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Fishing on a dinosaur? In Venezuela! Generally I fishing do not love

. Why? Because I love hunting.

The camera with the photo of some monster almost incidentally got into my hands - on fish everything is similar. Payara (payara, English) she is a fish - the vampire. She is a devourer of piranhas and similar. She is an age-mate of dinosaurs. It is trusted in it easily, but. To verify this statement, alas, there is nobody.

The world record in catching of a payara makes a little less than 18 kilograms. More precisely, it is 39 pounds. At such small fish the head 61 - go the human size, and forward teeth 12 centimeters long. All world records on catching of a payara are established on the river Paragua in Venezuela, on Uraym`s falls. This is the devil knows where. And I know now where it.

On Uraym we appeared on January 3 new year. On assurances of local natives the leg of the Russian person to us did not go there. However, pemona - local Indians - live, as well as all Indians only in the afternoon. Yesterday for them is not present, and they do not think of the future. It is full, drunk, not one - means day took place. However, about Indians below.

Motor rally of Puerto La Cruz - Ciudad Bolivar - Las Paraguas acquaints with the great Venezuelan savanna and casts thoughts of eternal. If to travel around Venezuela, then it is necessary to stock up with patience. It is necessary to go long. This time on the ground - approximately as from Moscow to St. Petersburg. And when the road, having rested against the bright half-civilized settlement everything is comes to an end, the river begins.

We get into the 12th meter boat which is done two months by skilled and semi-civilized Indians ekuano of a tree trunk laurel. It accomodates five white, the captain Martinez, to Chick - a horror story, two barrels of gasoline, kayt - beg with our belongings, heels of plastic bottles with water for a cooler and a lot of provisions. We should stay 3 days in the jungle. And to go to legendary Urayma a floor - day.

The boat sails away, 40 - the kilowadded Yamaha lets out a blue cloudlet of a smoke, the first splashes fly in the boat, intesivny allocation of an andrenalin begins. What - such GPS within 6 hours allows Martinez to create continuous slalom between “teeth of a dragon“ and shallows, to make dashing take-off on rifts and at the same time never to strike the boat - all this for me and will remain secret.

Travel on the river takes place in some surrealistic scenery. Around us that steep coast about ten meters high, during a dry season water level in the river falls on 7 - 10 meters. That islands with the turtles or birds waiting careless small fishes who are heated on them. The river is narrowed to 300 meters, runs up on tens of rivulets and the canal with uncountable islands. The cross-current abates, begins to growl between the become bare rifts. We slowly get on the river uphill, and the separate trees standing on coast in the eyes add in growth and thickness, do not become height about a high-rise building yet.

During travel we will rise from 150 meters from sea level to 800, and the hills surrounding us will get outlines tepuyev, gloomy flat mountains of “Land of the Lost“ for which Venezuela is well-known. By the way, the well-known Angel Falls, honor with height in kilometer “here absolutely nearby“, only in one hundred kilometers of the jungle from us. For the last 2,5 billion years in vicinities changed little, and therefore opening of the first bottle of rum precedes a decline.

Soon after that we arrive to a kompament. It becomes clear that we will live rather on the street, but under a roof from a palm leaf. Let`s sleep in hammocks. We are fatly rubbed off - ohm, we light antimosquito cords of an internatsionalnonezamenimy brand, we are wrapped in grids. We clap rum, we have a snack who on a tuna who we by condensed milk and stretch in hammocks. The last that I think that the wild beasts in bark will run up from our healthy choral snore. Oh, as if not to frighten small fishes. Curtain.

Charging, breakfast, start. The boat sails from the coast, 20 - centimetric wobblers of bright coloring are dumped on both parties of the boat. We wait. It is seemingly simple to catch a payara. You will pit meters of the 70th scaffold, and the boat slowly creeps among whirlpools near thresholds. Fishermen scratch languages. Only mentioned those who with us are not present - silk... No - it is rather a shot. And the coil begins to be unwound with a mad speed.

Skilled claim that four of five payar break. We cannot agree with them. The secret of success is in that it is at once strong to pull a rod, and it is better if it to make twice. Then the hook - a troynichok can hook on a monster for language, gills or to stick into a body of the underwater monster. Jaws of a payara are so strong that it has easily a bite hook steel, and blyosn - wobblers until the end of day of fishing do not live the majority.

However, joyful cries of the debutant - first time lucky - accompany slow pulling up of a payara to the boat. All events remind ocean fishing on a tuna. And the first trophy pleases with the sizes: to “five“ there are not enough symbolical 100 grams. Pull out a payara together, one for a fishing-rod, and the second - the courageous guy Martinez, natural two hands for a tail. The caught beast finally tries to grasp somebody the 5 - centimetric teeth, does not go to a knockout yet. The toad begins to smother the author. But it smothers him not for long because soon the three-kilogram “whitebait“ who caused discussion apropos - so we release, or we will gobble up - too it appears in the boat. The series of failures and failures finish morning session.

The owner of this unusual attraction, sir Vladimir, devoted to fishing in Venezuela more than 14 years of the life. Therefore his master - the class as well as good luck of the third tourist during evening departure bring catch weight to the level of two poods in a day. Well, hunger does not threaten either travelers, or the Indian tribe today, and therefore after cheerful photo and video session there comes Romantic evening under a pipe of peace.

How it is correct to pull out a payara? Long. Having fastened the big fish on a hook, it should be kept in constant suspense. The ton of weight of the boat will make the put and izmuchat the queen Paraguy. However, that still will fight. Will jump out, will come under the boat, can set a spinner in reefs and tear off a scaffold. Only in about 5 minutes it is necessary to begin to be shaken forward - back, slowly taking up a scaffold. At the same time it is important not to overdo and not to relax. Session of the second day does the account udach two-digit, increasing losses of organizers in the broken hooks and prokusanny gluttonous ugly creatures wobblers. The number of the photo and video record grows, and the voice vanishes.

By the way if fishing bothers, then it is possible to get on the mountain, to examine work of the illegal gold mine, to teach Indians of life or to learn from them to night fishing by means of a machete. The only thing that does not want to be done at all is to bathe. There is no wish to write in water even more, but it is already a story about another.

How much is fishing on a payara? A little in comparison with a bucket of an andrenalin and photos of your catch is insignificant. Because your grandsons will show them to the brides with the words “the cool guy was my grandfather“. And three - four days of time which you will spend for fishing will be full of thrills with which the Venezuelan pampas is very rich.

I recommend to all. Dissatisfied will not be.