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Different types - Massage of all Body

Massage therapy includes manipulations of soft tissues of body with pressure, tension, the movement or vibration. In addition to various parts of a body, massage of a body can be executed by means of mechanical means, oils and lotions. It is one of the oldest and elementary forms of maintenance of good health. There are more than 80 different types of massage. Here we will consider some of the most widespread types of massage of a body.

The Swedish massage

Is the most widespread type of massage in the United States. It is known as Swedish or just massage of a body. Massage therapists use long smooth blows, mixings, and roundabouts, influencing blankets of muscles. The Swedish massage can be very gentle and having a rest. If you never did massage of a body, then it is better to begin acquaintance to types of massage with Swedish.

Aromamassazh by

of Aromamassazh it is conducted by means of essential oils. Fragrant vegetable oils, and any kind of essential oil, have different effect on an organism. For example, oil of rosemary clears and makes active, oils of a camomile, a lavender, a rose and a geranium are considered weakening, neroliyevy and ilang - ilang oils ennoble. Essential oils are inhaled, it is absorbed through our time on skin, having positive effect on the arterial pressure, memory, breath, digestion and a stress. On this prime cause, Massage of the Body with use of aromatic oils can be unusually useful to treatment of emotional problems the connected with stressful situations

Massage by hot stones

during massage of a body hot stones, warmed-up smooth stones of basalt are placed on certain points on a body, including on a back, palms or between fingers. The massage therapist can put pressure upon stones also. The purpose of massage consists in warming and by that to weaken muscular tension, and also for blood circulation improvement. The easy but effective type of massage especially is suitable for the people suffering from muscular tension.

Massage of Deep

Fabrics Apparently from the name, this method is used for simplification of chronic intensity on all body. He uses long blows, but unites them with deep pressure fingers on area which have tension. This method works with muscles, sinews, and fastion. It is applied to all body and concrete area of a body.

Ayurvedic massage

Ayurvedic massage is ideal pain medicine. Massage therapy works as the real panacea in case of arthritis, rheumatism, a neurasthenia, the high or lowered pressure, an inflammation of a sciatic nerve, paralysis, poliomyelitis and sleeplessness. At all these diseases, treating, also orders certain drugs, changes of daily habits, physical exercises, etc.

The facial massage of the Wrinkle is pointed that you have to do a facial massage. The facial massage renews a condition of your skin. It allows to lift temperature of your skin, thereby improving blood circulation. The facial massage softens and calms intensity which are present at facial muscles.