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Who such Wife of the day off?

- And whether you know, Mischa why to me - the man is fifty years old - so fine are?

- Well, not differently as in a lottery you won couple of millions dollars! - I assumed.

- did not guess! Dig more deeply!

- Ten million euros? - I strengthen tension.

- Reject mercantile reasons!

Turned out that to Semyon (this his real name) is cool breathed by in this world because “not every day on it the woman breathes“. It his words: “not every day the woman breathes“. I took an interest in what ocean it found the woman what breathes every other day? Then right there emphasized that it is very favorable to have such spouse because she speaks much less. Pronouncing speeches requires continuous breath. Semyon noted that he in my conclusions “sense not densely“, and explained that when he emphasized that on it the woman “infrequently breathes“, meant the following: the coming woman on Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

That is, much know that it “the Sunday father“. This is the man who visits the child only for the weekend. I used to know one“ the chetvergovy father“ - to this to daddy was permitted to see the son on Thursdays. In a case with Semyon we have honor to observe “the wife of the day off“ . Let`s name her Elena. Nine years Semyon and Elena existed in the following mode: meetings, spiritual communication, leisure, sex, washing of socks, ice champagne with seasoning (it is not about worn socks in sparkling drink, and about pineapple pieces in champagne) - all this found room in three days of week from seven. Friday, Saturday, Sunday. So, Elena comes to Semyon on Friday evening after he comes back from work. How there are marked three days at “the wife on Friday, Saturday, Sunday“?


In the last working day of week Elena comes to Semyon and makes a tasty dinner. On a table the neck of a light wine looks in a ceiling. The candle spark waves in the twilight. In kitchen delightful aroma of the meat baked in a grill soars. Elena will stroke the man on hair. Yes, today, on Friday, Semyon will have a romantic dinner, sex and pure sheets. The similar deal is pleasant to it.


in the Morning Semyon and Elena will wake up already on crumpled sheets. Saturday - day of the cultural program. Leisure! Will be here and visits of theater, visit of the museum, a new exhibition or an opening day is possible. The program is so cultural that everything is possible. Up to joint visit of the Bolshoi Theatre or the tearful opera at Operetta theater. On Saturday Semyon and Elena literally choke with culture, walk to a deep decline. On Saturday Elena botches a dinner already quickly. Some purchased pelmeshka from salatika from plastic containers. Weakened from culture, “the husband and the wife for three days“ will fail in a bed. Further either sluggish sex, or amicable snore, or at first one, then another follows. More often, however, amicable snore. It`s all right! Semyon is more or less happy.


Week shot back. There was the last boss - Sunday. The bed linen in Semyon`s apartment is already not simply crumpled, and is dirty. The mountain of dirty ware was gathered. Sunday - day of cleaning in Semyon`s family (if so it is possible to call this union). The coming Sunday wife Elena begins to scrub the dwelling of the man. From last days off at it habitually in a tank for linen the heap of the socks smelling obviously not of petals of roses accumulated. In the same place undershirts with fat traces, wrinkled trousers and so forth. The man - that functions within a week!

Elena suits big postirushka of clothes of Semyon this day. Plus cleaning of the room. Family nest, to put it mildly. By the evening the apartment shines, the linen smells of frosty freshness and hangs on a balcony. Dries. Elena is not necessary to Semyon any more. Bothered. He nearly violently expels the woman in the evening and punishes her, shaking a forefinger:

- your time - Friday, Saturday, Sunday! That I before these days did not see you!

Elena leaves. Semyon is happy. It will come next Friday. And again for three days.

And whether Elena was happy with the situation of things? On the one hand, of course, is not present. She reproached Semyon more than once that it is necessary to him only “socks to wash also for carnal joys“. The woman more than once “took occasion by the forelock“ (not Semyon) and demanded: “Why we will not get married and we will not begin to live in common?!“.

Here it is necessary to bring a certain explanation: the matter is that till these nine years of communication in “Sunday wife“ style, Semyon and Elena lived SEVEN years in official marriage. And not for three days a week, and all seven! As you can see, nevertheless magic this number - 7. And seven years of full marriage later Semyon expelled Elena with a parting word, or rather with very and “eloquent“ explanation of change in its attitude towards the woman: “Bothered!“. “Bothered“ - it is printing option. Semyon used approximately the same word on length. And it came to an end on on “la“ too, but here I will not begin to bring him. Strong mot! People use it when someone, say, within twelve hours in a row drills concrete walls in the apartment above.

Here so: seven years of love and joint life, and, as a wreath, the word on “la“ more than anything. I repeat, la - la - la - la - la is not about a song “!“. Speaking more simply, Elena sent, that`s all “la - la - la“. Expelled. Struck off the list as speak.

After “deletion“ Semyon and Elena left, but in two years, it seems, happened. Little by little, and again began to live together, only in the “Sunday wife“ mode. Semyon liked such system of the relations. Vykhodit, as Elena, despite external discontent, also found their exotic union for themselves accepted.

Subsequently when Semyon finally expels her, Elena will accuse the man that she spent for him all youth, and he was a bastard. Bearing a rank of the turncoat it is high and with it is proud of the raised head, Semyon liked to use to say to it:

- You know, Lenka why to us so with you well together? Yes because I - full of g …, and you too - full of g …. And shit to shit, as we know, sticks.

As we see on the example of Semyon and Elena, the family on the basis of “the Sunday wife“ is quite viable on terms and even brings big satisfaction to both parties. Official marriages now seldom stick to more than a year. In some regions the number of stains aspires to 100% from got married. And here - seven years of a full family, plus NINE years in “Sunday wife“ style. However, the question of quality of the similar union remains open.