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... Yes, why you, women, are necessary?

“Yes why you are necessary?! Only you fray nerves. Here, now to coffee to myself I will make, I will sit in silence, then the neighbor will come, we will communicate. And with you it unless is possible?“

Having heard such rebuff from the acquaintance whom, by the way, very much I respect, I from shock could not even take offense. The thought struck me with tragedy in the most depth.

And responsible here absolutely even not the man who told these words, and all system of modern life in which they were born. Not yesterday and not a week ago he came to such conclusion. Not incidentally and not dependently he lives one and wants to see nobody nearby.

Yes, it is possible to write off it and for the internal drama in the last relations, and on feature of character, and on many other circumstances. But why it seems to me that here you will not manage any good reason why in words of one person to me the motto of the main most of modern men and women seems almost already too?

And with some chill you admit to yourself inside - many so really think. And if someone as an exception, it is ready for creation of a family, as they say, on all canons, waits for it great difficulties.

What happened to us, people - the person?! Why we do not want to be near someone? Why we are afraid to work, forming a family? Only it is not necessary about a difficult economic situation again. Just ridiculously! Enter during week-end the market - it poor people with the last pennies at exchangers stand in queues! So the complaint to crisis will not give a ride. In brains and souls already crisis. Were lived. In a pursuit of a jackpot we will forget the main instinct soon - “propagate and breed!“.

People, we went absolutely crazy?! Let`s look around. Why we earn this money if we have nobody to spend them? Why we make to ourselves “friend“ / “girlfriend“ if we run from him / her in the morning, having satisfied the physiological requirements? Really we do not feel that it does not help?! Really we do not feel that it absolutely not that it is necessary?!

And our souls cry with loneliness. Yes, they are covered by already impenetrable armor of life experience, but in depth are all the same very unfortunate because that is not present a number of the most important - that, sung by all, “soulmate“.

It is not necessary to reproach me with excessive romanticism. Need of the man and woman to be together is not romanticism. This natural state of the person. Yes, from any rule there are exceptions. It is better for someone to be to one. But this exception. And I speak about most of ordinary people.

“Yes I do not want in marriage, socks to it to wash, serve. Let around me run, and I will not be». “Yes well it, marriage. Then “blessed“ the brain will gnaw. Let fools marry!“ I think, much had to hear similar phrases. Sadly. Sadly and terribly.

One wise person told: “The only real luxury is a luxury of human communication“. And communication of the man and woman is a treasure which if found, should be protected especially. And we even do not try to look for it.

I did not begin to argue with the acquaintance. We talked on different subjects, then said goodbye. It seems, all as usual. Only this evening I long could not fall asleep, all thought and why we are necessary? And whether are necessary? We to them, and they to us. Did not think up anything.

But at heart there was a confidence - are necessary. Everything is conceived so in this world.