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Akhtung, akhtung, Putin of

Nesterov, Chkalov, Kozhedub, Pokryshkin, Putin - grows in the sky the list rossiysko - the Soviet experts. Heroic fire extinguishing on Bie - 200th ours the prime minister - the minister was added to Nesterov`s loop and Chkalov`s flight on the island Udd. 80 tons of water, released it on the burning Ryazan earth, were he is grateful are met by fellow countrymen of Sergey Yesenin who wrote providchesk hundred years ago:

“Evening smoked, the cat on a bar dozes,

Someone prayed: “ My God to Isusa “.

Now the truth a smoke costs both in the morning and in the afternoon and in the evening, rural cats ran up who where, and the Ryazan inhabitants need to pray and hope still only for the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the water flowing from heaven from Putin.

“Abysses terrestrial and heavenly yawned“ and two ignitions were extinguished.

Now, in principle, after Putin in the sky also other officials have to stretch. And each of them according to the table of ranks is obliged to irrigate the burning earth in the portion of water. Someone can dump 50 tons, someone 10, and someone who more small, to let out a small stream, having extinguished at the same time well very small ignition.

Such here Putin falcons.

- Only having sent officials to heaven, we can extinguish the burning country, - here what message was sent all of us by the prime minister - the minister. And it was misunderstood. Like, flies without the rights, did not graduate from flight school. Nonsense. Those who studied at FSB school can steer any vehicle from a camel to the spaceship. Same our homebrew Dzheymsa Bonda.

With the license for management of everything that is in borders of the Russian Federation.

Public relations - managers from the Kremlin are sure: to lift a rating, it is necessary to lower water. And the more waters it will be lowered on the Russian burned-down land, the population will have more trust and the more cheerful it called in October electorate will go to elections.

Therefore the prime minister - the minister on Bie weeds - 200 it is quite acquitted from all points of view. Still any country in the world did not see the national leader watering it from above. And as now residents of Ryazan can be proud and show off before residents of Nizhny Novgorod and submuscovites. Those are extinguished by ordinary, ordinary firefighters and volunteers. Usual ordinary shovels and about such - that mother.

I they will extinguish Russia sooner or later and we, maybe, when fire goes out, again will see how

“Blaze dawns, fogs,

Over a carved window a curtain crimson are smoked.

Webs from a gold poveta curl.

Somewhere a mouse is scraped in the shut cage...

At a forest glade - in svyasla of a shock of bread,

Ate as if spear, rested against the sky.

Zakadili a smoke under grove dew. .

In heart rest silence and relics“.