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How to improve planning of finance to a family? As promised

, today we will talk about the list of desires.

Why I suddenly lifted this subject?

From letters which I receive on the mail I understood that at most of people planning of the family budget looks as follows.

On a family council the sheet of paper or the computer program undertakes. There columns of the income of a family (a salary, profit on deposits, rent) and its expenses are introduced (obligatory payments and optional). Then the family tries to remember what such important they wanted to buy in new month. Whether forgot about any payments, or contributions. Here, as they say, planning of the family budget comes to an end. The remained money is saved in a financial safety cushion of a family or invested. If there is no money left - revises the budget.

Such approach is in principle correct. But sometimes there are some nuances

When we with the wife a year and a half made the family budget back, there were situations when we forgot to plan purchase necessary to us. For example, we broke a toaster. We use it seldom. Sometimes we play about the crackling toasts from coffee for breakfast. As a result, when we will remember this toaster, all money is already planned.

Was necessary either to revise the budget, or to stamp in bank behind money. (We postpone whether you know, on unplanned expenses.) Then the withdrawn money had to be returned. (And that so all finance can be profukat!) All this crush is very inconvenient.

And somehow we spontaneously (though I do not apply for authorship of this method) guessed to make the list of desires.

All essence consists in the following. Every time as you will notice that something needs to be bought or repaired, write down it on a sheet of paper or in the vordovsky file on the computer. Let this list of desires be at you on a foreground.

For example, in the house the weak / bad / old dishwasher. Also it is necessary to buy new. It concerns also small expenses, like the same set of handles, A4 paper for the printer, the new good razor. If for purchase of the necessary thing of money is not enough at present, postpone them. Save up - buy.

Try to write down everything that you need actually to buy in this list.

Thanks to this big list of purchases, you will be able to spend more effectively the money too and to make thought more over family budget!