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“77 - politeness code“. Whether so it?

Came time to speak about politeness on roads. If not to think of it now, then in a couple of years we will begin to shoot each other on the street.

Traffic jams, bad roads, inexperienced drivers - all this forces us to be nervous driving. We are ready to signal everyone and everything, to swear and swing hands. Let`s try to live in a different way.

I go driving much and often I see accidents in the city. The majority of them occurs because someone did not want to pass someone. Someone forgot to include the index of turn at maneuver. Who just dreamed “to slip“, but did not slip. How many such silly accidents you saw? Hundreds? And such accidents could be less. Here St. Petersburg in this sense it is valid “the cultural capital“. We should go everything there on training.

Pass the girl on the small machine with a terrible yellow small square on glass. She will smile to you, and the stopper will become not such awful. Pass the car from the minor road and you will see how she will blink to you “emergency signal“. Pleasantly? Undoubtedly. All of us with you know about it, but constantly we forget in vanity.

You will block departure from the yard, do not pass the pedestrian, you will clamp the car on the parking - and receive the whole bucket of a negative in the address. Unpleasantly. Of course, unpleasantly. And if you thought of others, they would be grateful to you. A head nod from the pedestrian, a wave of a hand of the driver - a trifle, and it is pleasant.

Try to spend “day of the polite driver“ for yourself, and you are surprised how everything will change around. It appears, many around too are able to be polite. Much more people will smile to you this day. Can even seem to you that drivers today some others, kind and grateful.

Let`s try to be kinder to each other. Let`s try to use a sound signal only for prevention of road accident. Let`s pass each other in a stopper. Give in this stopper convulsively we will not climb from a row in a row - all ranks drive at identical speed! Let`s not adjust the driver with a yellow small square on glass - it only began the way on the road and what example is set to it by you - “skilled drivers“? Let`s respect school vehicles which died out on the traffic light. From what you will begin to signal behind the pupil will not go quicker, and there is a chance, as will not go absolutely, having had a stress when training. Or you also try to obtain it? Let`s pass pedestrians on transitions, there can be your wife with the child or your elderly mother or the grandmother.

Read once again traffic regulations and try to follow them. Remember other participants of traffic - turn on “blinker“ at evolution. You will be surely passed, and you should not cut someone. Look in a rear-view mirror, and suddenly there someone already overtakes you. Remember that the vehicle is less, the more it will suffer at road accident. You do not press the jeeps motorcyclists, pedestrians and a minicar. It is impolite and speaks only about your education, but not about your “coolness“. Hammer, pass Matiz!

All of us want to reach to the house live, but what each of us made to make our roads safer? Whether we are ready to become polite? There is a wish to believe that are ready. It is necessary just to think of it and to try to change a situation around itself.

Saw a banner in Moscow “77 - a politeness code“? To me it was ridiculous when I saw it. To us so far before still very much - it is very far. And in our forces to change all this. Let`s try?

I wish you good luck in a way and polite and accurate drivers around! Equal to you it is expensive!