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Summertime. Whether the Ukrainian lullaby in the international hit could change?

the Nice ear are always snatched out from surrounding noise by something special, necessary. The clear head can apprehend it, and courageous talent - to generalize heard, to change creatively, is frequent to unrecognizability. It concerns all spheres including music, of course.

One of versions of the birth of the well-known song the is as follows: composer heard it in New - York in tour execution of the Ukrainian Chorus. Certainly, it could go to this concert - his parents once emigrated from the Russian Empire. And more than perhaps that given rise 75 years ago the well-known song intonatsionno goes back to what George Gershwin heard at that concert.

But it is not direct loan and the more so not plagiarism and not the quote, and creative reconsideration. More often it is called - to write under impression or to like spirit. (In comments it is possible to listen to both the Ukrainian lullaby, and a world hit Summertime).

George Gershwin

George Gershwin (or Yankel Gershovits on the birth) was born

in Brooklyn, quarter New - York on September 26, 1898. The bright, tremendous talent of the boy absorbed everything that was born a sound stream by environment. Those melodies which are widely known around the world, born under the influence of various genres of an Afro music now.

The family was musical though one of four children - George became the professional - the musician only. However, his sister perfectly sang, but subsequently became the famous artist, and also Leopold Godovsky`s wife - younger (1900 - 1983), the son of the famous conductor and the pianist Leopold Godovsky and the inventor of the color photo (Leopold Godovsky - younger and Leopold Mannes invented a way of color reproduction “A kodak - chrome“). It is possible to tell about Godovsky` family long, we will return to George Gershwin.

Songs were born by itself, the success waited also for the first Broadway musicals of Gershwin. Instant recognition is gained also by one of the most known works of the composer - “The rhapsody in blue tones“ (or the Rhapsody in the Blues, Rhapsody style in blues tones, the English option - Rhapsody in Blue). It was the first and most successful test on creation of the style combining classical music and the jazz. The rhapsody was included into gold fund of pianists long ago, played everywhere and is a masterpiece of world classics.

Having felt need to get more systematic music education, Gershwin goes to Paris. One more entertaining fact: he wanted to be trained at well-known the French teacher Nadia Bulanzhe who learned the whole brilliant group of the European musicians. Nadia was, by the way, half the Russian - her mother was called Raisa Myshetskaya, it is from St. Petersburg - the singer and the Russian princess. But Nadia of Bulanzhe wisely considered that such jazz talent it is impossible to torment with severe test of classical music education. The same was solved also by Maurice Ravel whom Gershwin addressed for lessons. But from Paris D. Gershwin brings the symphonic composition “The American in Paris“ which also gained instant recognition, and later became a basis for the Oscar-winning movie of the same name.

In 1935 there is one more well-known work of the composer - the opera “Porgi and Bess“ which is considered as the most important American opera.

of “Porgi and Bess“

This opera - one more top of creativity of Gershwin. It was called “the national opera“, and it is not casual. The libretto - quite vital history from life of the Black remote place, and music - all is weaved from Black blues motives. Nevertheless, the most popular aria from the opera - of Summertime - as is often assumed, it “is“ from the Ukrainian lullaby “ Oh to go a stake dream v_kon “. In that case, it, of course, is creatively rethought, processed, “got“ on a blues root. And in the opera is too a lullaby which one of heroines - Klara - sings to the child. This aria - a lullaby sounds in the opera four times, having become one of the most important motives.

After the first statements of the opera Summertime healed independent life. 15000 - 20000 most different options of execution of this music are known. And by the number of executions this opera aria overtook Yesterday. There is even a group of collectors of records of versions of the aria (“The Summertime Connection“) which counted figures, absolutely unique for some one concrete piece of music. And it continues to be executed, improvising, varying. The list of performers cannot be re-read, the translation of words of the aria exists nearly in all languages, even in language of the Zulu.

“Porgi and Bess“ goes on all main opera scenes. “Porgi and Bess“ became several Hollywood movies. And the aria Summertime blossomed a separate masterpiece, became the so-called “jazz standard“, and it is possible to hear it worldwide.

George Gershwin died of a brain tumor on July 11, 1937 in New - York. And its brilliant, scintillating and gentle music to live and live forever.

I do not know, the main version about proximity of two lullabies is how right, but it is not important any more. Another is important: two lullabies - Ukrainian which, perhaps, inspired D. Gershwin and the aria - a lullaby from his opera lead parallel life. And too, probably, eternal.

(In comments it is possible to listen “Oh to go to a stake dream v_kon“, and also several versions of the well-known Summertime).