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What do we know about cockroaches? About magic structure of

“The love will pass. Will deceive passion.

But is deprived of deception

Magic structure of a cockroach.

Oh, the cockroach spread wide legs, which six! They tell

about something, they by air write with a scribble,

of their outline are full of value secret...

Yes, in a cockroach something is, When it moves

a pad and a short mustache kolysht“.

(N. Oleynikov)

is difficult to Struggle with a cockroach because of his remarkable survivability, unpretentiousness and fertility. In spite of the fact that the female is impregnated only once, for the short life she is capable to lay eggs several times and to bring 200-400 successors into world. The female drags eggs on a belly in a special packing - hypostasis. The become empty broken-off hypostases mean that they were already left by forty white larvae - tarakashka. Gradually they will grow up and after a series of molts will darken.

The diet of cockroaches is extremely various: they eat paper, glue from book covers, soap, ink and water color paints, shoe cream and leather footwear, flowers and corpses of other insects (including the died fellows) - generally, all but glass, a stone and metal. Some impudent fellows are capable even to chew skin epidermis from a face of the sleeping people. But it already in case of extreme hunger strike. And in general they, of course, will prefer to soap white loaf and beer which the cockroach loves especially. And if there is no food at all, the cockroach is capable to live without it about 40 days. Lack of water therefore, struggling with cockroaches it is important not to leave open garbage cans is more hard transferred and to dry wipe ware and a sink.

A joke in a subject: One man on excite with

complains to another:

- Pancake, at my place cockroaches divorced - got!!! All food was spoiled, are not allowed to sleep! And the most important - are poisoned with nothing!!!

- And you tell several times before going to bed: “There is nothing to guzzle!!!“. the Man and made

. Wakes up at night, looks - several thousands of cockroaches at a bed stand, and main speaks: - Hear

, the owner, we to you to devour brought...
Daylight these insects carry out

usually in shelters and cracks. Active life begins at night, and on the apartment rustling of cockroach legs is carried. For orientation in the dark cockroaches use not only sensitive long moustaches, but also extensive system of invisible, but odorous paths which mark the pheromones. Quite resistant and them just like that water you will not wash away these highways. Therefore - that cockroaches in case of alarm always know the “plan of evacuation“.

If you quite often see moustached residents in the afternoon, means them divorced already too much. To crush a cockroach too it is difficult - he is very bright runner. So, the Prussian bolts with a speed of 1 km/h. And his Colombian relative runs four times quicker. By the way, the Colombian cockroach also the largest among cockroaches - its length nearly 10 cm, width - 4,5 cm

Useful will be to mention also a saravaksky cockroach from the island of Kalimantan which larvae prefer to escape from danger, diving on a reservoir bottom. And the nature protected a cockroach of Prosoplecta semperi even better, having made it externally almost indistinguishable from an inedible ladybug.

Quickness of cockroaches found display and in folklore. Let`s remember a proverb “The lie on cockroach legs goes“, that is, is carried quickly and in all directions. And in a slang also such interesting verbs how “to tarakanit“ and “ottarakanit“, belonging to the sphere of occupations by sex - probably, very fast and vigorous sex met.

It is no wonder that sprint talents of cockroaches found the application in such entertainment as cockroach races. Speak, this sport was thought up by the seamen missing during long swimmings. In Russia cockroach races gained huge popularity in the Moscow taverns of the 19th century. In runnings the large black cockroaches tinted by yellow paint for a bigger visibility participated in the basic. Passions around races stormed not less, than on a hippodrome. Told that one merchant managed to lose all the butcher shops on the cockroach totalizator. In M. Bulgakov`s play “Run“ constantly mentioned cockroach races became allegorical display of destiny of the running-away Russian white emigration.

M. Bulgakov “Run“:

“HLUDOV.... And I comfortably went. It was hammered into a compartment corner, neither I offend nobody, nor me nobody. Generally, twilight, your excellency, as in kitchen.

COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF. I you do not understand what you tell?

of HLUDOV. Yes in the childhood it was, in kitchen of times entered twilight - cockroaches on a plate. I lit a match, chirk, and they also ran. A match take and go out. I hear, they pads - Schur - Schur, messes - messes. And we have a haze and rustling too. I look and think: where run? As cockroaches, in a bucket. From a kitchen table - boom!.“

the Following reason for which it is difficult to exterminate cockroaches is their resistance to poisons. Population of men with a big mustache is capable to develop immunity to a new poison for some six generations, and generations at them are replaced quickly enough. In powerlessness to bring cockroaches even the terrible Pentagon admitted. And even if in this Pentagon the atomic bomb, cockroaches will blow up and it will be endured. Among animals they are one of the most resistant to a high dose of radiation.

The only trouble-free anti-cockroach means - a frost. These natives from the South already at 15 degrees Celsius cease to breed and freeze. I remember when I was still small, my family successfully got rid of Prussians this ancient way - opened in the winter in the house all window leaves and moved to couple of days to the aunt. In Dahl`s dictionary similar procedure of a vymorazhivaniye had even the name - “to tarakannichat“. But it is good to tarakannichat in the private house, in high-rise buildings it is impossible. Therefore it is necessary to apply any poisons and pencils, and it is even better - to cause sandezinfektor. It is desirable to purge together with neighbors in the house as cockroaches are quite famous deserters.

Jokes in a subject:

1) “- I do not know what to do. Cockroaches tortured. Everywhere hang around - there is no rest.

- And you buy a piece of chalk for cockroaches.

- And what, helps?

- Of course. You see - sit in a corner, draw...“

2) “Called the man a sanepidemstantion supposedly come, I have cockroaches, and that I learned that they infectious and infections extend everyones. Well, arrived, sprinkled a little, left. Next day again there calls and complains, type why cockroaches still run. And to it in reply, good-natured so: “Yes do not worry you, they are any more infectious!“

But that jokes, and here to you truth. While one people do not know how to get rid of cockroaches, others them... get. Not Prussians, of course, and exotic Madagascar cockroaches - thick, beautiful and extremely clean. They live long (till 2-3 years), propagate poorly (15-20 larvae for life) and extremely favorable microclimate - 25 degrees Celsius is necessary for them for reproduction. Therefore invasion of Madagascar cockroaches hardly threatens our apartments...

On it we will leave cockroaches natural and we will pass to cockroaches literary.