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“Geographical“ salads tried? Asia

Having made very short digression according to recipes of the salads having the European geographical tags in the name, we will pass to analogs in Asian cuisine. The reader counting on the exhaustive review, perhaps will be disappointed as it is about the collection selection besides constructed taking into account that components of dishes, exotic for us, did not prevent to test them in practice, i.e. those recipes what include similar exotic, are not considered here. So, salads …


At first on a quarter of hour we will wet in warm water raisin which then we will wash out in cold and we will dry. Let`s weld friable rice with a curry teaspoon. It it will be required a half-glass, it is twice more water. Small secret: to obtain a guarantee that rice will not stick together it is necessary to add a little vegetable oil to the added some salt water.

In an oven we will bake sweet pepper (2 red and 2 yellow) and, having cleared of a thin skin and seeds, we will cut with straws. Let`s small chop 6 - 8 small heads of marinated onions and 4 - 5 marinated cucumbers. Having mixed all products, we will add to them 3 tablespoons of pine nuts, we will pepper, we will salt and we will fill with two tablespoons of vegetable oil. Uzbekiston

Three bulbs we cut

half rings and slightly we fry together with two largely shabby carrots. While they are cooled, we rub on a large grater one green radish, we pepper, we salt, we connect to a zazharka, we dress with mayonnaise. To what it is simple, isn`t that so?


Green radish (2 pieces) let`s chop thin straws and we will put to extinguish in vegetable oil. We will spread onions (400 g) on half rings and too we will extinguish. We will chop mutton bars and we will fry, without being fond of receiving strongly a crisp. And it - almost everything. Having mixed products, we salt, we pepper, we dress with mayonnaise (250 g). Tajik

we Slice

200 g of a fresh white cabbage, we pound with salt, we wring out. We chop with straws 2 paprikas and we send to cabbage. We cut sheet salad, fennel, parsley, a sorrel (ten branches). We rub on a large grater carrots (2 pieces) . We mix, we salt and we fill in with cream (half-glass) which if necessary can be replaced with sour cream.


For salad will be required to weld half a kilo of mutton, 150 g of potatoes (in a uniform), 100 g of carrots. Having cleaned potatoes, we cut the called ingredients cubes, as well as cucumbers with tomatoes (on 120 g). We cut with half rings a bulb and we connect all products. We salt, we pepper and we spread in a salad bowl. For gas station it is necessary katyk, he and at us can be met in shops now. We decorate a ready dish with circles of egg and greens.


we Will boil fillet of three squids (it quickly, from 2 to 4 minutes in the boiling water, the main thing that there were no skins) and we will leave to cool down directly in broth. Meanwhile we will chop 300 g of a Chinese cabbage, we will cut with thin bars of 150 - 200 of sheep cheese (or suluguni) and 200 g of ham. We chop the cooled-down seafood with straws and we connect to other products. Mayonnaise (3 tablespoons) or olive oil (3 tablespoons) suit for gas station.


At first we will boil without salt 200 g of fillet of beef and (but separately) - 1 carrots, and then we will cut with cubes and it is combinable. There we will add several lettuce leaves torn by hands and also 120 g of marinated honey agarics (small - entirely, large - having divided into parts), the 200th marinated siliculose haricot cut on short columns.

For gas station we mix 50 g of mayonnaise and cream, we add several drops of the Tabasco sauce, slightly - slightly the Balsamico sauce and slightly to a vzbivayemet mix two forks. The orange chopped on cubes is added to the filled salad before giving and again we mix. Japanese

Pieces of tinned pineapples we connect

to not largely cut three tomatoes, semi-segments of two oranges peeled of seeds, we mix and we put in the refrigerator for half an hour. At will it is possible to put the crushed ginger. Before giving it is spread the prepared mix on lettuce leaves and we water with mix from 2 - 3 tablespoons of cream with 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, an incomplete teaspoon of sugar and salt - to taste.


Is boiled by

and we cool 100 g of rice. We slice 200 g of sheet salad and as much sweet siliculose pepper, we add to rice. Having mixed, we fill with the sauce consisting of 50 g of olive oil, 1 h a spoon of vinegar, and black ground pepper and salt - to taste. On classics of the recipe, salad has to be sharp, i.e. it is necessary not to feel sorry for some pepper.


is boiled by

couple of chicken breasts So far, we prepare marinade which consists of mix 3 - 4 tablespoons of soy sauce, 3 h spoons of sesame oil, juice of 1 lime. We cut ready meat on pieces of the average size. We relieve segments of the peeled grapefruit of films and we cut on pieces approximately of such size as chicken. One pepper of Chile is crushed, we connect to chicken breasts and grapefruit, we mix and we water with marinade. We give on lettuce leaves.

Bon appetit!

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