mo - about - re - the world bottomless! Foamy rustle …“ well and so on. Are forgotten office and girlfriends, problems and unresolved most important tasks, rest began! And it is necessary to carry out it so that was not excruciatingly painful. And in every sense.

But what is rest, you ask? Lying on the beach, alcohol waves from which not all come up or night clubs with a “lethal“ zvuko-and a son of lumiere? After such rest half a year more it will be necessary to have a rest, and maybe seriously to be treated. Because, on the sun foolishly you will burn, in the bar you will put a liver, and after a night disco circles under eyes are provided. And there are still fans of absolutely free rest. These from the resort at once to the interesting doctor on reception.

Oh, well forgive, of course, not all such, of course, it is possible and to have a rest culturally. Here, only on supervision, something not really at our people culturally turns out. Oh, this mysterious Russian soul! Always it lacks something, love, vodka.

I am not a skeptic and not the pessimist, but here tell that here a lie?! What, you never burned on the sun? Well, we will exclude diseases, we will believe in high morals and morality (though in vain) vacationers. But concerning a liver the question remains open - you when last time checked it?! That the same. And nobody therefore can give a guarantee that it at you in a full order.

Give, give, press on all pedals, press through carriage regiments, grind off wheels on suitcases, you huddle in euro - numbers or hovels on all Black Sea and to other coasts. Shake up a coastal strip in dregs, jump in waves. So their darling! We still will look at it who whom will cover! Only take care, do not burn, well and there that everything was good generally.

Good rest.

Ask what it so pressanut - that?! And, do not get into the head. Just I this year will have no holiday. I envy you, happy vacationers …