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Rent of housing: what the lodger needs to know to avoid the conflicts with the owner?

to Rent apartment presently - business simple. But not the fact that after the conclusion of the lease you with the owner of the apartment will have good relations. How to make so that to minimize the conflicts? What it is necessary to know about concrete types of lessors?

Lonely homebodies

It is no secret that lonely elderly people - the most active and numerous category of lessors. Since the time of Dostoyevsky. You remember the unfortunate old woman - the moneylender? However, one the need, and others - fear of loneliness forces to lease housing. But, despite different motives, makes related both those, and others, first of all, inability to reconcile to the fact that in their apartment there live foreign people. Not for nothing realtors and psychologists unanimously recognize this type of owners the most problem.

Psychologists are sure that not everyone can lease the housing the stranger. Especially it concerns pensioners who consider the house as part of. For them to let to manage other people very difficult there. Therefore those who agrees to lodge at elderly owners, most likely, should forget about the principle: “Feel at home“.


Agreeing to cohabitation, also do not expect to be to this “monastery“ with the charter. Most likely, when settling you are waited by detailed instructing regarding what is possible and what is impossible. Better, of course, at once to enshrine all these provisions in the contract further to avoid disputable situations. Who knows, and the boots suddenly placed by “freestyle“ in a hall or filled not on the fan - Shuya a bed will become the reason of early cancellation of the contract subsequently? For you - the trifle, and for the elderly owner, can be - the disorder indicator!

Also for preservation of good-neighbourhood should reconcile to a compulsory daily routine at a discount on age at once. As a rule, elderly people early go to bed and also get up early - it is necessary to correct several the biorhythms, or to learn to be meek and mild. That nobody disturbed anybody, perhaps, it will be necessary to define hours of use of public places: a bathroom and kitchen, or perhaps even to revise the menu. Not the fact that your gastronomic addictions will coincide with master`s. And suddenly your lessor has a rare allergy to a smell of the cooking asparagus?

the Separate subject - an order in the house. Most often elderly homebodies are fixated on purity so be ready to cleaning according to the first requirement. Happens, such owners expect sometimes to ask residents to help in life to buy, for example, bread or milk, to come into a drugstore, and at times and just to talk to them. The main thing that it did not turn into obligatory ritual over time.

Another matter if you do not live together with the elderly owner, and just you rent at it the apartment. Here and with a daily routine it is simpler, and with guests. Though you should not forget about neighbors, quite often willingly the suspicious residents agreeing “to keep watch“. Therefore be always ready to unplanned visits, perhaps, even in your absence. Be not surprised and do not become angry if, having returned from work once, you will find sitting on a bed an ancient teddy bear whom you, having hardly driven, hid for a sideboard. The grandmother so got used, she wants to remind you that she is a hostess here! However, in order to avoid similar surprises nevertheless it is better to discuss a question of unintentional visits in advance.

Pluses: rather low cost of rent, readiness of lessors for the help with economy to write off these or those payments.

Minuses: constant control, feeling of not houses, senile whims, not always clear to younger generation.

the Owner in a skirt

One more type of the lessor with whims - the imperious lady of average years who is not spoiled by intelligence and good manners. The relations with lodgers for such woman - an opportunity to show the power. You can discuss hundred times with it the size of a payment for accommodation, and it will take and will raise to you it all of a sudden, having referred, for example, to capital repairs in the house. It is not pleasant - move down! From it do not wait for other answer. Want to refer to the contract, to you right there will point to the section “Special Conditions“ where, of course, nothing concrete is registered. So why to capital repairs not to fall under this definition?

Very often imperious lessee leases the multiroom apartment to several residents at once, in fact, turning it into a communal flat. The main thing for it - at all not purity of the house and chaste behavior of lodgers, but stable profit. Therefore on a visit such lady, as a rule, comes only once in a month, for money, but during similar visits very clearly lets know who in the house the owner. By the way, can blame on badly cleaned plate or dampness in a bathroom, but besides threatening with “penalties“.

Unlike the pensioners who are in panic afraid of impregnations of alien things in the homeliness, this serious madam, on the contrary, prefers to lease the “naked“ apartment. Calculation is simple: improvement fruits can use then and most. The Internet is necessary? You see off. Only cables, chur, at eviction to me! Does not arrange an old toilet bowl? Please, change! But then it will remain here forever. Wall-paper is old? Well, I do not object … to


Realtors advise to hold with such owners an ear on the alert - carefully to state all special conditions and financial questions in the contract. Not to agree to the informal transaction at all - will be more expensive to itself. In a case if all of you - decided to do without the help of agency, never give in on the provocations connected with unplanned increase in a rent. As a rule, people of a similar warehouse are sure that, without wishing to be on street, residents will go to any conditions if only did not wave with it the handle. But you remember: in a skirt it is very even not favorable to your owner to lose you as a stable source of the income (you never know what is the time will leave on searches of new lodgers?) so in you she is interested at all not less, than you in her. However, with it it is better to settle all conflicts on the housing soil quietly, without abuse and swing of the rights.

Pluses: an opportunity to save money due to economy of personal space.

Minuses: constant risk of unplanned increase of a payment for rent.


the “Gold“ offspring

Happen difficult types and among young people. For example, the sonny of rich parents who received the apartment as a gift. Mother with the father can not know that their “gold“ offspring does not live in native walls long ago, preferring to kantovatsya on acquaintances, and to lease the apartment “for personal needs“. It is dangerous to contact such lessor: at any moment of it can expel from the next hospitable house that he will not fail to make immediately and with the residents.

the Ideal owner - what it?


according to psychologists, ideal owners it is possible to consider spouses of a full family of average years. They will not be frightened by presence of children or periodic parties, they are often loyal also to features of a way of life of the resident. The main condition for them - a regular rent and an order.

And here the ideal lodger for each lessor the. So, “lonely homebodies“ of okhotny will lease housing to lonely lodgers of middle age without small children, or a childless married couple, will get on with quiet lonely students. In “risk group“ for them - young couples, especially, if those do not consist in the registered marriage, foreigners.

And here “the owner in a skirt“ suits practically all categories of lodgers, from lonely students to large families, the main condition - a timely and full rent. Young lessors more likely will prefer residents, relatives on age, the lonely owner - the lodger of the floor.