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Personal and others` secrets … Whether it is worth sharing them?

of People are born with mission to learn the world surrounding it. Missions exactly as much, how many people on Earth. The information world turned life into a peculiar exchange between people. As an exchange knowledge, abilities, money, material and non-material values can be exposed. The need for such information and power exchange tests each of us, and curiosity - nearly main line of our character.

All of us make mistakes and we study as them. Then often it is necessary to regret the words, but to regret seldom that kept silent. As Richelieu, “told ability to hide - science of kings“.

Most of people are violent in the thoughts. Open to be not so bad if still at the same time and not to be afraid to be sincere in relation to others. However it is necessary to remember that it is not obligatory to tell everything and about all at all. It is others private life, and on it there are no rights of the general property. Society in general takes a jaundiced view to excessively open people, they are not always understood.

Telling, the talker, thinks that all very much trust him, attaches great value to foreign opinion. While attentively listen to it, he feels feeling of own importance. Foreign secret presented it the power by means of which it, though it is temporary, becomes object of general adoration. It is necessary to pay a high price for such compensation, there is a guarantee to lose trust once of friends and colleagues. Still it is possible to earn the status of “baby`s dummy“ and “gossip“. And will torment then a remorse, and the illness of “publicity“ will pass into chronic.

It is better not to wait when life blisters a tongue“ or “will chop off“ it, and people around will help with it. It is much simpler to watch himself. To learn not to distribute foreign secrets it is possible.

If “ability to keep the mouth shut“ not about you, is better to refuse to listen to the interlocutor who wants to present you with the most intimate. Let it will also strongly surprise him, but the respect for honesty is guaranteed to you.

The desire “to blab out“ arises suddenly, but sometimes there is enough pause in several seconds to resist such temptation.

If the person shared with you, so he trusts you. Revealing its secret, it is enough to present that he stands behind your back.

There is one more way of “silence“ - to get the diary and to write down there all the and others secrets. The feeling that you were uttered, quite will suit you, but nobody will convict you of excessive garrulity. The main thing that these “collected works“ did not fall into hands of strangers.

And if desire to share all - above your human forces, then it is possible to tell about the or foreign secrets to the “neutral“ person, communication of object of retelling with whom is excluded and to which you trust a little more, than to.

Well, you told about foreign secret what`s next? it is not obligatory to admit it At all to the one whom you “betrayed“, at least, until he does not learn about it. And here if learns, it is worth admitting and to surely ask forgiveness. It is very possible that you will be forgiven. And here will trust less.