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How to get to fall in love the girl? Whether

Exist love at first sight?

Probably, nobody will argue what the love exists in principle, truly?

Imagine such situation: you meet on the street (or where - or still) the girl who very much is pleasant to you (and whom never before saw - because this condition for love at first sight). Think whether you will be able to eat with it from one plate, to brush teeth one brush?.

Listen as she talks. Sometimes the disappointment comes right after banal welcome communication with the person.

Do not confuse to a sexual inclination. We consider fine feeling - Love, feeling, but not physiological process. Before falling in love, it is necessary to feel at least affection, to begin to miss it, when there is no nearby, to understand and feel it. When there are less quarrels and half-words... When you begin to plan the joint future... Here then it will be possible to tell that, it is possible (!!) whether the love came …

Can plan something if you see it for the first time?

Follows from the aforesaid that the love comes over time. We love generally for merits and demerits, and not just for appearance. At first sight it is impossible to define anything. At first sight only the physical inclination can develop that often confuse to love. It is possible to call it “strongly it was pleasant“, and it is possible to fall in love, having only recognized the person, his character, habits, feelings … When all problems in common are solved … When nothing in each other irritates though at the first, pritirochny stage of development of the relations it is quite possible.

Most likely, those who claim that they fell in love with each other at first sight, mean positive turn of events in their relations at once after the first meeting (the first look at each other) and the first appointment when they were pleasant each other, felt a mutual inclination, love, and then already and Lyubov. But all events, notice, develop in logical sequence!

Having understood the process of emergence of the relations between two people, it is possible to coordinate the actions concerning the passion which was pleasant to you, but …

the condition Is - it is necessary that she agreed to go with you for appointment, well, or on a party of friends, call it as you want, the main thing - that with you. Why this condition is necessary? Yes because you can be simply unpleasant to the person, and communication is not obligatory concerning appearance, and, let us assume, after first yours with it. At the beginning of article we spoke about it, remember?

We will not allow a situation when you initially are not pleasant to it. So, she agreed … What now? Let`s take everything under the control. It is necessary to cause elementary sympathy (it is promoted by goodwill, a little flirtation, the corresponding appearance), interest (joint hobbies, lifestyle, some other your personal features).

That the person “fixed in memory“ the new acquaintance and agreed to the second appointment, it is necessary to force to think of you, it is desirable constantly. How it is possible to make it?

The first - to manage to make unforgettable impression at the first meeting - appointment.

Second - leaving, to leave the business card (be prepared in advance), on which at it to write, for example, “with hope for a meeting“ and to bend the left top corner - it means that you left a card personally.

If the girl is the rule of vizitochny etiquette knows, she will mark out in you the businessman, but it is the best of all to work to explain this gesture most, otherwise your manipulations will look ridiculously. For example: “You know for what I bent left upper edge of the business card? That you knew that I always think of you, heart will not deceive, and it is at the left and from above. Call!“ Well, somehow so. Everyone can think up the legend about it.

Naturally, take also its phone number because the man has to make the first call. But to make an appointment in the first day after the first appointment, we will call it quite so, is not necessary. Call in the evening and tell that the owner of the business card which had to remind it of your existence calls, and take an interest whether it executed (card) the mission.

After that make an appointment next day when the girl feels already more surely and adequately later a party, yesterday`s with you (you never know as you celebrated the first meeting!) . Besides it will have time to think over you the whole night … Thus, or she will precisely come to a meeting with you (that is felt already some inclination), or will call back and will refuse under the pretext of employment in a garden or on the house. In the second case you will warn yourself against undesirable disappointment at a meeting. You will just tell: “Well, you have my number. You will be free - call. I believe that my card still will remind you of me …“

you met for the second time?! Super! Try that the impression of this evening was stronger, than from the first. Something extraordinary that she saw in you even more courageous, confident, stylish, interesting and contrast person is necessary. Of course, it is possible to lead the girl in cafe and on a disco, but it is banal and is too predictable. You have to leave about yourself deeper impression.

Not all will be able to dare to jump with a parachute or to climb down a mountain on mountain skiing in view of the fact that at all not all are rather wealthy and love an extreme. But such types of leisure as departure on the nature (take away it at the end of the earth, having thrown off legs, look together down, at a decline), in the museum or an aquapark, cafe - ice cream are always actual for the person living in any city with any prosperity and temperament.

Nobody drove it in library yet? Under a pretext to take the book in a foreign language. You will look cleverer. You descend on a skating rink, drive on horses, on children`s machines, play billiards or bowling. It is possible to walk and to other city - too gives strong effect. But, probably, many will agree, as a dinner by candlelight, and the puskaniye of soap bubbles on the rooftop will look quite originally. Only in advance it is necessary to prepare a requisite (on what to sit, etc.) .

Anyway the romantic atmosphere has to be top-level because the second impression should not be weaker than the first, otherwise the girl can be disappointed.

Everything passed perfectly?! Well. Next day - wait for a call, try not to call (the night before specify whether she will be able to call you tomorrow, she when she wakes up that you could consult about her health and mood).

Constantly to call most it is very unhealthy your relations. Calls there has to be an identical quantity: both from you, and from it. The made appointment - are about one and a half times more, than calls from you. Then it is possible to state safely: your relations develop. Do not abuse the gifts especially expensive. Razbalovav now, you risk to spoil the relations in the future.

And still there is an opinion that during active development of the relations it is possible to try to provoke to say the girl in any context the phrase “I love you“. As a result of repeated repetition she will subconsciously decide that she really loves you.

Let your mutual attachment will develop into the real feeling - in Lyubov! Successful to you relations!